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Stripped and ready

Add to EJ Playlist  After a couple weeks of disassembly, we are beginning the process of cleaning, inspecting and repairing the components of our LM2500. This is an early model, rated at about 24,000 Hp burning natural gas fuel.


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Ignitors... 2) - Blade tip clearance 3) - Propfans?... 4) - 737 flattened inlet shape 5) - Rocket engines at S&S... 6) - J44 and the Motorlet 601


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Thermal stresses in jet engines 2) - Which way do they turn? 3) - Boroscope inspection techniques 4) - Damaged stators?


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Turboprops vs Turbofans 2) - Jet exhaust nozzles vs rockets 3) - Mass of the compressor 4) - Engines vertical in the shop?


Add to EJ Playlist  1) Combustor cooling air and flame propogation 2) What starts the start cart? 3) Compressor blade and combustor materials. A great index to all my vids can be found here: http://members. gard/

Two Engine Tests

Add to EJ Playlist  A back to back run of a J79 afterburning fighter jet engine and its industrial derivative, the LM1500. All the major parts of the core are identical in both engines, but they burn different fuels, and they perform very different jobs.


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Turbine powered cars? 2) - Recycling turbine blades 3) - Strength of the test stand 4) - AgentJayZ's vital info 5) - Requests for experiments with customers' engines A great index to all my vids can be found here: http://members. gard/


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Lockwire doing its job... 2) - Heat damage to turbine blades 3) - Jet dragsters 4) - Military vs. civilian engines 5) - The sounds of various jet engines


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Annular combustor advantages 2) - Scavenge pump advantages 3) - Natural gas fuelled engines 4) - Turbine failure... 5) - J47 blade lock pin removal


Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Aeroderivative industrial engines 2) - Heat shielding for the rear bearing 3) - Small UAV impacting a turbofan 4) - SR-71 and the J58 5) - Inlet vortices


Add to EJ Playlist  1 - Engine service intervals 2 - Annular combustors 3 - Thrust reverse 4 - Race boat exhaust 5 - Oil system inverted

Snowy Reheat Run 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Problems getting the second of three engines to idle, and then the third of three shattering the bitter cold with a blast of heat and noise.

Q 45

Add to EJ Playlist  1) A small turboshaft engine as a hobby project? 2) How to get into turbine engine work 3) Do airliners ever use max power? 4) Where is thrust generated 5) Fan & core thrust ratio

Snowy Reheat Run 1

Add to EJ Playlist  J79 turbojet engine with afterburner being test run after some repairs, and before being shipped to the operator of the aircraft it will be re-installed in.

Q 44

Add to EJ Playlist  Turbofans, turbofans... thrust reverse, bypass ducts, engine mounts, and a little bit about axial compressor function.

AI-25 pt.7 Bonus Extras

Add to EJ Playlist  More description of how we did it, and clips of all the starts.

AI-25 pt.7: Test running

Add to EJ Playlist  It's been a while, but here we go with the testing of the AI-25TL turbofan engine from the L-39 Albatross single-seat jet aircraft. I watched these aircraft run the course at 505 mph at the 2014 Reno Air Races.

Q 43

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Jet Fuel 2) - What's the newest engine I've worked on? 3) - Exhaust of propane fuelled turbine engines 4) - Supersonic airflow & the bypass duct 5) - Water injection & damage by volcanic ash ingestion

Q 42

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Stators and what they do in compressors and turbines. 2) - Fuel nozzle plugged ? 3) - Increasing low-throttle fuel efficiency? 4) - The GE CJ805-23 aft fan engine. 5) - low compression, low temp engines?

Throttle Response : J79 Turbojet

Add to EJ Playlist  We did three runs over two days of this afterburning turbojet. We were trying to isolate and correct a transitory variation in thrust at high cruise. We varied the power from about 60% to medium afterburner in order to fully bracket the suspected transitory range. This is an aircraft engine, and we are testing is because that is what we do. S&S Turbines is a company that services industrial and exeprimental aviation gas turbine engines. This 8 minute video was edited from about three hours of footage taken of all three test runs. The cameras and I all took some hits from flying debris, but there were no injuries!

Q 41

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - pressure changes in the engine 2) - surprises found during repairs 3) - exhaust velocity vs airspeed 4) - APU compared to jet engine 5) - power characteristics of various engines

LM500 Update

Add to EJ Playlist  Keeping you up to date with the developing LM500 test program, and a hint at what's coming up.

Q 40

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - The flame inside the combustor 2) - Where is our starting equipment from? 3) - How a turbofan handles rain or hail 4) - A request to show everything and what it does 5) - How to predict if a jet engine will start 6) - Starting airliner engines with APU power or engine bleed air Bonus: Jet Porn, Do it baby, do it again... by thepollywog1... A great index to all my vids can be found here: http://members. gard/

Your Questions 39

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - time lapse full rebuild? 2) - turbines for ski boats? 3) - helicopter vs fixed wing engines 4) - NDT done at S&S 5) - oil system inverted flying 6) - PTO for engine gearbox

Your Questions 38

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Different fuel nozzles for different fuels 2) - Signals used during our test runs 3) - Industrial Olympus vs. Concorde engine 4) - When to turn ignition off 5) - What do my coworkers think of me filming tests? 6) - FOD ingestion and it's effects 7) - Red lines painted on the side of planes / nacelles. Why?

Your Questions 37

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Why does the afterburner nozzle change shape? 2) - Keeping blades from falling out while balancing turbine rotors 3) - How do VSVs and bleed valves do the same job? 4) - Do the rotor blades and stator vanes ever match up? Also: it's Gerhard Neumann, not von Neumann... sorry about that !

Your Questions 36

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Can our engines blow up? 2) - The shape of the turbine section 3) - Cleaning deposits from compressors 4) - Cooling down process for turbine engines 5) - Interaction of rotor blades and stator vanes

Rolls Royce Olympus VI

Add to EJ Playlist  A fine summer day, and a giant turbojet engine ripping a hole in the atmosphere. Things went as expected, and this is one more Olympus that's ready to head back to work. Thanks to the Maddex Turbine Services crew: Brian at the controls, Mike on starter duty in the Cat, Donovan on fuel connection and close - in engine support, the new guys, Dan and Constantine on firewatch, and of course, Byron Westgate on fuel supply management.

Your Questions 35

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Tail hooks on Canadian CF-18s 2) - Do we test engines at simulated high altitude 3) - FOD screens on the J47 Bonus : struts 4) - The path of turbine blade cooling air 5) - Jet engine shutdown procedure 6) - What tools do we use in our shop

Power Turbines and How They Work

Add to EJ Playlist  Balancing and building up the power turbine used with an LM1500. Plus a whiteboard talk explaining how power turbines are installed and used with large industrial gas turbine engines.

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