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Bali, 1936- The Mystical Barong, and Legong Dance - Tempo Doeloe Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch one of the first colour films made of a traditional village performance of the Barong,and Legong dances in 1935. This performance would of been a collective celebration of life with all the village taking part, showing the timeless ancient beauty of Balinese culture in the form of each mystical dance movement, and musical performance. Enjoy, travelling back into another time. Useful Source: http://en.wikip alinese_dance Music: "Midnight Rain" Pia

Old Bali- The Traditional Life of Two Balinese Sisters - Bali Kuno

Add to EJ Playlist  Journey in the life of two Balinese sisters, and join them as a new day starts in old Bali. Follow as they show us how Balinese women used to live in the years just before Indonesian independence.

Traditional Bali Before Mass Tourism - Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Travel back in time and explore the exotic Island of Bali, stroll into a local market, enter a temple and pass lush rice terraces.Watch local artisans create timeless works of art. Enjoy your journey into the magical "Island of Love." Music by Pia - "Midnight Rain" Useful Source: http://en.wikip alinese_art

(Full Movie) "Bali, the Island of Love"

Add to EJ Playlist  Take a journey into Traditional Bali, and explore this mystical Island through the story of two Balinese sisters who fall in love. Enjoy, the sights and sounds of a land lost in time.

Bali, the Island of Love, part 2, Traditional Bali in the 1930s

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch part one of "Bali, the Island of Love" /qGKBJOA38w8 Enter old Bali before the end of colonial rule, and experience the lifestyle of the Balinese, before mass tourism. Discover how the romance of the two Balinese sisters continues, as only one can possibly have the man she loves, in part two of the beautiful drama, "Bali, Sisters in love."

Bali, the Island of Love, Final Part, "The Last Dance of the Legong"

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch the final part of "Bali, the Island of Love,' as the Legong Dance starts, and the story of the two Balinese sisters begins to unfold. Useful Source: http://en.wikip egong

An Exotic Market in Old Bali, Bali Kuno

Add to EJ Playlist  Savour the atmosphere of a traditional Balinese Market, and explore each store, discovering the traitional handicrafts, and naturally grown spices, and food of this magical island. Enjoy....

Bali, Indonesia- 1941- Dance, and a Gamelan Orchestra- Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali has long been the home of traditional dance, and the fabled Gamelan orchestra, which plays the timeless ancient music of Indonesia. Enjoy a visit to Bali's distant past to 1941.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 1937 in Colour - Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Modern Ubud in Bali is known to be a village of artists,and renowned around the World. In 1937 a European couple visited Ubud.and this is what they filmed. Enjoy going back in time.

Bali, Indonesia, 1940- A Village Journey, Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali is a mystical Island in Indonesia. A place where the ancient mixes with the modern, and natural beauty is preserved, as well as the unique beliefs of the Balinese. Village life in Bali may of changed since the tourist boom, but here is a brief glimpse into what a Balinese village was like in 1949.

Bali, Children of the Gods- Tempo Doeloe Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Travel back into time, and enter a lost temple, with the children of the Gods ready to start another performance. Enjoy

Bali,1932- The Giants Dance- Tempo Doeloe Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Travel back to a village festival and watch a Gamelan performance with a dance of the giants. Enjoy a unique glimpse into the timeless ancient rituals and performance of an ancient art form. Music- Traditional Gamelan

Bali, Indonesia- 1946- Dutch Troops Invade Bali-Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  The actual official surrender of Bali only took place in mid-1946, when a newly formed Dutch East Indies army had finally arrived on Java, whilst the embattled British Commonwealth army were slowly leaving. Java and Sumatra were at the forefront of a war of independence with Indonesian nationalists fighting the re-occupation of their lands, so Bali was effectively under the rule of the defeated Imperial army, long after their surrender, until one of the European powers arrived. This was one of the many paradoxes, of the Indonesian Independence War. Watch the series-"Indones ia, the Independence War- Part One /RTL8yXxIjF8

Bali, Indonesia-1950s- A Tooth Filing Ceremony and Temple Dance- Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali is an island were despite modernization, the traditions seen in this video are as common today, as they were over 60 years ago. Watch how a series of cememonies which are ann essential part of Balinese life, and the dance which is entwined in the thousands of years of history, that make the island of Bali's culture so unique today.

Bali, Indonesia, 1925- Life in a Balinese Village- Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali has often been called the "jewel of Indonesia," because of the islands rich culture, and ancient beliefs of animal ism, mixed with a Balinese style of Hinduism. These beliefs still maintained a balance between ancient beliefs, and the outside world, beyond this fabled isle. In 1929, when this rare film was made, rural life was recorded, and you can see how traditional village life was unique, despite the modernization of the early 20th Century-. Enjoy.

Bali Kuno in Colour- A Balinese Village Lost in Time - Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Return back into Bali's past, and explore a Balinese mountain village during a festival at a time before Bali joined the modern age. Enjoy Watch:Bali,the Island of Love v=-1RGIDgwHgM .

Bali, Indonesia- Balinese Temple Dance and Gamelan- Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Travel back into the year 1932,and enter a Balinese temple, where a mystical traditional dance is being performed, to the exotic rhythm of a village gamelan orchestra.

Bali, Indonesia, 1908- A Short Film- Tempo Doeloe

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali has always had visitors from afar, but few in 1908 had access to a camera that could film moving images. Watch an extremely rare short film of Bali, and enjoy traveling back into the start of the 20th Century.

Bali Indonesia- The Sacred Sanghyang Trance, 1925 - Bali Kuno

Add to EJ Playlist  Bali, is home to one of the most mysterious and oldest cultures in the World, which dates back long before the first century. Balinese dance is essentially a mirror of this culture, which links the Balinese to their spiritual roots.Join one of the most ancient and sacred rituals, the Sanghyang Trance, as it is performed to the mystical, and mesmerising beat of a Gamelan orchestra. Useful Source: http://en.wikip anghyang

Bali, Indonesia- Kuta Beach, and Tanah Lot, before 1935- Bali Kuno

Add to EJ Playlist  Discover Kuta beach, one of the most famous beach resorts in Bali, before1936. Explore the fishing village, walk on the sandy shore of the beach, visit the local people as they work and live, and take a trip back in time to Bali's real past in colour..

Bali, Indonesia- A Cock Fight in the 1930s - (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Add to EJ Playlist  Cock Fighting has always been a popular "Sport' in many parts of the World, and in colonial Indonesia it was often performed in villages,and cities. Attitudes have changed in the 21st Century particularly in the way we are beginning to respect animals and the nature around us, but for historic reference only, Timescape have decided to air this footage, but advise viewer discretion. Cockfighting is a very old tradition in Balinese Hinduism, the Batur Bang Inscriptions I (from the year 933) and the Batuan Inscription (dated 944 on the Balinese Caka calendar) disclose that the tabuh rah ritual has existed for centuries.[30] In Bali, cockfights, known as tajen, are practiced in an ancient religious purification ritual to expel evil spirits.[31] This ritual, a form of animal sacrifice, is called tabuh rah ("pouring blood").[32] The purpose of tabuh rah is to provide an offering (the blood of the losing chicken) to the evil spirits. Cockfighting is a religious obligation at every Balinese temple festival or religious ceremony.[33] Cockfights without a religious purpose are considered gambling in Indonesia. Women are generally not involved in the tabuh rah process. Source:http://e /wiki/Cockfight

A Traditional Balinese Potter- Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Pottery making like so many hand crafts was always part of the local Balinese culture, a skill passed down from generation to,generation, in the towns and villages across this fabled island. Watch the expert hands of a Balinese potter create an intricate bowl, which often was sold at the local market, and a treasured gift for the few tourists who ventured into this land of artisans. Enjoy exploring old Bali...... Useful Source: http://en.wikip alinese_art

Bali in the Year 1912 - Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Travel back into old Bali, by venturing into the island in the year 1912. Explore a village, meet the local people, and savour Balinese life, in another time. Enjoy....

Bali in the 1950s- Tempo Doeloe, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Explore old Bali, and wonder through the unspoilt Island, and join the local people in a mystical celebration of life, as they bring offerings to the Gods, and perform a very ancient dance, and gamelan performance, under the light of a new moon. Enjoy...

Traditional Dance Preparation in Bali- Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  Life to the Balinese is expressed in the intricate ancient temple dances, and preparing the dancers, became a living art form. Enter the world of Balinese dance preparation at the time when Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies. Enjoy......

The Traditional Weavers of Bali- Bali Kuno, Indonesia

Add to EJ Playlist  The women weavers of Bali continued one of Indonesia's most ancient arts, which date back long into Indonesia's distant history. Watch the intricate and artistic skills of the Balinese weavers at work, using the most traditional of tools, creating the renowned textile arts of Bali. Useful Source: http://en.wikip alinese_textile s

Bali, Indonesia- A Mystical Journey- Bali Kuno

Add to EJ Playlist  Venture into a real Balinese village, and take a mystical journey into a timeless world beyond our own. Enjoy

The Island of Bali in the 1930s, in Colour

Add to EJ Playlist  Take a journey back into time, and explore the unspoilt and exotic island of Bali in the 1930s. Wander through a scenic village, meet the people of Bali, and relax in the natural tropical paradise of old Bali. Enjoy....

Bali,The Island of Love, part one. Traditional Bali in the 1930s

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch, part two of "Bali, the Island of Love" /PYvL4VrqIvc "The Island of Love," is a mini-series from Bali, from the era of the Dutch East Indies, all Balinese cast star in this tale of love. Follow the love, culture and beauty of an island lost in time, through an epic tale, of life, love, and the beauty of one of the World's most mysterious and oldest cultures. Enjoy.....

Bali, The Island of Love, Part 3, "Sisters in Love"

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch Part One of "Bali, the Island of Love" /qGKBJOA38w8 Explore Traditional Bali through part 3 of "Bali, The Island of Love," as Poutou, and Saplak have both fallen in love, as this original tale set in old Bali, continues Enjoy, traveling into another time into the enchanting island of Bali.

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