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On the Stairs

Add to EJ Playlist  Showing off pantyhose on the stairs

On the Stairs (II)

Add to EJ Playlist  Getting a foot rub and tickle while showing off pantyhose on the stairs.

Onthe Stairs (III)

Add to EJ Playlist  Nylon feet playing with pumps on the stairs

Nude Pantyhose - Deleted Scenes of Just Legs!

Add to EJ Playlist  For those who didn't get enough legs from the previous video, here is some more! Just legs here, no voice over. OK? I listen to your comments and I see that you found the previous video not long enough.

Nude Pantyhose and a Mystery Postcard

Add to EJ Playlist  Hello, fans! I got a lot of talk previously of how you didn't get to see enough of my nude pantyhose. Here is some more for you to look at. This pantyhose has a gusset and a control top, so I don't need to wear anything under. In this video I (Jessica from Fantasy Stockings) tell about a postcard that I received with lots of kind words, but no name of the sender. It took me 3 days to figure out who sent this card.

girl in pantyhose

Add to EJ Playlist  To download photos from this video http://depositf 1cpaax7as


Add to EJ Playlist  Simple dangling...

Angel in pantyhose

Add to EJ Playlist  foto- http://depositf eakef8mqa - foto

silk stockings and high heels

Add to EJ Playlist  high heels silk stockings feet legs sexy dance


Add to EJ Playlist  silk stockings sexy light pink

The Pantyhose Review 10-1-2010.AVI

Add to EJ Playlist  Episode 3. Laurie A. takes you to the recent past and present of pantyhose fashion. Even as pantyhose declined in sales and popularity as a semi-undergarme nt accessory, its transition into leg fashion expressions rejuvenized pantyhose into today's colorful and stylized leggings.

The Pantyhose Review

Add to EJ Playlist  Episode 2. Laurie A. discusses the evolution of pantyhose from its inception as an innovative female garment which combined leg nylons with underwear to the modern fashion statement of visually provocative leg decoration.

How to Put on Fully Fashioned Stockings

Add to EJ Playlist  We filmed this clip during a photo shoot - totally unrehearsed. Let our model show and explain to you how she puts on her Secrets In Lace Fully Fashioned Stockings.

ML 68 Crossdresser Pantyhose Fetish

Add to EJ Playlist  This is just a short clip. It's all I can show on this site. See my blog: sh2wph.blogspot .com for a longer version of this video.

Jessica - Delay - Updates: New Channel - FantasyStockings2

Add to EJ Playlist  Dear friends, Of course, I am wearing skin-tone pantyhose! How can I film without it? Please note an important point - only videos that were modest and fully-clothed were submitted for Youtube partnership program. But it wasn't OK with Youtube somehow anyway. I am not sure whether I'll have 2 separate channels. At least I think it will help me avoid single point of failure, just like how all in one day my 24 partner videos got disqualified. I was quite surprised to get labelled as "not for everybody" in videos where I was on the street and wearing either winter clothing or clothes that I wear to work at times. It just shows that it was a matter of principle. Attention: I now have a 2nd channel. Please subscribe. /fantasystockin gs2 Jessica


Add to EJ Playlist  Julie relaxes after an evening of shopping and dinner with three of her girlfriends. She almost always wears sheer toe pantyhose when "out with the girls" because some of her girlfriends have made fun of women who wear reinforced toes with open toe shoes. When my dad and I got home from a baseball game she had taken off her shoes and skirt and was laying on the bed. She asked for a foot massage since she had been walking around alot and I told her I would after I took this video. It was a win-win situation.


Add to EJ Playlist  お久しぶりで~す。 相変わらずいい加減な自撮りです が~(笑)久しく撮ってなかった のでチャチャっと色々撮ってみま した。 起きてすぐと出かける前と車中で の動画です。 ただつなげただけで~~す。

Charming Blonde Babe Puts Pantyhose On Her Hot Round Legs.

Add to EJ Playlist  Charming Blonde Babe Puts Pantyhose On Her Hot Round Legs.


Add to EJ Playlist  Becca preparing for a romantic evening, corset, nylons high heels

The Pantyhose Review, Episode 6.AVI

Add to EJ Playlist  Talented singer, model, actress Laurie finishes up her aerobics warm-up in fuschia leotard and glossy danskin tights then entertains with a review and display of some of the more popular and common pantyhose from the past.

Beautiful Office Ladies and Sexy Miniskirts 01

Add to EJ Playlist  Beautiful Office Lady and Sexy Miniskirt

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