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Battle of Monocacy Fiber Optic Exhibit

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a fiber optic exhibit designed and fabricated by FOSI, that is located at the Monocacy Battlefield Visitor Center outside of Fredrick Md. It Tells th...

The Battle of Monocacy - Fighting for Time - A Documentary

Add to EJ Playlist  Made in just two weeks for a contest done by the Monocacy National Battlefield to promote the park during the summer of 2009. Shot on my Canon Vixia HG20 wit...

10lb Parrott rifled canon artillery piece - 149th Battle of Monocacy - Living History - July 6, 2013

Add to EJ Playlist  149th Battle of Monocacy - Living History - July 6, 2013 It has been 149 years since union forces saved Washington DC by delaying the southern armies long en...

147th Battle of Monocacy (part 1).mov

Add to EJ Playlist  The 147th anniversary of the "Battle That Saved Washington" Battle Of Monocacy (part 1 of 2) See keyword "Civil War" for more.

The Battle of Monocacy, MD (9 July 1864)

Add to EJ Playlist  From the electrical map at the Monocacy Visitor's Center.

148th Anniversary of Battle of Monocacy

Add to EJ Playlist  The Civil War Battle that Saved Washington, D.C. In the summer of 1864, General Jubal Early led Confederate forces towards Washington, D.C. and threatened to...

Civil War - Battle of Monocacy

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a panoramic view of Best Farm at the Battle of Monocacy. Monocacy, although a little known Civil War battle, was highly significant because it litera...

Battle of Monocacy Trailer2.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  A trailer for my school project on the battle of Monocacy ACW.

Frederick Video Production | Monocacy Battlefield | Foundation Digital Media

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.foun dationdigitalme The Battle of Monocacy (also known as Monocacy Junction) was fought on July 9, 1864, just outside Frederick, during the...

Monocacy National Battlefield

Add to EJ Playlist  The Battle of Monocacy (Monocacy Junction) was fought on July 9, 1864, just outside Frederick, Maryland, as part of the Civil War Valley Campaigns of 1864. C...

Monocacy Battlefield Taps

Add to EJ Playlist  Myself playing Taps at the end of a ceremony commemorating the 151st anniversary of the Medal of Honor and the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Monocacy (J...

Monocacy National Battlefield

Add to EJ Playlist  Touring Monocacy Battlefield toward the end of the day. It's fairly small and can be seen quickly. Overall, it's an interesting visit but the park has an int...

deer and marc train fred jct monocacy battle field

Add to EJ Playlist  was filming the deer and marc snuck up and went into frederick.


Add to EJ Playlist  MONOCACY RIVER - Preserving July 9, 1864 - National Monocacy Battlefield - Frederick, Maryland - Battle on the Banks of the Monocacy River.

Civil war and monocacy river

Add to EJ Playlist  Essa é a trilha q passa por dentro desse parque.É bem curtinha mas mt boa de se fazer , e ela leva ate uma casa de 1876 ! É um paceio rapido e de graça vale ...

Aerial views of Monocacy Battlefield

Add to EJ Playlist  I took some aerial views of the Monocacy battlefield south of Frederick, MD and put them together in a short video on the battle.

Monocacy river flooding

Add to EJ Playlist  Flooding along rt 26 in Frederick, MD.

Monocacy River3-29-13

Add to EJ Playlist  2nd time out on the Monocacy. The bite is heating up.

The Deer of Monocacy Battlefield Pt. 2 (Frederick, MD)

Add to EJ Playlist  These scenes were captured December 27, 2010 out at the Monocacy Battlefield at 12-3pm on a Panasonic SDR-H85 HDD camera.

Monocacy river , civil war!

Add to EJ Playlist  Essa é uma parte onde tu sai da trilha e consegue chegar nessa parte onde um riachinho se encontra com o monocacy, lugar perfeito pra um banho de rio!

Destination Frederick County: Monocacy National Battlefield

Add to EJ Playlist  For More Information... http://www.NPS. gov/Mono.

Pastor David's Trip Thought at Monocacy

Add to EJ Playlist  The Monocacy battlefield has a 35 mile problem.

Monocacy Aug 2009 029

Add to EJ Playlist  Alex and Reesie playing in the feeder creek at the Moncacy River in view of Frederick Junction. Frederick Junction is where the old B&O Railroad connects to ...

Archaeologists use radar device to uncover slave village at Monocacy National Battlefield

Add to EJ Playlist  On the Best Farm, in the Monocacy National Battlefield, along the same north-south axis where the remnants of five other slave dwellings have been discovered...

Monocacy Battlefield HD

Add to EJ Playlist  A look at the Monocacy National Battlefield just north of Urbana, Maryland.

C&O Monocacy Aqueduct

Add to EJ Playlist  C&O-Monocacy Aqueduct Heritage Montgomery Maryland.

Monocacy Men - Men of Monocacy Valley Church

Add to EJ Playlist  If you are a man of Monocacy Valley Church - here is what you can be a part of!

Overview - The 2nd Battle of Winchester

Add to EJ Playlist  Ranger Kyle Rothemich presenting a brief overview of the Second Battle of Winchester - June 13-15, 1863.

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