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The Sweet/ Brian Connolly Interview

Add to EJ Playlist  It´s very, very hard to see.... Brian Connolly Interview HSH- THE OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD from The Sweet http://thesweet glamforum.yuku. com/directory.

The Sweet/ Brian Connolly Documentary

Add to EJ Playlist  It´s very, very hard to see... - Don´t leave me this way - HSH- THE OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD from The Sweet http://thesweet glamforum.yuku. com/directory.

Brian conley alive and dangerous, nick frisbee and larry the loafer.

Add to EJ Playlist  Brian conley doing nick frisbee with larry the loafer.

Brian Connolly (SWEET) Funeral (BBC South East News Report 1997)

Add to EJ Playlist  The BBC South East news report on the funeral of Sweet lead singer Brian Connolly from 1997.

Larry the Loafer - S4E1 - The Brian Conley Show

Add to EJ Playlist  Larry dons the Loafercam once again and Nick reviews When Harry Met Sally 5. From Series 4 Episode 1 of The Brian Conley Show (c.1995) This footage is for en...

The Sweet/ Brian Connolly Interview

Add to EJ Playlist  HSH- THE OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD from The Sweet http://thesweet glamforum.yuku. com/directory.

Brian Connolly - Lady (unreleased)

Add to EJ Playlist  I made this video as a tribute to my favorite singer, Brian Connolly, on the 5th of October 2012 (his 67th birthday). In his loving memory, a beautiful song ...

Dangerous Brian (Brian Conley)-Bus Stunt

Add to EJ Playlist  Dangerous Brian (Brian Conley),attempt s to take on two buses,the original VHS tape was a bit wobbly,but enjoy.

Brian Connolly Tribute

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm sorry there is no music on this video, but it's not my fault *sigh* R.I.P. Brian Brian Connolly (Sweet) 05.10.1945 - 09.02.1997.

Brian James Connolly. "Fox on the run" by Sweet

Add to EJ Playlist  Sweet4ever-The official Steve Priests Sweet European Forum proudly presents exclusive for our user: Brian James Connolly-15 jears old son of the seventies Ic...

Sweet - Fox On The Run - Sylvester Tanzparty 1975/1976 31.12.1975 (OFFICIAL)

Add to EJ Playlist  Sweet performing "Fox On The Run" on the the German TV show Sylvester-Tanzp arty from the 31st December, 1975. This version features the original line-up. Bri...

Brian Connolly & The new Sweet - Blockbuster.avi

Add to EJ Playlist  Brian & his band on The Bob Downes Christmas show on the 18th December 1990.

Brian Connolly Band - Live at Hammersmith Odeon Theatre 1983 -

Add to EJ Playlist  Sick and Tired Brian Connolly supporting Pat Benatar at London's Hammersmith Odeon on 22nd January 1983. Band Members: John Verity - Guitar/Vocals [ARGENT] T...

Brian Connolly - The Final Show

Add to EJ Playlist  Song from 2004 album "Take Away the Music". Written by Brian Connolly and Brian Willoughby. Recorded in 1979. Sound quality is poor, it's a demo recording......

Brian Connolly - Take away the music

Add to EJ Playlist  The single Brian have recorded a year after his departure from Sweet. It is just a relaxed song in country pop style where Brian, very likely, tried to "answ...

Brian Connolly Tribute - Sunshine Days

Add to EJ Playlist  In Loving Memory of Brian Connolly 05.10.1945 - 09.02.1997 This is Brian Connolly's demo, I don't own anything of this song. I just adore Brian's voice.

THE SWEET/Brian Connolly Hypnotized live

Add to EJ Playlist  Brian Connolly live präsentiert von www.Sweet4ever-

Frank Torpey & Brian Connolly - Sharrontina - THE SWEET

Add to EJ Playlist  This was the final song Brian Connolly (Glam rock's Sweet front man, and music legend) recorded before he passed away on 9th feb 1997, This was recoreded for...


Add to EJ Playlist  Sounds like the 'old Sweet' we know and LOVE. This is a pretty good song, worthy of being remembered on YT! Brian Connolly's SWEET - 1995 - 'Wait Till The Mo...

Brian Connolly - The Candle (1983)

Add to EJ Playlist  Apologies for poor sound quality but this is a very rare recording of Brian Connolly performing live at Hammersmith Odeon on 22/1/83 as support to Pat Benata...

Brian Connolly Tribute The Final Show, Demo

Add to EJ Playlist  In loving memory of Brian Francis Connolly (05.10.1945 - 09.02.1997) I don't own anything. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the sound, but I didn't find a be...

Silverbird - Brian Connolly

Add to EJ Playlist  R.I.P. Brian. This song shows what a great range he had in his voice.

Sweet - Play All Night (1979) Brian Connolly lead vocal

Add to EJ Playlist  "Play All Night" still at the demo stage with Brian Connolly taking the lead vocal. By the time the finished song appeared on the "Cut Above The Rest" album ...

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