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Welcome TE HARURU ( No Te Here I Tahiti-Mexico 2006 )

Add to EJ Playlist  Te haruru and friends thanks Sam, Aaron and Miko...



Kamani Ilikai presenta Kaulilua

Add to EJ Playlist  http://hawaiano ytahitiano.word En el marco del "Encuentro de Danza Polinesia" en la ciudad de Puebla presentamos Kaulilua con Pahu. Kamani Ilikai esta a tus ordenes en la ciudad de Mexico: Edzna #15 Col Vertiz Narvarte Mexico D.F. a una cuadra Eje Central, a una cuadra Eje 5 Sur Euenia atencion personal de Arturo Kamana'o Valero. (55) 85-90-36-75

Cook Islands Solo in New Zealand

Add to EJ Playlist  My cook islander friend's solo at our dance classes final performance - she's amazing!

Spectacle de danse tahitienne au beach comber

Add to EJ Playlist  Spectacle de danse tahitienne, polynesian dancing show

Lilo Hula Dance

Add to EJ Playlist  Lilo and Stich Hula Dance Howto


Add to EJ Playlist  Tahitian dancing solo competition - Kiki Raina, Merced - 2007. http://www.exam 5-Anaheim-Polyn esian-Arts--Ent ertainment-Exam iner

Merrie Monarch 2003 - Hula Halau O Kamuela - Wahine Kahiko

Add to EJ Playlist  Merrie Monarch 2003 Hula Halau O Kamuela Kumu Hula: Kaui Kamana'o & Kunewa Mook Wahine Kahiko: "Aia Nu'uanu Ko Lei Nani" 1st Place

Merrie Monarch 2003 - Halau Hula O Kawailiula - Wahine 'Auana

Add to EJ Playlist  Merrie Monarch 2003 Halau Hula O Kawailiula Kumu Hula: Chinky Mahoe Wahine 'Auana: "Ho'i Mai I Kumuwaena" 3rd Place

**Ahuura T. Best of the Bests Heiva I Tahiti 1989**

Add to EJ Playlist  My sister Ahuura, Best between the Best female dancers at the unique Contest between all the past Heiva female winners during Heiva I Tahiti in 1989. Ma soeur Meilleure des Meilleures danseuses en 1989, concours réunissant les meilleures danseuses du Heiva I Tahiti et Tiurai réunis.

Tahiti Dance

Add to EJ Playlist  look at those hips!

Ashley's solo @ Merced '05

Add to EJ Playlist  Ashley's 1st solo competition (beginners)at Merced '05. Not bad for her first time. She made finals.

drumming in merced

Add to EJ Playlist  'LEIISA' drumming for Kaleo soloists practice in merced

Tahitian Dance for the boys in Germany

Add to EJ Playlist  Kurzer "Tahitian Dance" (kein Hula, die Kommentare sind da ja eindeutig) Video aus Maui. Vorgeführt im Sheraton Hotel. Short "Tahitian Dance" (no Hula, just see the comments ;-) video from Maui. The dance was performed at the Sheraton Hotel.

"O Tahiti E" best couple and solo at Heiva I Tahiti 1997

Add to EJ Playlist  From Best couple "Gilles hollande" award and best solo "Donover" award during Heiva I Tahiti 1997 from "O Tahiti E" group. I must explain what this kind of solo is "Josie & Don Over": The name "Josie & Don Over" is the name of a famous american (and his wife) who visited Tahiti there is a several years ago... a rich man who was so fanatic pre european Polynesian dance; at his death, he left writings to donate each year to the best female dancer of old style ORI an award (money). Since this time a dance was dedicated to him and that each year the Polynesians reminds it by organizing a contest... This dance consists in dancing like the ancestors of the Polynesians (without Bras)...Very pleasant to look at, but also a single dance who pleased all!

Te Muhu A Fenua - Solo Best F Dancer

Add to EJ Playlist  Mereani TUMAHAI. She enter for solo competition in 2005 for O TAHITI E group. each dancer may express what the group has choosen as topic of their show. Here She tells the story of a goddess of the earth contaminated by pollution of Human who don't care it until death (the end). DVD availabble here http://www.myri 005-O-TAHITI-E- TE-MUHU-A-FENUA -p/v400d.htm

**Ahuura T. at first Heiva I Tahiti in 1985**

Add to EJ Playlist  Ma soeur Meilleure danseuse 1985 au premier Heiva I Tahiti de l'histoire. My sister best female dancer at the first Heiva I Tahiti in 1985.

Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti "HOTUHIVA" #4

Add to EJ Playlist  2005, Live show (in France) called "HOTUHIVA" from *Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti*. The troop of "Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti" tells there the history of Hotuhiva, princess of the island of Hawaiki, famous for her beauty and her manner of dancing, with null another similar. Promised by her father to another chief in order to consolidate the supremacy of the clan, she flees hidden in a drum... Twenty six parts with for each one, of the behaviours, the costumes and the settings in scenes different, make this spectacle.This video is available here http://www.tahi / ml E TAROTARO (The Praise) I TE HOPERAA O TE FENUA (At The Far Edge Of Earth) IA HAATOHU'URA TE REVA (When The Sunset Colours The Sky In Red) FAAROO TAMAU HIA I TE ATEA (You Can Hear From Far Beyond) TE OTORAA O TE PAHU MO'A (The Sound Of The Sacred « Pahu » (Taiko, Drum)) EI TAHURAA I TE MAU TAATA (Wich Gathers The People) TEI PAHONO, MANAVA IA 'OE HINA (Who Responded, Welcome To You Godess HINA) E TAROTARO TEIE NO TE ORA O TA 'OE (This Praise Is For You For The Life That You) NO TE ORA O TA 'OE I HORO'A ( The Life That You Have Given To Us) I NI'A I TE PAPA TUPUNA (On The Land Of Our Ancestors) TE PAPA MO'A O TE ORA (The Sacred Land Of Life) UA TU I TE RA'I MARAMA TE NUNAA (People Stand Up To The Sky) E TAROTARO....... .....

Baile Tahitiano

Add to EJ Playlist  un evento q hubo en puebla de una escuela de danzas polinesias en donde una amiga estudia y psss este fue el baile mas chingon n_n

Val's tahitian dance

Add to EJ Playlist  Val doing her thing @ erika's debut...yea gurl! work it gurl!

Tahiti Girls Dancer Time Warners Building

Add to EJ Playlist  Tahiti Girls Dancer Performance at the Time Warners Building

Hula Dance

Add to EJ Playlist  Campeonato de Hula no Hawaii

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