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Cnc Rifle stock

Add to EJ Playlist  Cnc wood working on a homebrew 4 axis cnc. This was machined by indexing the 4th axis. once I get my post processor setup for my controller, I will try some rotary tool paths. Sorry but no, I cannot make stocks for you at this time. I might start making stocks for air rifles and shotguns when I get moved into a better location.

Instalação de mola a gás ( gas ram ) Rossi SMS em Hatsan 80 X

Add to EJ Playlist  Vídeo demonstrando como efetuar a correta instalação da mola a gás Rossi / SMS Airguns. Um detalhe importante EM QUALQUER instalação de molas a gás. A mesma deve SEMPRE entrar pelo menos 5mm comprida, caso fique folgada fazer um calço usinado ou usar até moedas dentro do pistão. (isso para modelos diferentes) qualquer dúvida entrem em contato 051 8407 2995 dir.tecnica@sms

Woodcarving on gunstock, Art Nouveau style

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.dimo Eng Gunstock of old shotgun: Wood carving Class I + , Art Nouveau ornamentation, lines inlays white metal, inlaid tagua (lat. phytelephas) and boxwood (lat. buxus) of figures Бг Приклад от стара ловна пушка: дърворезба клас І+, орнаментика стил Art Nouveau, контурни инкрустации бял метал, инкрустирани фигури тагуа(лат. phytelephas), чимшир(лат. buxus)

How to Paint Tiger Striped Camo

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is to educational purpose only!!! This is a Remington 597 .22 rifle, other rifles may vary. When laying down the stencil on the stock, be sure the stencil lays flat. (Thanks to Gibsonstuido121 for the extra hand for laying the stencil down) I did not use a base coat on the stock. Spay the OD green first, then spay the flat black, on the third time around go back over with the OD green. Cover the areas that you missed with the first coat of OD and flat black. Use the Khaki last, but don't use as much Khaki as you did with the OD and flat black. Be sure that you lift up on your stencil when removing, if you do not you will smear the paint. It doesn't take long for this paint to dry. Here's the link to Viperr818's video. The stencil are in the comments. http://www.yout =zlF1JoA-qyA Any questions or concerns please leave in the comments below. Thank you!

Gunsmithing - How to Checker a Gun Stock - Winchester Model 67 Rifle

Add to EJ Playlist  Checkering a riflestock is an easy job if you have the right tools, a bit of know how, and some patience. Join Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, as he checkers the stock on a Winchester Model 67. Topics covered include the proper tools, layout, and the checkering of a traditional point checkering pattern.

Instalação mola a gas (Gas Ram) SMS Airguns em Norica Dragon (em menos de 10 min.)

Add to EJ Playlist  Passo a Passo de Instalação mola Pneumática (Gas Ram) SMS Airguns em Norica Dragon (em menos de 10 min.) Exemplos e dicas em www.smsairguns. +55 51 8407 2995

fazer coronha para espingarda

Add to EJ Playlist  confeccionando uma coronha para carabina de pressao 4,5

Custom Stocks MIX by LP Gunstocks

Add to EJ Playlist  BIG mix of photos in one presentation. Visit www.lpgunstocks for more info and pictures.

How to Make Explosive Pellets

Add to EJ Playlist  A Tutorial on how to make Pellets that explode on impact using: gunpowder, caps, aluminum-foil, hot glue. Easy to make and fun to use! Should work in all spring/air powered pellet guns.

Silencer Design (.22 Subsonic ammo - 3D model)

Add to EJ Playlist  Outstanding performance. Simple & easy to build Silencer for .22 Subsonic ammo. You only hear the impact. Derlin, Aluminium and filled up with Soundproffing material (not FOAM). EDUCATIONAL PORPUSE.

Elven EagleEye custom stock by LP Gunstocks

Add to EJ Playlist  CZ slavia 631 in customised with LP EagleEye model stock. Custom Elven engravings based on Lord of the Ring film. custom finish. egzotic intarsions. Walnut wood.

Fionda mod 80 explodindo 3d

Add to EJ Playlist  animação 3d da carabina Fionda sendo explodida

Custom Airguns

Add to EJ Playlist  These are assorted pictures of custom air guns. They are mainly all made from the bones of Crosman 1377c, 2240, and the Chinese made QB 78.



Airgun tuning - By Paulo Martins

Add to EJ Playlist  Fotos de algumas das obras, de um dos maiores especialistas brasileiros em airguns. Site do amigo Paulo Martins: http://coronhas

Explosive Air Rifle Pellets

Add to EJ Playlist  Explosive pellets shot into a plywood board. Magnum rifle primer glued onto .22 pellet, open end of primer facing forward. Benjamin pump .22 with 10 pumps. The original video seen here first!

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