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The Gunfighters 366th TFW

Add to EJ Playlist  The 366th TFW, "The Gunfighters" in Viet Nam flying the Mcdonnell F-4 Phantom II. The F-4 was a twin engined fighter aricraft whose evolution led to an outst...

F-15E Strike Eagle - 391st Fighter Squadron Launches Jets | AiirSource

Add to EJ Playlist  After months of being grounded due to budget cuts, Mountain Home Air Force Base's 391st Fighter Squadron launches their first jets back into the air to resum...

366th Fighter Wing Change of Command

Add to EJ Playlist  Colonel Short assumes command of the 366th Fighter Wing.

366th SFS Challenge Course

Add to EJ Playlist  Defenders are the AF's first line of defense. As such, they have a unique way to stay fit to fight.

DEFENDERS: A Special 366th Security Forces Squadron Multimedia

Add to EJ Playlist  Rolling slide show of 366th SFS Defenders training, operating, and defending Mountain Home Air Force Base.

366th SFS and MDG Active Shooter Exercise

Add to EJ Playlist  Practice makes perfect when it comes to ensuring everyone has the necessary tools and know-how to survive an active shooter scenario on base.

Big Hearts in a Small Bar

Add to EJ Playlist  Bikers, biscuits & gravy, veterans, an epic beard, and Lucille the Pig... it doesn't get better than this!

366th Civil Engineer Squadron Energy Audit Team

Add to EJ Playlist  The 366th Civil Engineer Squadron's Energy Audit Team is helping offices around Mountain Home AFB take steps to conserve energy. SSgt Seth Rediker attends an...

F-15 Eagles of 391st Fighter Squadron Return to Flight

Add to EJ Playlist  F-15 Eagles of 391st Fighter Squadron Return to Flight. More aviation videos at http://www.yout rajoe 391st FS. Video by Airman 1st Class Jaye ...

Outside the Limelight

Add to EJ Playlist  Our beloved F-15Es are constantly being harassed by the 366 FW Public Affairs "Paparazzi". But according to "Becka", an F15E at MHAFB, "Gunfighter Skies" gav...


Add to EJ Playlist  Deployments from bases multiple fighter squadrons often leaves a lot of work behind with less manning to do the mission. But that doesn't stop the 391st and ...

F/A-18 Hornet Maintenance

Add to EJ Playlist  Video of Marine F/A-18 Hornet maintainers working on the flight-line at Mountain Home AFB. Video by Airman 1st Class Justin Carnahan | 366th Fighter Wing Aii...

Gunfighter Skies 2014 Preview

Add to EJ Playlist  The Open House is fast approaching -- make sure you're prepared!

German Luftwaffe Tornado Jets

Add to EJ Playlist  Germans Arrive for Mountain Roundup. Video by Airman 1st Class Jaye Legate | 366th Fighter Wing | Date: 09.30.2013. The first few Luftwaffe Tornado aircraft ...

Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point Manager Training

Add to EJ Playlist  Mountain Home AFB's Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point Manager training.

German Tornados Mountain Home Air Force Base

Add to EJ Playlist  Video by Airman 1st Class Jaye Legate 366th Fighter Wing The first few Tornados arriving for Mountain Roundup at Mountain Home Air Force Base. (Dust on lens,...

Friend or Foe?

Add to EJ Playlist  Pilots on Saylor Creek Range at Mountain Home Air Force Base have to either maneuver around or pop flares to successfully evade training surface to air missi...

Gunfighter Skies 2014

Add to EJ Playlist  Nearly 80000 people attended this year's open house at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Tanja -- Military Working Dog Retires

Add to EJ Playlist  Military Working Dog Tanja Retirement. Video by Senior Airman Seth Rediker | 366th Fighter Wing | Date: 01.31.2013. B-Roll of the military working dog Tanja ...

Dub The Halls

Add to EJ Playlist  Our resident dub-step and hip-hop enthusiast, DJ SilverFOX, just released his first, and hopefully last, holiday single. Check it out, yo!

Can you sing the Air Force Song?

Add to EJ Playlist  Most people know the words, but few are brave enough to sing to a camera operated by a goofy-looking broadcaster outside the MHAFB Exchange! For those about ...

VMFAT - 101 visits Mountain Home AFB

Add to EJ Playlist  Marines from Miramar visit Mountain Home AFB to train new F/A-18 Hornet pilots.

What's Your Call Sign?

Add to EJ Playlist  In honor of "Gunfighter Skies", we asked a few people what their "call sign" would be and why. Here are some of their answers!

MLB: Major League Bomb Droppers

Add to EJ Playlist  A team of Air Force Combat Controllers were out on Saylor Creek bomb range at Mountain Home Air Force Base to increase interoperabilit y between ground and ai...

Medic Joins New Troupe

Add to EJ Playlist  One of our own Airmen was selected into the Tops In Blue program from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. Produced by 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs A1C ...

Summer Fun in Idaho's Outdoors - Part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  In terms of summer activities, some of what Idaho has to offer may come as a surprise to you. Have a look at some of the things you can get out and experienc...

Gunfighter Skies Spot 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Are you ready for "Gunfighter Skies"? We are!

366th Dental Squadron Warrior of the Week

Add to EJ Playlist  Staff Sgt. Belgarde is the 366th Dental Squadron Warrior of the Week. See what she brings the fight!

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