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Congressional Hearing On The ISIS Terrorist Threat To The U.S.

Add to EJ Playlist  September 18, 2014 C-SPAN http://MOXNews. com Former Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, former Marine Corps General Jim Mattis, and Dafna Rand testified on the ISIS* terrorist threat to the U.S. and other countries, and the stability of the Middle East. General Mattis was the head of military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia from 2010-13, and Ms. Rand served as a Middle East and North Africa staffer under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ambassador Crocker in his opening statement said that the key to a successful campaign in combating ISIS is “sustained, determined American leadership” and that without it any coalition of allies would fail. The panelists also told the committee that ground forces should not be ruled out as a necessary option for defeating ISIS.

Troopers pay tribute to slain corporal

Add to EJ Playlist  Hundreds of troopers paid their respects to Corporal Bryon Dickson who lost his life at the hands of a gunman.

It's official: Scotland staying in UK

Add to EJ Playlist  With all 32 districts declared, polling results show that voters do not want Scotland to break away from the UK.

Cameron 'delighted' with Scotland vote

Add to EJ Playlist  British PM David Cameron pledges to give Scotland more powers after "no" vote wins referendum on independence.

Darling: Let the bonds never be broken

Add to EJ Playlist  Alistair Darling, leader of the NO campaign, gives his victory speech as Scotland rejects independence.

First Minister of Scotland concedes

Add to EJ Playlist  First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond gives his concession speech as Scotland rejects independence from the U.K.

Infamous ex-con, ex-governor running for Congress

Add to EJ Playlist  Gloria Borger spent time with legendary Louisiana Democrat, 87 year old Edwin Edwards, who is running for Congress.

Rivers' surgeon under scrutiny

Add to EJ Playlist  As Dr. Korovin's actions are being investigated, the surgeon denies performing an unauthorized procedure on Joan Rivers.

Whitey Bulger documentary Q&A

Add to EJ Playlist  A Boston College Law School audience participates in a Q&A session after viewing CNN's "Whitey: USA v. James J. Bulger".

Can the U.S. trust Syrian moderate rebels?

Add to EJ Playlist  Wolf Blitzer asks Andrew Tabler and Oubai Shahbandar if arming the Syrian moderate rebels is a good idea.

Fourth woman goes missing in college town in recent years

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN Joe Johns reports on a missing UVA student, one of four women to disappear on the Route 29 corridor since 2009.

Man robs victim who is wearing GoPro

Add to EJ Playlist  Mugging at gunpoint captured by victim's head cam. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports the only thing shot was the robber's image.

Mass shooting in Florida town

Add to EJ Playlist  A mass shooting occurred in the rural town of Bell, Florida. CNN's Anderson Cooper has more.

"This Is Where I Leave You" stars spill all

Add to EJ Playlist  Hilarious co-stars, Adam Driver's nice guy, and the scene that had to be cut from "This Is Where I Leave You"!

INVERCLYDE VOTES NO! On Scottish Independence Referendum

Add to EJ Playlist  September 18, 2014 BBC News http://MOXNews. com

EILEAN SIAR VOTES NO! On Scottish Independence Referendum

Add to EJ Playlist  September 18, 2014 BBC News http://MOXNews. com

SHETLAND VOTES NO! On Scottish Independence Referendum

Add to EJ Playlist  September 18, 2014 BBC News http://MOXNews. com

ORKNEY VOTES NO! On Scottish Independence Referendum

Add to EJ Playlist  September 18, 2014 BBC News http://MOXNews. com

Obama: Strongest when President and Congress work together

Add to EJ Playlist  President Obama spoke after Congress passed a resolution which calls for arming and training moderate Syrian rebels.

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