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The SNL ISIS parody that sparked outrage

Add to EJ Playlist  A Saturday Night Live parody about a father who drops off his daughter to join ISIS has stirred outrage online.

ISIS Recruiting Women and Westerners

Add to EJ Playlist  How do terrorists entice young girls into joining their cause? Author Dr. Qanta Ahmed and Poppy Harlow look at the ISIS propaganda machine.

Panic at a nightclub after two are shot

Add to EJ Playlist  Two people were shot at a Charlotte NC nightclub party featuring some big name rappers.

Panic at a nightclub after two are shot

Add to EJ Playlist  Two people where shot at a Charlotte NC nightclub party featuring some big name rappers.

Possilbe discrepancies revealed in O'Reilly's r...

Add to EJ Playlist  Did Bill O'Reilly exaggerate his reporting when covering the JFK assassination? CNN's Brian Stelter investigates

CPAC after dark: How to party like a conservative

Add to EJ Playlist  CPAC ? the conservative political action conference ? is more than political speeches and a straw poll. At night, hundreds of conservatives and libertarians take to local bars and parties, where the real fun begins.

Model may be key witness in slaying of Putin critic

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports that the companion of Boris Nemtsov, a Putin critic who was shot and killed, is still in Russia.

A closer look at Netanyahu's upcoming visit to the U.S.

Add to EJ Playlist  CNNi talks to Middle East expert Dan Arbell about Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu's controversial upcoming trip to the U.S.

Barack and Bibi's "special" relationship

Add to EJ Playlist  In anticipation of Netanyahu's Washington visit, the "Inside Politics" panel discusses the rocky relationship between Obama and the Israeli prime minister.

Conservatives cheer and boo Jeb Bush

Add to EJ Playlist  The "Inside Politics" panel analyzes Jeb Bush's performance at CPAC and the impact he had on the conservative crowd.

A CPAC history lesson: how Rand is like Reagan

Add to EJ Playlist  John King weighs in on the significance of the CPAC straw poll and whether it's an indicator of the Republican nominee in 2016.

Surprising shutdown "do not reply" rules

Add to EJ Playlist  Ed O'Keefe discusses certain surprising rules furloughed employees would have to follow in the event of a DHS shutdown.

The "Inside Politics" Forecast 3.1.15

Add to EJ Playlist  Obama's police task force, politicians raising money in the West Coast, and Super PAC donors are just some of topics discussed this week around our table.

Egyptian court rules Hamas a terrorist group

Add to EJ Playlist  Court accuses Hamas of aiding the insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood back in 2011. CNN's Ian Lee has this report.

Surveillance video appears to show Nemtsov killing

Add to EJ Playlist  A Russian government owned television station claims it has footage of the murder of a leading opposition politician. CNN's Matthew Chance has this story from Moscow.

Venezuela says it has detained U.S. pilot

Add to EJ Playlist  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says authorities there have detained an American pilot for allegedly recruiting Venezuelans to take part in a coup.

2015 CPAC straw poll winner is ...

Add to EJ Playlist  Rand Paul won this year's straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Frayed edges showing in U.S.- Israel relationship

Add to EJ Playlist  CNN's Elise Labott reports on the state of U.S.- Israel relations ahead of Bibi Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

The Wonder List: Your journey starts here

Add to EJ Playlist  This is how the Wonde rList begins. Get a glimpse of the places you will visit and the people you will meet. Don't miss The Wonder List Sundays at 10p ET/PT.

Prince William ... the Samurai

Add to EJ Playlist  Prince William dressed up as a Samurai warrior during a recent visit to Japan.

Egyptian court designates Hamas as a terror organization

Add to EJ Playlist  Hamas responds to an Egyptian court officially labeling the Islamist group a terror organization.

How did ISIS recruit "Jihadi Bride"?

Add to EJ Playlist  Attorney for the family of Aqsa Mahmood - Aamer Anwar speaks with Christi Paul about the recruitment of the British girl also known as the "Jihadi Bride".

Homeland Security runs out of money in hours

Add to EJ Playlist  As lawmakers scramble to reach an agreement, CNN's Tom Foreman reports from the virtual room to show us what a shutdown of the Dept. of Homeland Security would look like.

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