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Blue John Cavern Castleton, Derbyshire

Add to EJ Playlist  A quick climb up the stairs of the best Blue John Cavern in Castleton.

Blue John Cavern ghost hunting event

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face sticEvents Blue John Cavern has a history of death and folk law. We requested the opportunity of running an investigation for a team of would be investigators.. .

Blue John Cavern -- Explanation--

Add to EJ Playlist  Una caverna cerca de Castleton England.

Out And About: Blue John Cavern Castleton

Add to EJ Playlist  A look around one of the 4 show caves in Castleton, This is Blue John Cavern, thanks to our guide.

blue john cavern castleton derbyshire

Add to EJ Playlist  blue john cave castleton derbyshire on 19/02/2011 the peak districk.

Blue John Cavern | Castelon / Peak District / UK

Add to EJ Playlist  My Video from Blue John Cavern in Peak District.

blue john cave the peak districk derbyshire

Add to EJ Playlist  blue john cavern blue john cavern on 19/02/2011 the peak districk.

Blue John Cavern -- Entrada--

Add to EJ Playlist  Una caverna cerca de Castleton England.

Blue John Cavern -- El ultimo de la caverna--

Add to EJ Playlist  Una caverna cerca de Castleton England.

Radio Thax visit Blue John Cavern

Add to EJ Playlist  Very old video of me (Paul Thax), my dad (Cecil Thax) and our friend Tony visit blue John cavern many many years ago. All my appppologuize for the poor video quality but it very old! Much...

Castleton HD,2012,Hope Valley,Derbyshire Peak District,England

Add to EJ Playlist  Castleton HD,Hope Valley,Derbyshi re Peak District,March, 2012,HD,England ,อังกฤษ.Castlet on was mentioned in the doomsday book in 1086,Ambiom and Hundingr held the land of Willaim...

Castleton - Peak District Villages

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.peak districtonline. Presents Castleton. Any day tripper or visitor chancing upon Castleton for the first time could be forgiven for thinking that it's straight out of a fairytale...

The Ludwig Cavern Club Date @ The Bun E. Hut (featuring Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick)

Add to EJ Playlist  Legendary Ludwig Drummer and Collector Bun E. Carlos takes us through some of the features of the new Club Date kit and Acrolite Reissue to show why this kit fits in well with the rest of his...

THIS CITY by JOHN REILLY live at The Devils Arse (Peak Cavern) Castleton England

Add to EJ Playlist  JOHN REILLY performs his song THIS CITY live with his band at 'THE DEVILS ARSE' (Peak Cavern) The Band- JOHN REILLY (Lead vocals, electric guitar) Lewis Nitikman (Keyboards, backing vocals).

Fossils caves rocks and minerals land slip road Castleton

Add to EJ Playlist  A look at Castleton in the Peak DIstrict, the limestone with its fossils, caves and blue John in the fluorspar plus the glacier deposited shivering mountain and the land slipped road that was...

John Ireland - Concertino Pastorale II (Threnody)

Add to EJ Playlist  Another work by John Ireland, and one of my favourite pieces of his. From Rob Barnett at Musicweb: "Concertino Pastorale is one of Ireland's most touching works and this version has never...

Poole's Cavern 7th Heaven

Add to EJ Playlist  In 1998 a cave was discovered 17 meters below Grin Low woods, beyond Poole's Cavern, Buxton. Named 7th Heaven, after the 7th radar scan, 10 years on we look inside again to see pristine ...

Cavern Beatles - Norwegian Wood

Add to EJ Playlist  Eddie- (John Lennon) from the Cavern Beatles giving an acoustic version of this Beatles Classic.

Cavern Club - July 2nd 2010 - Simply Dylan by John O'Connell and his band

Add to EJ Playlist  Many thanks to John for welcoming me in his band to play piano on these two songs ! Special thanks to Joe who let me his very nice place on piano ! I'm very lucky to play with so great and...

Blue Suede Shoes - John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band - Toronto 1969

Add to EJ Playlist  http://gravityw ontent/lennonto ronto.html It was a pleasantly warm September afternoon in London circa 1969 when I dropped in at the Apple Corps offices on Savile Row — not...

Oöphoi & Louisa John Krol - I Hear the Water Dreaming (Full)

Add to EJ Playlist  00:00 - 06:41 The Narni Owl 06:45 - 17:13 Conversations Between A Wolf and A Firefly 17:21 - 23:47 The Hour of Fauns 24:00 - 31:00 Let the Nightsky Envelope Us 31:10 - 51:33 Cavern...

Jay Goeppner and Maiju Lepomäki (Loving John) - Beatleweek 2014, Cavern Club Front Stage, Liverpool

Add to EJ Playlist  And Your Bird Can Sing & Dear Prudence & The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill & In My Life Loving John (Jay Goeppner and Maiju Lepomäki) at the International Beatleweek 2014, Cavern Club...

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