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J-47 Pre Test Rigging 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Before we do a full test run, we check that everything is connected and set up correctly. When we are sure of that, we do a short start-to-idle run... just to be extra sure.

J-47 Pre Test Rigging 1

Add to EJ Playlist  We are preparing our test cell for the J-47, out of a North American Aviation F-86-F Sabre.

What is a nozzle ?

Add to EJ Playlist  Another anatomy session for Jet People, this time examining the different parts that all have the same name. I sure manage to use that word a lot...

Jet Engine Function

Add to EJ Playlist  Here we read directly from the holy scriptures of GE. I passage known as "Basic Engine Operation" It's the way GE describes how The LM500 works. An excellent description of the functioning of a jet engine.

Afterburner Thursday

Add to EJ Playlist  This time we take a bit more of a look at the control room screen, as well as our aircraft gauge set. Maybe because it was cold this day, Robin spent more time than usual with the engine power selector right against the pin... in full afterburner. Enjoy ! Fuel used in this test: approx.400 gallons (imperial)

Good News, Good News with a T58

Add to EJ Playlist  Final assembly is complete on Franken-Jet, aka Little Smokey

LM1500 Springtime test run

Add to EJ Playlist  For the first time this year: no snow ! More video of the engine monitoring computer in the control room, as well as looking at this engine running smoothly up to max power of just over 15 thousand Hp.

The AI 25 turbofan engine, part 6

Add to EJ Playlist  A quick look at the progress Andrei and I have been making with building up our stock of AI-25 engines.

Your Questions 30

Add to EJ Playlist  Single issue episode where I try to answer one of the most interesting questions ever posted to my channel. I am honoured to be even asked this question. Thank you all, and let's keep having fun with jets... !

Afterburner Selfie

Add to EJ Playlist  Loud video ! A follow-up to Afterburner vs Mud. The engine performed well after some tuning, and I got a couple of unusual shots I've been after for a long time. Today we have an afterburning J79 built and tuned by Lane McCabe, and operated by Electron Bill. The instruments to the right of the computer monitor are the exact ones used in the aircraft, all connected and functioning thanks to Electron Bill.

Afterburner vs Mud

Add to EJ Playlist  Putting a freshly rebuilt fighter jet engine through its paces in the test cell on a warm, wet spring day. We get some baseline data, do some adjustments, and then blow some mud into the sky with the afterburner. Special thanks to the crew at S&S Turbines: Lane McCabe - engine builder Electron Bill - instrumentation and computer integration Robin Sipe - engine operator and president of S&S Turbines

The AI-25 turbofan engine, part 5

Add to EJ Playlist  We've checked the carbon seal stacks of the HP rotor, and it all looks good. Reassembly is going well, thanks to Andrei, the Russian dynamo.

Your Questions 29

Add to EJ Playlist  Single topic today: Thrust forces in the turbojet engine, thrust bearings, engine thrust, and the sources of confusion regarding these similarly named entities.

The AI-25 turbofan engine, part 4

Add to EJ Playlist  Getting right to the deepest part of this engine, we remove the High Pressure turbine, the fuel nozzles, the combustor liner and case... and have a look inside.

Your Questions 28

Add to EJ Playlist  1) - Starter drive system for the RR Olympus twin-shaft turbojet 2) - Rapid throttle changes for airliners vs fighters 3) - Why do we do what we do ? 4) - Why do J79s smoke so much ? 5) - Why are some J79s smokey, and some aren't ? 6) - Power density in combustors - old vs new engines 7) - Why don't the combustion gases blow out the front of the engine ?

First Start : New Boat - New Engine

Add to EJ Playlist  The brand new contender, with design improvements based on racing experience in Black Beauty, is ready for the world. For the first time ever, Gord starts the engine, and then just can't resist starting it again...

The AI-25 turbofan engine, part 3

Add to EJ Playlist  Tool design, tool making, and then figuring out how to use the tools... We are taking out parts and getting to the heart of this jet engine.

The AI-25 turbofan engine, part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Taking things apart... discovering problems...look ing at stuff... making tools...

The AI-25 turbofan engine, part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  We are taking apart a medium sized turbofan engine to find out what made it stop turning and become a shop demonstrator. Well, at least we get started...

Your Questions 27

Add to EJ Playlist  1) do I have a favorite engine...? 2) how does the fan work in the F-35 Lightning ? 3) what kind of bearings are in those engines ? 4) what's a cutoff valve ? what's a shutoff valve ? what fire detection do engines have? 5) how does the fire get lit in non-ignitor cans... ?

Combustor Liners IV : Annular from T58

Add to EJ Playlist  Today we compare two different combustor liners for our jet boat race engine. What was in the engine that burned up its hot section was quite worn and ready for replacement. We have a liner from a CT58 which has very few hours on it. The CT58 was designed to carry passengers in civil aviation, so that may be why it just seems to be more heavily built. We are going to race it !

J47 Turbojet Compressor

Add to EJ Playlist  The J47 is a classic, early American jet engine. It was used in the F-86 Sabre ( one ), and in the B-47 ( six! ), two of the most beautiful aircraft that have ever been created. We've got one in the shop so we can to check out its condition, and get it ready for use in an F-86. Pilots love this plane, and so do non-pilots; have a google, and see what you think ! Jet City Turbine Services thanks Compression Technology of Fort St John, for allowing us to be guests in their shop.

Afterburner Friday

Add to EJ Playlist  Oh, just another afterburning turbojet to test on a Friday afternoon... It was a beautiful warm day today, and almost everybody was there. Electron Bill, Big Al, Lane, who built the engine, Walter, guest cameraman Ryan, the boys from Maddex( Brian, Mike, Amir ), Byron, Robin the president and chief operator, and Daena, who got to drive her first jet engine today. Al is holding the jug because the oil talnk was overserviced, and the engine has a way of fixing that... puking the excess oil overboard. And the wonderful belch at the beginning of the video is electrically powered, if you know what I mean !

Bad News, Good News with a T58

Add to EJ Playlist  Let's take a look at what happens to a turbine engine when things go wrong... Plus how sometimes, things can work out...

Air Dyno Update 1

Add to EJ Playlist  The first couple of runs in the development process of the Maddex Turbines air-brake dynamometer, with which we will test the Allison / RR 501 industrial series of turboshaft engines. They are a very slightly modified T-56 turboprop, and produce between 3,000 and 5,000 Hp. I am not working on this project, but I was able to nab some footage, and hack together this update for you. The "smoke" you see during the first run is actually oil mist coming from the lube oil reservoir vent on the totally independent system of the load compressor; the one in front of the running engine. Notice there is no mist coming off the running engine in the second run...

LM500 Disassembly Update

Add to EJ Playlist  After a couple weeks of careful work, Electron Bill and I have taken all of the bearings out of the LM500, and we're ready to make up a list of parts that need replacing.

Your Questions 26

Add to EJ Playlist  This time: 1) How safe does AgentJayZ feel ? 2)Why don't I jump with glee during a test? 2B) Do I worry about explosions ? 3)Why didn't the Avon smoke on startup? 4)Do RR engines sound better than GE? 5)Why are the fuel pigtails so long? Somehow I seem to have grown an extra eyebrow !

Winter Avon Run

Add to EJ Playlist  First test run of a newly upgraded Avon industrial engine. Power output and hot section durability have been upgraded with the application of ceramic thermal barrier coatings to the most heat-stressed parts of this very popular workhorse. It was very cold today; the wind made it feel like about -30C. Guest appearances by Byron, Electron Bill, Donovan, Mike, Massih, Brian...

Fuel Nozzles V : the GE LM500

Add to EJ Playlist  The GE LM500 is the industrial version of the very popular CF34 / TF34 turbofan aircraft engine. Help me out with removing the fuel nozzles to look at the ferrules in the combustor they fit into with a handy boroscope.