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Add to EJ Playlist  "100000000 Guinea Pigs" (Kallet and F.J. Schlink) "Alpha Dogs" (James Harding) "Blackwater" (Jermey Scahill) "Breaking the Spell" (Daniel Dennett) "Collaps...

Andy & Charlie

Add to EJ Playlist  My very first video features some photos of my two guinea pigs, Andy and Charlie (aka Andy García and Charlie Brown). The video was made with Windows Movie M...

AJ: Messing up when bored and tired

Add to EJ Playlist  wt I am so stupid this is the worst video ever I won't be surprised if this has 100000000 + dislikes -_-

1,000,000 Subscribers!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Holy crap guys, a million subscribers! Thanks to everyone who's subscribed and stuck around to watch our crap. xoxoxo Get that sweet Smoshface shirt that Phu...

Minecraft: 500 pigman zombie brawl! (1 vs 500)

Add to EJ Playlist  I was a little bored so i decided to have a epic battle with 500 pig zombies (it was originally 1000 but it was really laggy)

Clash of the NickToons

Add to EJ Playlist lash VOTE 100000000 TIMES A DAY! I am. =) But please vote for Avatar!


Add to EJ Playlist  so me and killerthewolfdo g both make pretty good vids, and there are people who make pretty worthless videos, but somehow they get 100000000 views! So if y...

Minecraft Solo: 100 Creepers vs 60 Wolves Test w/ Nova Ep.12 (Singleplayer Survival)

Add to EJ Playlist  Remember to like! It helps me alot :) http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=uberhaxo rnova Wolves vs Creepers who wins OMGGG LINKSSSS: Twitter: ...

Life Cycle of Stars

Add to EJ Playlist  Life Cycle of Stars Depending on their mass, stars may live from only a few million to a hundred billion years.This short video is a quick journey through cr...

Pet alligator no more, that gator's got to go

Add to EJ Playlist  When two hungry, vicious alligators emerge from the Bayou swamp, Mugsy the CAT, leaps into action to protect a boy from becoming their lunch. See for yoursel...

Awesome Temple Run Glitch!

Add to EJ Playlist  This is yet another GREAT glitch from AJrandomsDURRR, dont forget to like and subscribe!!

cheats for two player war tycoon on roblox

Add to EJ Playlist  two player war tycoon (removed team) by hke12 cheats hacks and gltches.

100,000 Homies Thank You Video!

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch in 720p Homies :D and Thank you for everything! My Twitter: http://twitter. com/#!/SlyFoxHo und My Facebook: http://tinyurl. com/4hpw2oc Music By : http:/...


Add to EJ Playlist  Have you ever wondered whether or not it would be difficult to play Temple Run if you held it up in front of a webcam and tried to play it by watching the im...

Minecraft trying to spawn 1 million and 1 creeper's!!

Add to EJ Playlist  I thought of doing something you don't hear alot about on youtube, so I decided to spawn 1000001 creepers! enjoy :)

Minecraft Solo: 1000 ZOMBIES! vs 200 Wolves w/ Nova Ep.13 (Singleplayer Survival)

Add to EJ Playlist  Remember to like! It helps me alot :) Took awhile to set up. http://www.yout ption_center?ad d_user=uberhaxo rnova 3 ROUNDS OF PURE FIGHTING ACTI...

Minecraft: Wolf Army vs Zombie Army

Add to EJ Playlist  Epic war interrupted by a creeper :( The music in this video was made by Kevin Macleud. You can find his music on http://incompet

Terraria Challenge: 3 Primes, 2 Destroyers, 50 King Slimes, 10 Skeletrons!

Add to EJ Playlist  Hey everyone, i hope you all are having a wonderful time and Merry Christmas!! :D Today's Challenge: "3 prime, 2 destroyer, 50 king slime, 10 skeletrons and ...

DDTank SF :D

Add to EJ Playlist  Shout out to Sorah in DDT ^^ Thanks for helping me Record this!

RESOGUN™ Survival mode new track

Add to EJ Playlist  I was playing the new Survival mode of Resogun, when I noticed a song I had never heard before. I didn't find it on YouTube, so I thought I'd share. I think ...

Minecraft-100 Zombies and 400 Creepers cs 50 Wolves

Add to EJ Playlist  This was just one of mine experiment's gone wrong :D.

tutorial in roblox:how to shoot fly and turn fully off plane

Add to EJ Playlist  vabandan eestlased aga see video on inglise keeles!!! today I am doing tutorial how to use plane in girls vs boys and other servers! :D.

$1,000,000 IN OUR MAIL!

Add to EJ Playlist  WATCH THE NEWEST EPISODE: ongLostUncle We open more mail! What crazy/cool/horr ible things will we get this week?! --------------- -------------.. .

Rainbow Loom : Izzalicious Designs Overview

Add to EJ Playlist  Rainbow Loom Action Figure/Charm. Rainbow Loom "How To" Tutorial brought to you by Izzalicious Designs. YouTube : http://www.yout zaliciousdesi.. .

"What ever you do, don't feed them after midnight"

Add to EJ Playlist  The worst thing that ever happened to me was on Christmas. Oh, God. It was so horrible. It was Christmas Eve. I was 9 years old. Me and Mom were decorating t...