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WH Chief: We'll take action where there is a threat

Add to EJ Playlist  White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough says they will take action to protect, but democratization of media exacerbates terrorist ability to terrorize us.

Hillary Clinton says it's time to 'deliver'

Add to EJ Playlist  The Inside Politics panel debate the significance of Hillary's hiatus in January and her 2015 debut... in Canada.

The Inside Politics Forecast

Add to EJ Playlist  Our panel weighs in on what they're looking at for next week: Rubio's 2016 strategy, McConnell courting Dems over keystone and Biden biding his time?

Scott Walker in Iowa: 'Go big and go bold'

Add to EJ Playlist  The Inside Politics panel weighs in on the Wisconsin governor and his hopes for 2016.

The possibility of Palin

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's John King discusses the former Alaskan governor's chances for 2016.

Obama's war powers

Add to EJ Playlist  The New York Times' Julie Davis weighs in on the president's authority for military force against ISIS and his request from Congress for help.

The life and legacy of Winston Churchill

Add to EJ Playlist  Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Winston Churchill, reflects on the personal side of the life and legacy of Winston Churchill.

McDonough: We don't negotiate with terrorists

Add to EJ Playlist  White House Chief of State Denis McDonough says the U.S. doesn't negotiate, make exchanges or pay ransoms for hostages with terrorists.

A weekly State of the Union address?

Add to EJ Playlist  Sir Nicholas Soames on whether the U.S. should consider the UK model for the State of the Union.

ISIS demands release of bomber

Add to EJ Playlist  Foria Younis and Tom Fuentes on ISIS's demand release of failed female bomber.

ISIS demands prisoner swap for hostage

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's Will Ripley discusses ISIS's newest demand to spare the life of the remaining Japanese hostage.

Spain arrests four in possible terror cell

Add to EJ Playlist  Four "strongly radicalized" terror suspects arrested for allegedly plotting suicide attacks in Europe. CNN's Al Goodman has this report.

Greeks' hopes for a more stable future

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN'S Isa Soares reports on Greeks desire for change amid an important election.

ISIS video claims Japanese hostage killed

Add to EJ Playlist  One of the two Japanese hostages has been executed by ISIS. CNN's Will Ripley discusses Japan's reaction to the incident.

Message appears to show dead ISIS hostage

Add to EJ Playlist  A video appears to show the death of one of the Japanese hostages held by ISIS. CNN's Will Ripley has the details.

Image appears to show dead Japanese ISIS hostage

Add to EJ Playlist  An image in a video appears to show that ISIS has killed one of the Japanese hostages. CNN is unable to authenticate the video. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh has the details.

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