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Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Polychrome Pottery Double Spout Bird Vessel

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a pre-Columbian Nazca vessel, a double spout & bridge piece. With three birds that look like they are laying down. It is in shabby chic condition wit...

Water Spout Tampa Bay Howard Franklin Bridge HD Fishing video

Add to EJ Playlist  Hunting and fishing in Alaska From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fishing NymphingTheGard g Regional Alabama Alaska Australia Rockies Ohio Re...

Bridges Pottery - 30 second Promo -Ceramic Slab and Coil Vessel Demonstration

Add to EJ Playlist  30 Second Promo for Longer Video Follow along with Bridges Pottery as she constructs a large slab and coil vessel. Step by step learn techniques to improve y...

A large water spout has been spotted near the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Add to EJ Playlist  A large water spout has been spotted near the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

water spout tornado over atlantic city from margate bridge

Add to EJ Playlist  This was on saturday morning july 10 2010. looks like its over top of harrahs casino but i think it was really a little closer and over the bay pulling up wa...

Pottery Video: A Slab-built Spout | MARTY FIELDING

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is excerpted from "Hybrid Pottery" which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore: http://ceramica okstore.

cruise ship water spout short.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  Water spout less than a mile off the port side of the Carnival Cruise ship Freedom on Saturday May 26, 2012. Part of weather disturbance caused by Tropical S...

South Lake Tahoe California Paddlewheel Boat Cruising - Lakes River Paddlewheeler Ship Cruises Video

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch as the paddlewheel / paddlewheeler boat (Tahoe Queen) leaves the dock in the beach of South Lake Tahoe California and cruising towards its destination ...

Water spout hits during rush hour.

Add to EJ Playlist  " from the Weather Channel"

Pottery Starting the Spout

Add to EJ Playlist  http://teapotde Pottery: Starting the Spout Start clay wide when creating the spout for a pottery teapot. Learn more about creating the spout for a pott...

Throwing a spouted bowl

Add to EJ Playlist  Throwing a very simple "gravy" bowl.

Creating a spout for a pitcher

Add to EJ Playlist  Demo for my class on how to make a pitcher.

Randomized White 2 Nuzlocke EP14 - "Water Spout"

Add to EJ Playlist  This is Episode 14. I hope you enjoy it and like it and stuff... :3 Twitter - @SleepyJirachi @SleepyJirachiY T.

Water Spout 2x Speed

Add to EJ Playlist  Awesome Water Spout forms at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL 07/08/13.

Report: Water spout hits Harbour Island

Add to EJ Playlist  Harbor Island was hit by strong, damaging winds between 11:00 and 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Water Spout in Denton, TX

Add to EJ Playlist  Drove up to my house in Denton, TX and saw this in the sky. Totally thought it was a tornado at first.

Water Spout 7/8 Oldsmar, FL

Add to EJ Playlist  Water spout hits land across the street from my house. EEK!

WTSP in Tampa Shows a Water Spout Captured by a WeatherBug HD CAM

Add to EJ Playlist  June 19, 2013 - WTSP in Tampa Shows a Water Spout Captured by a WeatherBug HD CAM.

Little waterspout / Micro tornado started on Lewis lake in Powell River while camping!

Add to EJ Playlist  We camp there quite often, never seen one of these before. The lake is up in the mountains, and it was more or less a clear day.

Iran 1963 Reel 18 of 25

Add to EJ Playlist  Cat. Reel 244 1963: Reel 18: Iran Silent/Color Kermanshah area. Hamadan. April 26-27 Clay grain vessel: note spout. Clay grain vessel. Crude loom. Weaving ru...

Ship Loading Soy by Thor Global

Add to EJ Playlist  This 170ft long telescopic conveyor is ship loading soybeans at a capacity of 800 STPH in Ontario, Canada. Optional features include a telescopic discharge s...

Water spout

Add to EJ Playlist  Water spout spotted aug 9 around 1220pm in Gulf of Mexico.

Water Spout of Biblical Proportions

Add to EJ Playlist  For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@jukin Lifelong residents of Grand Isle, LA say they have never seen a water spout this big and powerfu...

Clay spout demo

Add to EJ Playlist  Clay spout making is demonstrated by ceramic teacher, Ms. Skruba, at Del Norte High School. Credit is given to artist George Cooper for the technique.

Water Spout 8/28/2013 6:44 A.M. from my phone

Add to EJ Playlist  Water Spout at sunrise Ft. Pierce Inlet Wednesday morning. Lasted about 10 minutes until it came on shore. Taken from my cell phone. Unfortunately I did not ...

Ship Hitting Land

Add to EJ Playlist  See this video of how a ship lost control and hits land though nothing was seriously damaged.

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