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Blade of the Immortal - Nail Bomb

Add to EJ Playlist  Manji and Rin encounter Makie Otono-Tachibana , whose life Manji spares, since she appears to be too weak to pose a threat. Furthermore her relationship to Anotsu is explored.

anime heartless

Add to EJ Playlist  i dont own the song or the pics they belong to there creators the video messed up this pics behind

imari screams for 10 minutes while I play somewhat fitting music

Add to EJ Playlist  I just made the most pointless video ever. I do not own the Bible Black characters, and I do not own the song. Please support the official releases.


Add to EJ Playlist  Anime Collections

Anime Love

Add to EJ Playlist  "iNFO DEL VIDEO" bueno aki traigo este video que me gusto mucho y para enseñarselo a mis amistades lo patrocina "BeccaPattytwo" espero les agradee Bueno debido a que ya varias personas han pedido saber cual es el anime tal que aparece aki se los pongo por orden de aparicion otra ves patrocinados por la misma autoraa, saludos: Yu Yu Hakusho ( 0:00-0:05), (1:15- 1:17) Rurouni Kenshin (0:06-0:10), ( 2:59-3:02) Inuyasha ( 0:11-0:13), ( 0:36-0:41), ( 1:22-1:24), ( 2:07-2:16) (3:46-3:55) Naruto ( 0:14-0:18), (1:43-1:49), ( 3:39-3:42) Peach Girl ( 0:19-0:27), ( 3:56-4:05) Howls Moving Castle ( 0:28-0:31), (2:46-2:58) Full Metal Panic ( 0:32-0:35), ( 2:39-2:45) Princess Mononoke ( 0:42-0:44), ( 3:11-3:12) Ranma 1/2 ( 0:45-0:55), ( 3:43-3:46) Angel Sanctuary ( 0:56-1:05), ( 3:03-3:10) Samurai X ( 1:06-1:10), ( 1:29-1:39), ( 3:31-3:38) Fushigi Yuugi ( 1:11-1:14), ( 2:27-2:34), ( 3:24-3:30) Teen Titans( not really an anime Oh well) ( 1:18-1:21) Tenchi Muyo ( 1:25-1:28) Gravitation ( 1:40-1:42), ( 2:35-2:38) Please Twins ( 1:50-1:55) Please Teacher ( 1:56-2:06) Saiyuki ( 2:17-2:26) Full Metal Alchemist ( 3:12-3:14) Chobits ( 3:15-3:23) Grupo: "Heart" Cancion/Song: "The Secret"

Witchblade ver2

Add to EJ Playlist  Heya peoples this is witchking 142 :O the new 1 ^ ^ so ima take over this account from my friend hopez u guyz enjoy this vid please an comment.

Naruto Chat #4 *SasuSaku*

Add to EJ Playlist  ok this is my 4th naruto chat! id own any of this video just i made it lol! Music- sexy can i by ray j

Sexii Can I??? Sasuke Ft. Ikuto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x]

Add to EJ Playlist  YAY im finished now!!! xD so u can enjoy the whole thing now =] couples: sasusaku and amuto xD song: sexy can i singer: ray j ft. yung berg DISCLAIMER!!!: I DO NOT OWN TEH PICS AND SONG ON THIS VIDDIE!! xD


Add to EJ Playlist  Segment from the the new film from Richard Doran Ticho... Finalmente... featuring George Loukides as Abe Ginsberg... and the brilliant soundtrack from David Bennett Cohen. In this scene... Abe works through the evening to complete a difficult restoration project.

Sasuke and Sakura- Love Is Gone

Add to EJ Playlist  Artist: David Guetta ft Chris Willis Song: Love Is Gone i hope you like!

Sasuke e Sakura

Add to EJ Playlist  Esse clip é de Sasuke e Sakura espero que vcs gostem È um video que demonstra o amor entre os dois

chrono crusade build gods

Add to EJ Playlist  hi everybody this was my fav anime, i saw it so many times, infact i'm about to watch it again, it's awsome i cried watching this, hope u all enjoy

Anime Love Story

Add to EJ Playlist  this is a slide show of anime love and couple pics to Like You Will Never See Me Again by Alicia Keys. this was really fun to make and I tried to make sure the pics went with the words. Its a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy the video. Please Rate and Comment! ^_^ DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES OR THE SONG. ALL MEDIA BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE ARTISTS. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE.

Anime Love Machine

Add to EJ Playlist  Like most of my AMVs they are normally inspired by the music. When I heard Girls Aloud's song "Love Machine" it was such a catchy tune it was begging for an AMV. After scouring You Tube I think I am one of the first to do an AMV with this song. I decided to use some memorable moments from Black Cat as it is one of those series that seemed to fit the song to a "T" Any who....let me know how this goes ^_^

sweet bad anime girls

Add to EJ Playlist  Anime sweet bad girls Artist:Kawabe Chieco Song:Sakura Kissu


Add to EJ Playlist  My second amv. I like this song but I need love songs.... OH well... who besides you all give a damn. ^_^ jk

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