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Add to EJ Playlist  Franco Corelli (8 April 1921 -- 29 October 2003) was a famous Italian tenor who had a major international opera career between 1951 and 1976. Associated in p...

Enrico Caruso- Fenesta che lucive 1913

Add to EJ Playlist  Oh lighted window, you no longer shine, a sign that my beloved is laying sick. Her sister comes to the window and tells me: Your beloved is dead and buried S...

Fenesta che lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  Tenor Michael Ciufo sings this beautiful Neapolitan song.

Mario Lanza - Fenesta che lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  Mario Lanza sings Fenesta che lucive from the album "The Essential Mario Lanza"

FRANCO CORELLI -(ritratto)- "Fenesta che lucive" - V.Bellini -(portrait by laonirica)-

Add to EJ Playlist  Franco Corelli. "Fenesta che Lucive". ( (La musica data del 1822 o 1825 y atribuída a Vincenzo Bellini, que la ha compuesto escuchando las romanzas siguiendo...

carlo balzani - Fenesta Che Lucive (la luz brilla en mi ventana)

Add to EJ Playlist  tema de la caricatura REMI, cancion del señor vitalis. La luz brilla en mi ventana pero mi corazón esta en la oscuridad esos labios que canta sobre flores es...

Hvorostovsky in 1990 - Fenesta che lucive 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Moscow 1990 Mikhail Arkadiev - piano A hauntingly beautiful and devastatingly sad song. The audience demanded a bis, which I've never seen in a recital. Fene...

Fenesta che lucive (Neapolitan Song) - PhilipCaruso

Add to EJ Playlist  This is me playing well known Neapolitan Song "Fenesta che lucive" on the piano. Hope you would enjoy watching it, and feel free to comment and rate about my...

Enrico CARUSO. Fenesta che lucive.

Add to EJ Playlist  Enrico Caruso (Nápoles, 25 de febrero de 1873 - 2 de agosto de 1921) fue un tenor italiano, siendo el tenor más famoso del mundo en la historia de la ópera, ...

Enrico Caruso "Live" Fenesta che lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  Enrico Caruso "Live" Fenesta che lucive.

Fenesta Che Lucive - Carlo Buti w/Translation

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a sad song about a man who has returned only to find his lover has died in his absence. The writer is anonymous although It is sometimes attributed t...


Add to EJ Playlist  Carlo Buti (14 November 1902 -- 16 November 1963) was an Italian interpreter of popular and folk music. He was known as "the Golden Voice of Italy", and was ...

My Choice 774 - Franco Corelli, Fenesta che Lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a very sad Neapolitan song. "Fenesta che Lucive", (A Window that shines), which was composed in the 1820's and it is said to belong to Vincenzo Belli...

Jaime Aragall "Fenesta che lucive"

Add to EJ Playlist  Jaime Aragall sings "Fenesta che lucive" Orquesta Sinfonica del Gran Teatre del Liceu Javier Pérez Batistsa, conductor.

Ettore Bastianini "Fenesta che lucive" Trad.

Add to EJ Playlist  Ettore Bastianini sings "Fenesta che lucive" Philharmonia Orchestra Hiroyuki Iwaki, conductor 1965.


Add to EJ Playlist  Сольный концерт Петра Налича в Центральном Доме Архитектора 13 июля 2011 в сопровождении ансамбля No name под руководством Игоря Разумовского. Неаполитанская. ..

Roberto Murolo Sings "Fenesta Ca Lucive" Lyrics And Translation

Add to EJ Playlist  The grand master of Neapolitan song in a haunting version of this very sad piece, which is quite similar to the Cajun French song "Je passé devant ta porte."...

Giuseppe di Stefano "Fenesta che lucive" Bellini

Add to EJ Playlist  Giuseppe di Stefano sings "Fenesta che lucive" by Vincenzo Bellini Edwin Biltcliffe, pianist Chicago, 1964.

Sr. Vitalis - Remi Tribute (with "Fenestra che lucive" song)

Add to EJ Playlist  Some scenes of the memorable anime "Remi: Homeless Child" (Sans Famille) with "Fenestra Che Lucive" song. Fenestra Che Lucive - Letra en napolitano (lyrycs):...

Петр Налич в ЦДА 1.12.2010 - Fenesta che Lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  Музыкальный коллектив Петра Налича. Кроссоверный концерт в Центральном Доме Архитекторов (Москва) 1 декабря 2010 г. Неаполитанская песня "Fenesta che Lucive"

Jose Carreras. Fenesta che lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  Jose Carreras - Bellini. Fenesta che lucive.

Franco Corelli- Fenesta Che lucive

Add to EJ Playlist  I' M NOT the owner of any picture or music, this is only for our enjoyment :) You tube said me that i must be change the original song.. or i be blocked on s...

Fenesta Che Lucive - Mario Frangoulis

Add to EJ Playlist  A beautiful song from Mario Frangoulis's CD "Passione - Mario sings Mario"

Fenesta che lucive - Guiseppe di Stefano

Add to EJ Playlist  Fenesta ca lucive e mo' nun luce Sign'è ca nenna mia stace ammalata S'affaccia la sorella e me lo dice Nennella toja è morta e sotterrata Chiagneva sempe ca ...

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