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"Color Songs Collection Vol. 1" - Learn Colors, Teach Colours, Baby Toddler Preschool Nursery Rhymes

Add to EJ Playlist  This Long-Play 33 Minute Video Teaches Children the Color Names with Catchy Song Melodies, Chants and Lessons starring our Famous Cute Characters and Colorful Animation. These Simple, Repetitive tracks teach the colours - Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, White, Brown, Pink, Purple to Babies, Toddlers, Kindergarten & Daycare Children and ESL Students Learning English as a Foreign Language. Want to try some other Long-Play Videos? LEARN THE ALPHABET lphabet-Collect ion LEARN NUMBERS umbers-Collecti on Busy Beavers has been Used in Classrooms All over the World since 2006, and a Top Kids Channel on You Tube since 2007. How can 200 Million People be wrong? haha Try Out this Collection of Entertaining, Educational Videos with your Students and watch how they Engage and Respond. Our Videos Really Work. Below is a list of the 11 Tracks in this 30 Minute Collection. Click on the Time to Go Directly to Your Favorite. 1. "The Apple is Red" 0:05 2. "Red Car Song" 2:11 3. "Learn the Colors Chant" 4:47 4. "The Color Song" 7:31 5. "Grandma's Got a Little Yellow Car" 11:00 6. "Colors Lesson" 13:38 7. "Electric Colors (Song)" 17:43 8. "The Paint is Pink" 19:41 9. "Red Circle, Blue Circle (Song)" 22:16 10. "The Color Game" 24:28 11. "Grandma's Got a Little Purple Car" 29:57 ******** More Smash Hits ******** "The Calendar Song" alendarSong "Apples Are Yummy" pplesAreYummy "The Vegetable Song" egetable-Song "Five Little Monkeys" ive-Little-Monk eys "Counting to 10" ounting-To-10 ******** Follow Us ******** We Upload a New Video Every Monday! Subscribe to Stay Connected: OUTUBE-SUBSCRIB E Join our Facebook Page: http://www.Face aversPage Friend Betty Beaver: http://www.Face usybeavers ******** SHOP ******** Buy DVDs, Textbooks, CDs, T-Shirts: http://www.Busy p ******** Download ******** Download the iPad - iPhone APP: UKEBOX Download the Android APP: eaver-PAINT Free MP3s of Our HITS! Work Sheets & Flash Cards http://BusyBeav ds Parents of Babies and Toddlers use Busy Beavers Videos to Teach Basic English Vocabulary and Concepts. Kindergarten, English & ESL Teachers and Children with Autism, Asperger's or Learning Disabilities such as Delayed Speech have all found Busy Beavers Videos a Great Teaching Resource to Improve Young Learners' Development. Busy Beavers not only create Fantastic, Fun Children's Edutainment Videos that teach Counting, Colors, The Alphabet, Shapes and More, But Busy Beavers also has developed an entire English Language Learning System for Children whom English is not their first Language. Full Videos are Available on a Series of DVDs that we will ship to you anywhere in the world. Check Out our Online Shop to order yours. http://BusyBeav You can also access all of our great Learning Material by becoming a Paying Subscriber to our Website: http://BusyBeav be

Driving in My Car - Mother Goose Club Songs for Children

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out more Mother Goose Club Nursery Rhymes on our channel. Watch "Wheels on the Bus and More!" deIQl3 Buy our videos and songs! myAmPG Visit http://www.moth for videos and activities! Looking for lyrics? Turn on closed captions to sing along! Big thanks to all of our fans out there, big and small! Original lyrics and music by Sockeye Media LLC © 2014. All rights reserved. Lyrics: Driving, driving in my car, Going very far, Down the street in my car. Driving, driving in my car, Feeling like a star, Bouncing down the street in my car. Driving, driving in my car, Turn the handle bar, Speeding down the street in my car. Yeah, woo hoo! Bouncing on a bumpy road, Stopping for a hopping toad, Going to my favorite park, Hurry before it gets dark, In my car, In my car. Driving, driving in my car, Going very far, Down the street in my car. Driving, driving in my car, Feeling like a star, Bouncing down the street in my car. Driving, driving in my car, Turn the handle bar, Speeding down the street in my car. Vroom! Vroom! Hootin' tootin' on the horn, Driving round from dusk till dawn, Going near and going far, I'm a superstar, whoo! In my car, Vroom! Vroom! In my car. Driving, in my car. Driving, in my car. Driving, in my car. Driving.

เด็กฝรั่งท่อง ก.ไก่.

Add to EJ Playlist  ก เอ๋ย กอ ไก้..ข เอ๋ย ขอ ไค้ ค.คน ขึ้นคาน ต.เต่า หลังตึง ล.ลิง ตายแล้ว ห.หีบ ใสป้า อง.อาจ เนืองนอง from dylan"s cute thankyou... cradit; kook kai hall

GANGNAM STYLE PARODY (강남스타일) - The Oregon Duck

Add to EJ Playlist  The Duck was bored the other day. Here's what he did. Directed by: The Duck Starring: The Duck Also Starring: Oregon Cheer, Sluggo, Bigfoot, a watermelon Filmed on: iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s Edited on: iMovie Inspired by PSY's "Gangnam Style" See the original: http://www.yout =9bZkp7q19f0

Lactasoy 45 วินาที

Add to EJ Playlist  Lactasoy 45 วินาที

Смешные КОШКИ. ТВ

Add to EJ Playlist  Продолжение. 4 СЕРИИ. "Улыбнись" - 3,4,5,6. Эта серия - сокращенный вариант третьей. Уважаемые зрители! Не загружайте этот ролик на свои страницы под своими именами. На роликах ничего не зарабатываю.С партнёрками дел не имею. Рекламу размещает youtube. В настройках канала стоит запрет на размещение рекламы.


Add to EJ Playlist  วิดีโอนี้แปลงมา จากเวอร์ชั่นภาษ าอังกฤษจัดทำขึ้ นเพื่อเด็กเล็ก

เพลงเด็ก เพลงนับ 1 - 10

Add to EJ Playlist  เพลงเด็ก,นิทานส อนใจ,สุภาษิตไทย ,สอนภาษาอังกฤษ ฯลฯ สื่อเสริมการเรี ยนรู้ที่ได้รับร างวัลดีเด่น เสริมสร้างพัฒนา การ สนุกสนานอย่างสร ้างสรรค์กับแมจิ ก คิดส์ http://www.magi


Add to EJ Playlist  เพลงเด็กอนุบาล เพลงเด็กๆ

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