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WWII plane has mid-flight emergency

Add to EJ Playlist  During an air show to commemorate V-E Day, one pilot had quite the scare over Washington.

Democrats, GOP lawmakers agree: ISIS gaining ground

Add to EJ Playlist  Iraq war vets Reps. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) & Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) took issue with the President's claim that the U.S. is not losing the fight against ISIS.

Powerful flood sweeps SUV away

Add to EJ Playlist  A flash flood in Kendall, Texas, was so strong that it easily pushed an SUV away. No one was seriously injured in this incident.

Hope for one little girl in Nepal who lost her leg

Add to EJ Playlist  A little girl lost her leg in one of the Nepal earthquakes. Now, she is getting a prosthetic. CNN's Moni Basu tells her amazing story.

1994: Meara, Stiller perform scene for Larry King

Add to EJ Playlist  Comedian Anne Meara, the father of Ben Stiller and husband of Jerry Stiller, has died, according to her family.

Is it time to send U.S. troops back to Iraq?

Add to EJ Playlist  Iraq war veteran Rep. Adam Kinzinger tells Jim Acosta that he supports a GOP proposal to send 10,000 troops to Iraq.

Landmark vote in Ireland

Add to EJ Playlist  CNNi talks to Emory Uni. Professor Geraldine Higgins about the historic vote in Ireland to approve same sex marriage.

Sec. Castro: Clinton email controversy a 'witch hunt...

Add to EJ Playlist  HUD Secretary Julián Castro on 2016 VP rumors and the email controversy surrounding Clinton.

Losing the youth vote

Add to EJ Playlist  John King talked 2016 politics with his children and found that younger generations feel that their vote has no power to make real change.

The 'Inside Politics' forecast

Add to EJ Playlist  John King talks to top reporters for a look at next week's stories, including donor's concerns about Jeb, Hillary's busy summer, and Bernie Sanders' plan.

Defense Sec.: Iraqi forces showed no will to fight ISIS

Add to EJ Playlist  Secretary of Defense Ash Carter tells Barbara Starr that Iraqi forces failed to fight in the battle for the Ramadi with ISIS .

Hillary campaign heats up

Add to EJ Playlist  Maggie Haberman of the New York Times predicts a busy summer for the Clinton campaign.

Obama on ISIS: "I don't think we're losing...

Add to EJ Playlist  National security takes center stage with 2016ers as President Obama says we are not losing to ISIS. The map of ISIS-held territory tells a different story.

Hillary's "contrasts" expose Republicans...

Add to EJ Playlist  Hillary Clinton is targeting divides in the Republican Party with her new policy stances. Can her new positions draw fire from her newly revealed emails?

Perry courts Iowa voters

Add to EJ Playlist  Julie Pace of the Associated Press notes Rick Perry's extended efforts to win over Iowans.

Ireland votes overwhelmingly in favor of same-sex marriage

Add to EJ Playlist  Same-sex couples will soon be able to walk down the aisle in the Emerald Isle. CNN's Phil Black reports.

James Holmes' parents in court every day

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's Ana Cabrera reports on the latest in the trial of James Holmes for the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting.

Thousands gather for gay marriage vote

Add to EJ Playlist  Early results indicate that Ireland has voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a landmark referendum, with leading figures for the "no" campaign already conceding defeat.

Mayor: This is a defining moment for Cleveland

Add to EJ Playlist  Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson speaks after a judge acquitted Michael Brelo of all charges.

Justice Department reviewing Brelo trial

Add to EJ Playlist  The Justice Department issued a statement saying they are reviewing the testimony and evidence from the Michael Brelo trial.

Former Police Chief: Verdict was proper decision

Add to EJ Playlist  A former Cleveland Police Chief says the verdict of not guilty in the Michael Brelo case was "the proper decision."

Police block protesters after Brelo verdict

Add to EJ Playlist  Police blocked a group of protesters from entering the Justice Center in Cleveland where Michael Brelo was found not guilty of all charges for the shooting deaths of two suspects.

Lawyer slams Michael Brelo's 'ruthless' pr...

Add to EJ Playlist  The defense attorney for Cleveland police Officer Michael Brelo, who was found not guilty of all charges, slammed Brelo's prosecution calling it "ruthless."

Cop found not guilty at manslaughter trial

Add to EJ Playlist  A judge found Michael Brelo not guilty of all charges for charges related to the shooting deaths of two suspects.

Baltimore Police Chief on decreased number of arrests

Add to EJ Playlist  Anderson Cooper speaks with Baltimore Police Chief Anthony Batts about a jump in the city's homicide rate and reports of a work slowdown by officers.

Inside the Josh Duggar scandal

Add to EJ Playlist  Randi Kaye breaks down the report on alleged sex abuse by reality TV star Josh Duggar.

Reality TV plagued by scandal

Add to EJ Playlist  TLC says it is pulling all episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" currently set to air. CNN's Brian Stelter reports that TLC has previously yanked hit shows due to scandal.

Homicides surge in Baltimore

Add to EJ Playlist  Since Freddie Gray's death, arrests in Baltimore have plunged and murders have surged. CNN's Miguel Marquez spoke to an officer who said these numbers are no accident.

Inside New York's Rikers Island jail

Add to EJ Playlist  Located just off Manhattan in the East River, Rikers Island is considered one of the world's largest correctional institutions.

Mecca to soon hold the world's largest hotel

Add to EJ Playlist  Abraj Kudai, a complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is set to become the world's largest hotel by room count by its opening in 2017.

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