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Mina _ Adagio _ Live 1972

Add to EJ Playlist  A very challenging song from Mina's repertoire where you can ear the full range of her voice . Live in 1972 .

Duo Ehmann-Barsand -Adagio (Tomaso Albinoni & Remo Giasotto)

Add to EJ Playlist  Adagio G minor for strings and organ continuo. First published in 1958. Adapted of the original to voice and guitar by Cesar Ehmann. Website: www.ehmann-bars

Tomaso Albinoni: Adagio

Add to EJ Playlist  This arrangement asTabs and sheet music are available at .per-olovkindgr 15th September 2011: I have released my 3rd CD called "AIR". I play music by: Dowland, Galilei, Weiss, Bach, Handel, Albinoni and Pachelbel. All, popular classical pieces that I have been asked to record on a CD. You can order/download it from my website .per-olovkindgr and also listen to sound samples there. This is the beautiful "Adagio" by T. Albinoni (1671-1750) There was a storm in Copenhagen while recording this so you can sometimes hear the wind in the trees outside. Sorry! I control many things but not the weather... yet! Kindly, Per-Olov

Adagio / L.T.Albinoni by Yoshihiro Utsumi on Stage

Add to EJ Playlist  Special Edit by Ito-san / Technical Director of Sciascia Ensemble Japan Adagio di Albinoni by Yoshihiro Utsumi / Contrabass A.Kadokura Pianoforte on Stage at S.E.J. and S.O.J concert on 1st.Apr.2007

Ben van Dijk ( Basstrombone ) performs Albinoni

Add to EJ Playlist  Ben van Dijk: During the Slide Factory Festival 2005 I played a short recital. Together with the lovely Alla Libo on piano I performed this Adagio by Albinoni. The nice accoustic of the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam gave a nice ambiance for this music.

Avalancher Video - Albinoni - Adagio

Add to EJ Playlist  Hi-res at www.avalancher. com - Albinoni - Adagio - 3D Music

Tomaso Albinoni

Add to EJ Playlist  Isto Dizem que finjo ou minto Tudo que escrevo. Não. Eu simplesmente sinto Com a imaginação. Não uso o coração. Tudo o que sonho ou passo, O que me falha ou finda, É como que um terraço Sobre outra coisa ainda. Essa coisa é que é linda. Por isso escrevo em meio Do que não está de pé, Livre do meu enleio, Sério do que não é. Sentir? Sinta quem lê! Fernando Pessoa

Saulo Couto - Amore Perduto - Albinoni - (1671-1751)

Add to EJ Playlist  CURTA NO FACE A PAGINA OFFICIAL https://www.fac coutoOfficial Saulo Couto - Amore Perduto - Albinoni - (1671-1751)

Deak Ferance - Adagio in G minor by Albinoni

Add to EJ Playlist  Deak Ferance´s reworked version of Tomaso Albinonis "Adagio in G minor for Strings and Organ" with additional Choir. The Video isn't much that great,forgive me, but the music is very melancholic and powerful ! And that is all what depends ! ;) for further Infos and/ or downloads please visit: http://www.mysp ance Deak Ferance Logo made and with kind permission by Erlend Mørk / Norway at http://erlendmo

2003 Worlds Bourne & Kraatz - Adagio in G minor

Add to EJ Playlist  2003 Worlds Bourne & Kraatz - Adagio in G minor

Lara Fabian : San Remo 020307 - Adagio

Add to EJ Playlist  Lara Fabian accompagnée de Gigi d'Alessio au piano durant le 57ème Festival de San Remo

Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio

Add to EJ Playlist  Igor Zavadsky's charitable gala concert «The Kyiv Chord» 20.01.2006 The National Palace of Arts "Ukraine"

Dominic Miller-Adagio in G Minor-Albinoni

Add to EJ Playlist  Dominic Miller "Adagio in G Minor" By Albinoni

adagio in G minor

Add to EJ Playlist  Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni

Adagio in G minor by Albinoni - Univ College Oxford Orch

Add to EJ Playlist  University College Oxford Orchestra conducted by Chris Pickett perform Albinoni's Adagio in G minor. November 2007. University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Some other random shots of Oxford in there for good measure.

Albinoni Adagio - Trio de Guitarras Domine

Add to EJ Playlist  Concierto realizado el Domingo 9 de setiembre de 2007, a las 20:00 hs., en la Parroquia Basílica San Carlos Hipolito Yrigoyen y Quintino Bocayuva - Capital Federal - Argentina - Entrada libre y gratuita. http://www.guit / Arreglo para 3 Guitarras: Prof Lic. Daniel Cabrio Web: http://www.trio Contrataciones: (005411) 4635-4410 ARGENTINA Email: triodomine@gmai Arreglo para 3 Guitarras: Prof. Lic. Daniel Cabrio

Albinoni Adagio trumpet and organ, Maur and de Clossey

Add to EJ Playlist  Mauro Maur, trumpet Francoise de Clossey, organ

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