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Satanism Fears Over Pope John Paul Blood Theft Sacrificial Victim Needed For Candlemas!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Italian police are hunting for thieves who stole a relic from a chapel which contains the blood of Pope John Paul II. The round gold relic was taken from a s...

MAYA 2012: Human Sacrifice and the Ancient Maya

Add to EJ Playlist  Dr. Loa Traxler explains the ancient Maya's ritual of human sacrifice and blood-letting and how contemporary media has skewed our perception of a ritual comm...

Vision Serpents of Maya

Add to EJ Playlist  This is me playing my new song Vision Serpents of Maya along with the Guitar Pro file. It's about a Mayan blood letting ritual ohh.

Wayne May — Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America

Add to EJ Playlist  Wayne May's two-part presentation at the November 2013 Vernal, UT Book of Mormon Evidence Conference. His incredible evidence leaves little (to no) doubt: Th...

Ancient Mayan Blood Sacrifice

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.amaz ct/0982682603/r ef=olp_product_ details?ie=UTF8 &me=&seller= Most folks know relatively little about the ancient Maya... But every...

Temples in the Promised Land - Book of Mormon Evidence

Add to EJ Playlist  "The honest in heart, who feel that the true Kingdom of God ought to have special and powerful credentials, and not just be another voice in the crowd, will ...

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