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Add to EJ Playlist  Help get this message out: https://my.bara ad We know that people who see this ad will be more likely to vote for President Obama. What we don't know is how often we can afford to run ads like this. Will you make a donation today to support the campaign and help get our message out to more voters? https://my.bara d

Marc and Jade's Commit for Life Story

Add to EJ Playlist  Jade was born premature and needed several units of blood as an infant. Her father, Marc, expresses his gratitude for those who made blood available.

Persuasion vs. Propaganda.

Add to EJ Playlist  The first commercial is an example of ethical persuasion. The commercial presents a straightforward message through the use of a speaker. He tells the audience about the dangers of tobacco use using facts and statistics. He then tells how the Iowa Smokefree Air Act has helped decrease tobacco related illness and saved money in Iowa, and citations are visible on screen. A logical point is then made by the speaker that it has only been two years since the act was enacted, and that a lifetime of clean air would certainly be beneficial to the citizens of Iowa. The commercial uses non-threatening imagery and logic to convince the viewer to vote no on a proposition. The music used is somber while tobacco illness statistics are being presented, but encouraging during the information about how the act has been working. This makes the commercial an example of an ethical persuasion technique. The second commercial could be considered propaganda. The second commercial still presents a straightforward message through the use of a speaker, however in this commercial, no real facts or statistics are stated. The speaker is using an artificial voice box, implying that he is the victim of tobacco related illness, and gaining the sympathy of the viewer. He then tells the viewer that smoking is not cool or glamorous, and threatens them with the potential harm that comes from tobacco use. He point out that tobacco use hurt him, and it could hurt the viewer too. The commercial uses a dark ominous drone throughout, causing the viewer to feel apprehensive. The colors and imagery in the commercial are also threatening. The smoke in the background makes the viewer feel surrounded by tobacco use. The lighting makes the viewer feel like they are being interrogated, and the colors are dark and high in contrast, creating an ominous feel. This commercial relies on pure emotional appeal and shock value in its content and imagery to sway the viewer, making it a good example of propaganda.

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Add to EJ Playlist  A pint-sized Darth Vader uses the Force when he discovers the all-new 2012 Passat in the driveway. This award-winning commercial first aired during the 2011 Big Game. Watch more Volkswagen videos here: featuredVW SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VOLKSWAGEN VIDEOS: subscribeVW Volkswagen USA on Twitter: twitterVW Volkswagen USA on Facebook: LikeVW Volkswagen USA on Instagram: instagramVW Volkswagen USA on YouTube: youtubeVW

Target 'Chorus'

Add to EJ Playlist  The Target 2 day sale lady (Maria Bamford), does a sing-a-long with Christmas cards.

Target Black Friday 2-Day Sale Commercial (Vince Dicola!)

Add to EJ Playlist  Caught this commercial completely by accident when I was walking out of the room and suddenly became entranced in the familiar theme music of Vince Dicola's Rocky IV training montage. So I set up the TV Tuner to see if it would re-air during the night, and, alas, here it is. The spot features Maria Bamford. Target has it on their own channel under "Montage." I didn't initially see it there, but I figure I might as well keep it up here unless Target or Vince or whoever owns the song rights objects to it.

Sprint Break Up Commercial

Add to EJ Playlist  Could be possibly the funniest commercial out right now.. move over Old Spice guy.. there's a new favorite

Betty White Snickers Commercial

Add to EJ Playlist  Betty White was featured in a Superbowl commercial for Snickers during the halftime show. Betty White is a comedic actress whose career http://www.soda ainment/was-bet ty-whites-snick er-commercial-y our-favorite-su perbowl-ad/ques tion-859857/ has spanned over 60 years. In the Snickers commercial, Betty White plays a twenty-somethin g year old having a bad football game.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Add to EJ Playlist  Persuasion is best achieved through three motivational appeals described by Aristotle: ethos, pathos, & logos. all 9 commercials

Add to EJ Playlist m/ Hit it up. Made by freecreditrepor, and i do not take any credit for the making of these commercials. 1st: Singing Pirates 2nd: Dream Girl 3rd: New Car 4th: Renaissance Fair 5th: Bicycle 6th: Rock Star 7th: Roller Coaster 8th: Cellphone 9th: Reno

Campbell's Soup | "Light Versus"

Add to EJ Playlist  A TV commercial for Campbell's Select Harvest Light soups.

Rhetorical Analysis: Campaign Ads

Add to EJ Playlist  What is the video's argument? Who is the intended audience? Give one specific example of how the video uses rhetorical appeals (either emotional, ethical or logical) to persuade the audience of its claims? If your example involves some combination of appeals, that is fine.

Folger's Coffee "Peter Comes Home For Christmas" Full Length

Add to EJ Playlist  Full length version of Folger's extremely long-running "Peter Comes Home For Christmas" commercial. The little girl is probably a grandmother by now!!! Okay, probably not, but she did grow up to be a VERY nice lady! The actors in the ad are as follows: Greg Wrangler (Peter, better known as PEETER!!!) Susan Honey (Older Sister and inspiration to Joey Tribbiani) Kenneth Corey (Father) Colleen Hughes (Younger Sister or the little girl who, led by her older brother, develops a coffee sniffing habit at an early age) Kate Weiman (Mother) Thanks alot. Merry Christmas!

Fred Vanore OxiClean TV Commercial

Add to EJ Playlist  OxiClean TV Commercial Fred Vanore Executive Producer OxiClean with Billy Mays TV Commercial Blue Moon Studios Direct Response Commercial Production Co. _______________ _________ This video has not been posted as a commercial for the product featured. It was posted by Blue Moon Studios, the company that produced the commercial. This is not an advertisement.

School Crossing Commercial from Allstate

Add to EJ Playlist  Dennis Haysbert narrates the safe driver bonus terms from Allstate while standing at a safe school crossing.

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