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Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Polychrome Pottery Double Spout Bird Vessel

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a pre-Columbian Nazca vessel, a double spout & bridge piece. With three birds that look like they are laying down. It is in shabby chic condition wit...

Bridges Pottery - Ceramic Slab and Coil Vessel Demonstration

Add to EJ Playlist  I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( ) ceramics for beginners, throwing a bowl, wheel throwing, emily reason ,pot...

Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Polychrome Pottery Figural Face Vessel NICE

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a pre-Columbian Nazca vessel, almost like a pitcher. With a figural face, with a protuding nose and a gotee type beard. It measures approx. 4" tall a...

Creating a spout for a pitcher

Add to EJ Playlist  Demo for my class on how to make a pitcher.

How to Make a Pottery Tea Set : Pottery: Starting the Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Start clay wide when creating the spout for a pottery teapot. Learn more about creating the spout for a pottery teapot with tips from a pottery expert in thi...

Water spout tears through Coogee

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch as a water spout causes damages and injuries to a work place in North Coogee. Water spout tears through Coogee watched by Mrtodayvideos7.

4000t vessel loads Shoreham Barley

Add to EJ Playlist  Alsterdiep loading Barley at Shoreham by Sea. Please check out our other videos.

Water Spout in Denton, TX

Add to EJ Playlist  Drove up to my house in Denton, TX and saw this in the sky. Totally thought it was a tornado at first.

Iran 1963 Reel 18 of 25

Add to EJ Playlist  Cat. Reel 244 1963: Reel 18: Iran Silent/Color Kermanshah area. Hamadan. April 26-27 Clay grain vessel: note spout. Clay grain vessel. Crude loom. Weaving ru...

Stone Forest rough vessel fountain model #GB06-18

Add to EJ Playlist  Rough vessel basin with bamboo water spout from Stone Forest.

Clay spout demo

Add to EJ Playlist  Clay spout making is demonstrated by ceramic teacher, Ms. Skruba, at Del Norte High School. Credit is given to artist George Cooper for the technique.

Water Spout 2x Speed

Add to EJ Playlist  Awesome Water Spout forms at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL 07/08/13.

Waterspout Hits Vessel

Add to EJ Playlist  Port Fourchon Harbor Police captured this waterspout in Louisiana a couple days ago. The video was shared via the National Weather Service office in Slidell.

Pulling a Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Demonstration of pulling a spout for a pitcher. Demonstration and video by Rachel Dorn, instructor at Yakima Valley Community College. To see Rachel's work, ...

Green Man Water Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Available on line at http://www.spir itofthegreenman or the shop Tintern Woodland Studio.

Double walled vessel- Mellie Lonnemann-2010

Add to EJ Playlist  Handbuilding a double walled vessel. Recorded on December 8, 2010 using a Flip Video camera.

Teapot: attaching a spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Demonstration of fitting and attaching a spout onto a thrown form to create a teapot. Demonstration and video by Rachel Dorn, Instructor at Yakima Valley Com...

Water Spout Key West Florida Vacation F5

Add to EJ Playlist  Big water spout in Key West Florida. Crazy weather F5 water spout, cyclone tornado Key West vacation.

Man records water spout on Lake Winnipesaukee

Add to EJ Playlist  Dan Williams has spent 30 years piloting boats on Lake Winnipesaukee, but he said he never saw anything like he saw Monday evening.

Water Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Homemade water spout!

See Model Of Transport Vessel That Sunk In 1939

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out the monkey rope. Share my three youtube channels with family and friend for hours of viewing: Antiques, Cars, Tractors, Pulls, Fairs and so much mo...

FMM 2 - Dripping spout or sluggish kitchem and basin mixer tap lever

Add to EJ Playlist  FM Mattsson shows how consumers themselves can maintain and repair their mixers. The film is about simple everyday concerns such as dripping spouts, sluggish...


Add to EJ Playlist  m/v GUANG DONG BRIDGE Inbound, BULK PERU got out.

Water Spout at Pleasure Bay/Fort Independence

Add to EJ Playlist  We were sitting watching the aircraft landing on 4L and 4R at Logan Airport and we noticed this water spout. Very unexpected!

teapot spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Hand built teapot spout demo.

Water Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Large wouter spout at Missouri S&T's Expiermental Mine.

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