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Forensic pathologist dr. Michael Baden

Add to EJ Playlist  Documentary about Dr. Michael Baden


Add to EJ Playlist  Une création du LaboragOr Le branleur - Anwar Les casseurs/bouffe urs/chieurs - HorrorBurial, Jbaâl, Nada Caméra - PhilDB Effets spéciaux - Nada, Jbaâl Assistants - Herman Tamantugofu, Romu Montage - Jbaâl Musique - Olivier Torre & Jbaâl 2012

King's College London: Gordon Museum of Pathology

Add to EJ Playlist  Curator Bill Edwards introduces our unique teaching resource for medical, dental and biomedical science students: the Gordon Museum - one of the largest teaching collections of pathology specimens in the UK.

Guillotine Footage

Add to EJ Playlist  Only the first one is real

Funeral Embalming Trocar c/w EEP.Co tanatopraxia

Add to EJ Playlist  Trocar c/w Injection Embalming,Höhle Proteus Bestatter Sargstapler Hygiene "modern embalming" Thanatologe Thanatologie Thanatopraktike r Funeralequipmen t Leichenmulde Leichenkühlung Kühlung Versorgungsraum Hygieneraum Seziertisch Autopsy Autopsie Autopsytable Pathologie Bestattungszube hör Embalmingstatio n

Visible Human

Add to EJ Playlist  The Visible Human Project is an effort to create a detailed data set of cross-sectional photographs of the human body, in order to facilitate anatomy visualization applications. A male and a female cadaver were cut into 1871 thin slices which were then photographed and digitized. My goal was to present those photographs in a different way... Tech: 8 Comps inside AE with 9477 layers total.The biggest comp has 1880 layers.Done with one expression, one script called sequencer and a lot of patience:) If you wanna learn more about Visible Human Project check out this link: visiblehuman.ep

beat your heart out

Add to EJ Playlist  i had nothing better to do and i remembered i didnt upload anything for a while


Add to EJ Playlist  Embalming/autop sy table in Vilnius Missionaire hospital, pathological anathomy departament. Made in germany in 1919 year.


Add to EJ Playlist  Critics' choice - Time Out "a revelation" - Daily Telegraph "fascinating" - Guardian 10 June-26 September 2010 The 'Skin' exhibition invites you to re-evaluate the largest and probably most overlooked human organ. We consider the changing importance of skin, from anatomical thought in the 16th century through to contemporary artistic exploration. Covering four themes (Objects, Marks, Impressions and Afterlives), 'Skin' takes a philosophical approach. For more information see our website: http://www.well comecollection. org/whats-on/ex hibitions/skin. aspx

Inside a human body... Anatomy/Physiology class

Add to EJ Playlist  In class we explored the insides of a cadaver.. This praticular cadaver was a smoker.. You can see the blackish/grayis h lungs and also the red finger tips (caused by nicotine)..

Decomposed body found at funeral home

Add to EJ Playlist  Authorities have made a disturbing discovery at a former southern tier funeral home.

Widow Lived With Corpses of Husband, Sister

Add to EJ Playlist  A 91-year-old widow in rural Pennsylvania is found living with the corpses of her husband and twin sister. Jean Stevens tells The Associated Press she did it because for her, death is very hard to take. (July 5)


Add to EJ Playlist  pa caballos finos los de nacaneger. http://www.yout =9B4mlFdqkU8

Se suicidó ahorcándose, los motivos se desconocen

Add to EJ Playlist  RTU Noticias 08/06/2010 Colgándose de una cuerda en su propio domicilio, un hombre se quitó la vida, las causas de ésta fatal decisión se desconocen, mientras la Fiscalía investiga. Informa Mercedes Chávez. Más en: http://www.rtu.

Stack of 40 Bodies Found in Funeral Home Garage

Add to EJ Playlist  A Maryland board has suspended the license of a Riverdale funeral home after an inspector found what seemed to be 40 bodies in body bags in its garage. (May 5)

Mass Grave of Beheaded Vikings Discovered

Add to EJ Playlist  A recent discovery in Dorset, UK sheds light on the grisly nature of the Viking Age. The bodies of 51 men of Scandinavian origin are unearthed, all decapitated, leading to the speculation they were victims of an execution, likely by an Anglo Saxon militia they were captured by.

Psychaotic - The Newborn's Death

Add to EJ Playlist  Museo di Anatomia Patologica "Dupuytren"- Paris Musèe Video by Konserva. Visit: http://www.yout nserva Music & Post-edition by Psychaotic Visit: http:www.myspac c

The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

Add to EJ Playlist  The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo are located in Palermo, Italy. Anybody in the city who died would be placed here. The building had a room where bodies were dried until being washed by vinegar, dressed, and displayed. Some of the bodies were actually dressed for special occasions or acting out scenes. Every wall has racks of mummies hanging up. It is a very depressing place, some say. But yet, it gives a remembrance of the historical past of Italy. *I do not own these pictures. I got them from traveljournals. net

Preserving Corpses

Add to EJ Playlist  Visit the oldest embalming school in the united states to see how corpses are preserved.

Brain Bank

Add to EJ Playlist  Visit the brian bank at Harvard, the world's largest repository where more than 7,000 human brains are donated, stored, and used for research.

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