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Full Album/LP! Bossa Nova - New Brazilian Jazz - Lalo Schifrin - 1962 Audio Fidelity

Add to EJ Playlist  Please watch in 480p mode or higher for High Quality Audio! Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a full listening session of this album, without the need to get up and flip the record! Now you can actually hear side two! This video was redone because I accidentally recorded side one twice! Thanks to "cedricsamson" for pointing this out. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- - 1. 0:02--------A1 "Bistro" 2. 2:31--------A2 "Chora Tua Tristeza" 3. 5:11--------A3 "Poema Do Adeus" 4. 8:31--------A4 "O Apito No Samba" 5. 11:22------A5 "Chega De Saudade" 6. 16:42------A6 "Bossa Em Nova York" 7. 18:37------B1 "O Amor E A Rosa" 8. 22:10------B2 "O Menino Desce O Morro" (Little Brown Boy) 9. 24:40------B3 "Menina Feia" 10. 27:07------B4 "Ouça" 11. 31:09------B5 "Samba De Uma Nota So" 12. 34:57------B6 "Patinho Feio" (aka Ugly Duckling) Credits: Bass - Christopher White Drums - Rudy Collins Percussion - Jack Del Rio , Jose Paulo Piano - Lalo Schifrin Saxophone, Flute - Leo Wright Label: Audio Fidelity Catalog#: AFSD 5981 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Country: US Released: 1962 Genre: Jazz --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----­--------- -------- Technical notes: Vinyl was washed in a 'Spin Clean Record Washer System' and treated with 'Gruv Glide'. Recorded from an Audio Technica AT-LP120usb turntable/Audio Technica AT-440Mla cartridge, into the phono input of a Harman/Kardon 330c receiver, and finally into an Onkyo Wavio SE-U33GXV USB Digital Audio processor. Recorded from my laptop using Audacity @ 24bit/48,000 Hz. Because this vinyl record is not in great shape, it plays with very distracting surface noise, so recorded audio went through iZotope RX's vinyl de-click & de-noise filter. These filters do wonders, with VERY little loss in detail. Aside from that, no other tweaking to the sound has been done! Exported from Sony Vegas in WMV format with the following settings: Audio: 2.3 Mbps, 48,000 Hz, 24 Bit, Stereo, WMA Pro Video: 29.970 fps, 1280x720 Progressive, 6.3 Mbps Youtube knocks the audio down from the above, to 96kbps in 360p, and 128kbps in 480p or higher. So make sure you watch this video in 480p mode for high quality audio!

Sandy Müller Live - Balla balla

Add to EJ Playlist  Sandy Müller live al Teatro 2 "Balla balla ballerino" 19/01/2010 regia Mauro Petito www.sandymuller .it o /sandymuller

Quincy Jones - SOUL BOSSA NOVA

Add to EJ Playlist  This is "Soul Bossa Nova" by one of my favourite musicians, the one and only Q. Everything © 1962 Quincy Jones. All rights reserved. (Uploaded on February 8, 2010 as part of my 2nd Anniversary batch of videos. Oh, and this is NOT a music video before you ask.) #QuincyJones #SoulBossaNova #BigBandBossaNo va Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement Is Ever Intended By This Upload.

Beatles - Across The Universe (Bossa Nova/Jazzy version by Ben-Ezra Sound Project)

Add to EJ Playlist  This is probably my favourite Beatles song. I was playing around with it and realized that the guitar really lends itself to a Bossa Nova-style guitar rhythm. So here we are! I am neither a bossa nova guitarist nor a jazz one, so let's call this "with added Bossa Nova flavour" to keep the purists happy. This is the first video following through with the long-ago promised expansion into recording electric guitar and styles beyond acoustic folk. Long story short - I had some issues with my home studio, but have since moved over to a Mac setup and am much happier (and more productive). Also - I finally finished building my Fender Jazzmaster, so it was a natural choice for this video. It can get a really smooth tone on the neck pickup...Leo Fender originally intended for it to take hold in the jazz market in the late 50's, though it never did. Have to admit it doesn't fare too badly though! If only YouTube wasn't still wreaking havoc with the audio quality of my videos...the guitar sounded cleaner on the original recording.

Latin Jazz Piano Trio - Bossa Nova - Fallswater

Add to EJ Playlist  I wrote this bossa nova "Fallswater" many years ago and have recorded several versions including the one on my new CD available here: http://www.lot2 Each version is unique, which is what improvisation is all about. ;-) Please visit my jazz instructional website at: http://www.lot2 for midi files, backing tracks, .PDF notation files and .MP3 song files from my new CD. Fallswater Original Composition by Roger Friedman Performed by: Roger Friedman - Piano Demetrius Steinmetz - Bass Ray Porrello - Drums More videos from this recording session can be seen here: http://www.yout yPorrelloTrio


Add to EJ Playlist  Baker, un músico de sábanas revueltas y dramática ingenuidad, tocaba en una sordina delicada y cantaba musitando, con una voz suave bajo la cual latía una casi perversa pulsión sexual.

ESTATE Jazz Bossa Nova Guitar Duo

Add to EJ Playlist  Guitarists Niromar Fernandes (acoustic) and Genil Castro performing the italian song ESTATE, recorded in 1999.

Instrumental samba music

Add to EJ Playlist  ARRABONA STRINGS - The Whistle© BALÁZS SZABÓ & PÉTER KAPITÁR-Guitar/ Playful song on nylon strings in the rhythm of samba Composed by Balázs Szabó Music&video edited by Gábor Fülöp&Péter Kapitár Instruments : Yamaha APX5NA, Amp : Roland Cube Recorded in Hungary / 2009

Shorty Rogers 'Martian Bossa Nova' on Frankly Jazz

Add to EJ Playlist  Frankly Jazz was a half-hour television program produced in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. Each program featured one or more prominent West Coast Jazz performer of the day. Frankly Jazz was hosted by Frank Evans, a leading jazz disk jockey of the day. Shorty Rogers plays 'Martian Bossanova' on this episode.

Last Train To London Bossa Nova and seamless pictures

Add to EJ Playlist  Last Train To London Eve St. Stones ft Massey Album : Jazz n 70s Pictures: Seamless Pictures Artist: Rob Gonsalves

How insensitive - Jazz Piano & . . . .

Add to EJ Playlist  "Bossa nova" is a style of Brazilian music popularized by Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and João Gilberto. Bossa nova (which is Portuguese for "new trend") acquired a large following, initially by young musicians and college students. Although the bossa nova movement only lasted six years (195863), it contributed a number of songs to the standard jazz repertoire. The piano is a Steinway B format Gigastudio, was made about the year 2001-2002 from Eastwest You can also visit my other new channel: http://www.yout noforte There I just start to make some tutorials for Jazz musicians beginners, and more :-) Origins and history The musical style evolved from samba but is more complex harmonically and is less percussive. Certain similar elements were already evident, even influencing Western classical music like Gershwin's Cuban Overture which has the characteristic 'latin' clave rhythm. The influence on bossa nova of jazz styles such as cool jazz is often debated by historians and fans, but a similar "cool sensibility" is apparent. Bossa nova was developed in Brazil in 1958 by João Gilberto, with Elizete Cardoso's recording of Chega de Saudade on the Canção do Amor Demais LP. Composed by Vinícius de Moraes (lyrics) and Antonio Carlos Jobim (music). The song was soon after released by Gilberto himself. The initial releases by Gilberto and the 1959 film Black Orpheus brought huge popularity in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, which spread to North America by way of visiting American jazz musicians. The resulting recordings by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz cemented its popularity and led to a worldwide boom with 1963's Getz/Gilberto, numerous recordings by famous jazz performers such as Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Abraça Jobim) and Frank Sinatra (Francis Albert Sinatra & Antônio Carlos Jobim), and the entrenchment of the bossa nova style as a lasting influence in world music for several decades and even up to the present. The first bossa nova single was perhaps the most successful of all time: The Getz/Gilberto recording "The Girl From Ipanema" edited to include only the singing of Astrud Gilberto (Gilberto's then-wife). The resulting fad was not unlike the disco craze of the 1970s. The genre would withstand substantial "watering down" by popular artists throughout the next four decades. An early influence of bossa nova was the song "Dans mon île" by French singer Henri Salvador, featured in a 1957 Italian movie distributed in Brazil (Europa di notte by Alessandro Blasetti) and covered later by Brazilian artists Eumir Deodato (Los Danseros en Bolero - 1964) and Caetano Veloso (Outras Palavras - 1981). In 2005, Henri Salvador was awarded the Brazilian Order of Cultural Merit, which he received from singer and Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, in the presence of President Lula for his influence on Brazilian culture.

Dave Brubeck "Besame Mucho"

Add to EJ Playlist  Artist: Dave Brubeck Album: "Love Songs" 2000 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Rest in peace, Dave :)


Add to EJ Playlist  Banda Brasil jazz trio, Trio de jazz e bossa nova . Lounge, Brazilian musicians http://www.bras http://groove8m Valeria Schwarz - Piano Johnny Frateschi - Acoustic Bass Vini Fernandes - Drums Banda para casamento requinte e qualidade musical para seu evento. Evento corporativo. Musico para cerimonia Formações de quarteto de jazz com saxofone Quinteto com vocal. Banda casamento festa eventos - www.brasiljazzt


Add to EJ Playlist  A Groove 8 vêm atuando em eventos corporativos e casamentos há 15 anos, tendo como clientes as empresas Cyrela, Century 21, Mercedes Benz, Corn Products, Lexus, Toyota, Natura entre outras. Desde 1998 atendendo a casamentos e cerimônias religiosas com músicos de excelênte qualidade. Vini Fernandes - Drums Valeria Schwarz - Piano Johnny Frateschi - Acoustic Bass

Dave Brubeck - My Favorite Things

Add to EJ Playlist  As sweet as a crisp apple strudel

sergio mendes mas que nada (cover) Anima Nova band bossanova jazz samba campania

Add to EJ Playlist  single from new Anima Nova's album titled "Embora". Download it from iTunes: http://itunes.a um/id530924180? affId=1108120 (where available) Masquenada Anima Nova band bossanova jazz samba campania napoli

estate bruno martino Anima nova bossa nova jazz band live napoli

Add to EJ Playlist  single from new Anima Nova's album titled "Embora". Download it from iTunes: http://itunes.a um/id530924180? affId=1108120 (where available) il piu bel pezzo jazz bossa italiano

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Audrey

Add to EJ Playlist  A Composition by Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond inspired by Audrey Hepburn with Bob Bates Bass, and Joe Dodge drums.

Johanne Cantara - Jazz | Bossa Nova

Add to EJ Playlist  Extrait du lancement de l'album Jazz | Bossa Nova de Johanne Cantara. Capté le 28 mars 2008 à l'Interlude de Joliette.

Original Latin Instrumental: Amaryllis

Add to EJ Playlist  "Amaryllis," an original Latin instrumental piece by Tony Spinelli, recorded with a primitive overdubbing rig and vintage analog drum machine in 1987. An interesting aspect of this instrumental is that the bass guitar plays the melody and the solo. With a visual backdrop of the Naugatuck River Falls in Seymour, Connecticut. To buy an mp3 of this track PayPal one buck to tspin59@yahoo.c om.


Add to EJ Playlist  Es una de las cantantes más talentosas y mejor dotadas del jazz argentino actual. Más información en www.worldmusicb

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Bluette

Add to EJ Playlist  Album: "Time Further Out" - Miró Reflections (Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Morello, Eugene Wright) http://www.amaz ther-Out-Dave-B rubeck/dp/B0000 02AAL

California Dreaming - Bossa Nova Style

Add to EJ Playlist  Enjoy California Dreaming performed by Rosa Marya Colin - Brazilian bossa nova and jazz singer. thanks to the photographers who contributed their images to this video.

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