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Shooting the 9mm Arcus

Add to EJ Playlist  The Arcus 98 DA is a Bulgarian made clone of the Browning Hi-Power with several notable changes. This is a DA/SA automatic pistol, chambered for the 9mm Luga...

Arcus 98 DA 9mm Pistol - Ryan Michad

Add to EJ Playlist  A short video showing the Arcus 98 DA up close and shooting, along with a disassembly and some pictures! Enjoy! Visit http://www.hand for all you...

Arcus 98 DA 9mm Awesome pistol from

Add to EJ Playlist  I got my Arcus 98 DA 9mm in the mail. This is a great gun for the money. It is used by certain military an police around the world. Classic Firearms is selli...

Arcus 98da review

Add to EJ Playlist  picked this up and had to see if was a hit or flop and was more than happy with it. the short stroking was caused from either the ammo being under powered or...

New Pistol: Arcus 98 DAC 9mm

Add to EJ Playlist  Awesome pistol from Bulgaria. This is the standard issue for their military and police and is based upon Browning Hi Power design. And did I mention it is su...

Arcus 98 DA (shooting)

Add to EJ Playlist  Sorry about the audio quality the mic on my camera was covered.

Arcus 98DAC Disassembly Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Amateur how-to video for disassembling the Arcus 98DAC 9mm pistol.

Arcus 98 DAC 9mm -- My Thoughts

Add to EJ Playlist  My thoughts on the Arcus 98 DAC semi-automatic 9mm pistol. Please subscribe, share & repost if you like the video.

Me shooting the Arcus 98 DA 9mm semi-Auto Pistol

Add to EJ Playlist  Me shooting my Arcus 98 DA 9mm.. It has good weight for a 9mm, it shoots and handles real smooth. I love it.

Initial Look - Arcus 98 DAC (Browning Clone)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a very stout little budget class 9x19mm compact.

Arcus DAC and Zastava EZ9 Update

Add to EJ Playlist  I popped the Arcus' cherry at the range today and wanted to tell everyone about it. Also ran some rounds through my EZ9. This vid is a little chatting and so...

bautizo de la arcus 98DA

Add to EJ Playlist  Bautizo de la arcus 98DA, en el polígono Smart Shooting. Munición utilizada: PMC, Sellier & Bellot, Hornady Critical Defense, Tullammo y recargado.

Lisa shooting steel with Arcus 98 DA

Add to EJ Playlist  Shooting steel with the Arcus 98 DA, nice pistol, very accurate....

Having fun with my arcus 98da 9mm

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Shooting the Arcus 98 DAC

Add to EJ Playlist  Taking my new Arcus 98 DAC out for its first couple hundred shots. Shoots great,I like it very much.

Arcus 95R .38 Special Revolver - Details Technical Specs [jendiasa]

Add to EJ Playlist  Arcus 95R .38 Special Revolver - Details Technical Specs [jendiasa] Unloaded Weight: 1.99 lbs. Overall Length: 7.87 in. Barrel Length: 2.5 in. Unloaded Weigh...

Arcus 98 DA 9mm

Add to EJ Playlist  Excelente Pistola , dispare mas de 200 tiros y sin ningun problema!!!!!!! !!

Me shooting my Arcus 98DA 9mm

Add to EJ Playlist  Title says it all. Distance was 85 feet. Put 7 out of the first 10 rounds ever fired from the gun on target. Not bad for right out of the box at $371.

Arcus 94 9mm inceleme

Add to EJ Playlist  Arcus 94 9mm inceleme http://www.sila 94-ve-arcus-98- da.html.

Arcus 94 C

Add to EJ Playlist  Arcus 94 C http://www.sila 94-ve-arcus-98- da.html.

Arcus 94 Atış

Add to EJ Playlist  Arcus 94 Atış http://www.sila 94-ve-arcus-98- da.html.

Clinton Shooting My Arcus 98DA 9mm

Add to EJ Playlist  Not a very experienced shooter but he's learning. 15 rounds.

Lisa Shoot and Move Pistol Drill with the Arc

Add to EJ Playlist  Fiancee 3-4-5 Body Shots Pistol Drill with the Arcus 98DA 9mm.

Lisa shooting steel target strong hand...

Add to EJ Playlist  Fiancee shooting her Arcus 98DA on steel target strong hand...

Arcus 98 DAC take down

Add to EJ Playlist  Take down of my Arcus 98 DAC.

arcus 30 round magazine mod

Add to EJ Playlist  best gun mod for the Arcus 98 DAC. DONT MISS THIS!

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