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Katka Venice Beach Black Booty Shorts

Add to EJ Playlist  Katka is on Venice Beach wearing booty shorts and she's barefoot and as she shows off her muscular calves.

Michelle Black Mini Skirt and High Heels

Add to EJ Playlist  This is Michelle's 1st muscular calves shoot. She flexes in high heels and barefeet and her calf muscles are in credible!

Holly BurgundyWife Beater BareFoot Seated Flex

Add to EJ Playlist  She sits in a chair and kicks her feet up on a low stool. As she flexes her super thick calf muscles, the camera gets nice underneath shots. Her definition is beyond belief.

Amazon Annie Shows Off Her Calves

Add to EJ Playlist  A little candid filming: Amazon Annie's got some great calves, and she took a moment to show them off during filming today!

Clean Wet Fun Calf Muscle Foot Fetish

Add to EJ Playlist  Just messing around...trying out the camera on my son's new phone. If you wanna see more, come check out my clip store..... www.clips4sale. com/68271

Tomiko Plaid Mini Skirt Flex

Add to EJ Playlist  Tomiko flexes her sleek muscular calves wearing high heels first and then barefeet. She's reps her calves in a variety of different positions being playful the entire time.

Hot Leggs Holly TV Watch and Flex

Add to EJ Playlist  I set up the TV so Holly could see her calf muscles as she flexes. Awesome full body and closeup shots of her sexy muscular calves.

She Walks and Flexes Hotel Hallway

Add to EJ Playlist  Following a sexy pair of calves down the hallway of a hotel.

Dana Check Out My Calf Muscles

Add to EJ Playlist  Dana shows off her ripped calf muscles and everyone joins in touching them and making comments. She also talks about http://herbicep with Laurie.

Brenda Smith Donkey Calf Raises with Kelly

Add to EJ Playlist  www.clips4sale. com/store/12222 Brenda does donkey calf raises with Kelly on her back. Her calf muscles are chiseled with every rep.

Glass Heels Walk

Add to EJ Playlist  Sexy muscular calves in the elevator and the camera follows her as she walks down the hallway.

Brenda Smith Pink and White Mini and High Heels

Add to EJ Playlist  Some closeup flexing of Brenda's huge world famous muscular calves.

Asian Muscular Calves 16 inches

Add to EJ Playlist  Kendra walks and flexes her sexy muscular calves. She Korean and says they come naturally.

Asian Muscular Calves 16 inches

Add to EJ Playlist  Kendra walks and flexes her sexy muscular calves. She Korean and says they come naturally.

Abbys Calves 2 Asian Muscular Calves

Add to EJ Playlist  More of Abby flexing her chiseled muscular calves outdoors.

Abby's Calves

Add to EJ Playlist  Abby flexing her huge muscular calves outside a restaurant.

Leg F**ker

Add to EJ Playlist  You are my devoted leg fucker, aren't you? Running around after me like a D.O.G. trying to hump my legs all day long. It's ok though, you can't help it. After all, you can't resist legs such as Mine. They have ingrained themselves into your psyche and you will never get enough of them, nor will you ever be free of them. You are an addicted leg fucker and you can't help but watch my thick legs on your monitor and hump your hand like you were fucking My legs. You can't help but fantasize over what it would be like to rub our cock all over my thick, curvy, beautiful legs. Buy the whole clip on 55773

Jennifer walking like a goddess

Add to EJ Playlist  Jennifer Delano coming down the stairs showing off her fantastic legs. Video from http://www.buil oduct.asp?id=11 5 Check out more videos at http://www.buil t.asp?catid=4

Jennifer walking away

Add to EJ Playlist  Jennifer Delano legs are awesome. I bought this video at http://www.buil oduct.asp?id=11 5. Money well spent! Check out more videos at http://www.buil t.asp?catid=4

Black Slide Heels Foot Fetish Calf Fetish in HD

Add to EJ Playlist  Sweet sexy calves and lovely lil feet pose in black slide heels for your pleasure.

Do You Like My Legs?

Add to EJ Playlist  I had such a nice time on our date! I am so glad you asked me. The most interesting part of our date, was when you let slip how much you really enjoy a woman's legs. No, don't be embarrassed. I want to show you my legs. My legs are very muscular. Do you like that? Do you like my huge calf muscles and my thick thighs? Would you like to touch my legs? Feel how hard my muscles are? Would you like to FUCK my legs?? Grab the whole clip at 55773

StubHub Commercial: Ticket Oak Couples Counseling

Add to EJ Playlist  Ticket Oak helps a couple reconnect by letting them know their favorite band is back together, and giving them tickets. Then things get interesting...

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