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CornerShot: An Israeli anti-terror tool

Add to EJ Playlist  CornerShot is a blue and white development in the war on terror, and is now used worldwide by military, police and anti-terror forces.

Future Weapons Season 3 Premier M-110 Sniper Rifle

Add to EJ Playlist  KNIGHT'S ARMAMENT M110 SNIPER RIFLE - An anti-personnel and light materiel weapon that fires 7.62 mm ammunition to a range of 1000 yards, this magazine-fed system exceeds the rate of fire and lethality of the M24 bolt-action rifle. With its improved performance, the M110 gives the sniper better target effectiveness and reduces the likelihood of detection and counter-fire.

The 10 best rifles in the world

Add to EJ Playlist  Worlds 10 best rifles. Sorry about the subtitles

.60 Cal Handgun

Add to EJ Playlist  World's most powerful handgun

M82 .50 caliber

Add to EJ Playlist  1 bullet=$5 Weight: 31 lb Barrel Length: 737mm Caliber: .50 BMG Muzzle velocity: 850m/s Effective Range: 1800m Cost: around $8,000 Song: Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death _

Merriman Knife Pistol .28 Cal Black Powder

Add to EJ Playlist  Merriman Knife Pistol .28 Cal Black Powder.

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