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Wesumat Soft Wash car wash at Murco

Add to EJ Playlist  Wesumat Soft Wash W92 car wash system with red and black polyethylene brushes at a Murco petrol station Satisfaction rating: Poor. Average wash and dry quality from a clearly neglected system with a poorly functioning top brush, and damage sustained by wheel wash brushes that activated at the wrong time.

Ceccato Advant Car Wash at Shell in Mumbles

Add to EJ Playlist  Here is a clip of a car using a Ceccato Advant car wash with red,yellow & blue polyethylene brushes at a Shell petrol station in Mumbles in Swansea, in the car with me is my sister's boyfriend Gareth whose car is getting washed in the clip. Previous car washes: California CK45, Tammermatic Ultra, Tammermatic Typhoon, Tammermatic Nordic & Kleindienst Esquire.

TammerMatic Ultra car wash at Renault

Add to EJ Playlist  TammerMatic Ultra car wash system at a Renault dealership. Satisfaction rating: Good. Wash quality was good, although drying quality could have been better.

DiBO Tammermatic UltraLux - roll over car wash

Add to EJ Playlist  DiBO plaatste roll over car wash Tammermatic UltraLux

Ryko Voyager APC Car Wash - Outside View (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  ~Replaced on November 1, 2013~ You will be missed, Great Voyager APC... R.I.P, 1995-2013 (Installed Refurbished) Sadly this was the last filament Car Washes in Sarasota, FL. Now, Sarasota only has 1 Trio and the rest are Select-A-Washes , Laserwash 4000/G5S's and a ton of Softgloss XS/Maxx's and some others. This is/was my favorite Car Wash EVER!!!! XD

auto car wash machine in tepo-auto

Add to EJ Playlist  tepo-auto car wash machine tunnel !


Add to EJ Playlist  schöne KLEINDIENST EURO-COMBI in Shell-Design vollprogramm

Greenline Premiumline

Add to EJ Playlist  Premiumline Autowäsche mit Konservierung

California-Kleindienst CK-45 E2

Add to EJ Playlist  Eine Portalwaschanla ge der Firma California-Klei ndienst. Man sieht hier 2 Waschabläufe.

Jumbowaschstraße in Salzgitter

Add to EJ Playlist  Zu Besuch bei einer Christwaschstra ße mit Textilem-Waschm aterial.

California-Kleindienst CK-45 E2

Add to EJ Playlist  Hier sieht man eine CK-45 mit einem speziellem Waschablauf.

California Kleindienst CK46 Doppelportal Waschanlage

Add to EJ Playlist  Ein wunderschönes Exemplar von einer California Kleindienst CK46

Christ Autojet C115 car wash at Texaco

Add to EJ Playlist  Christ Autojet C115 car wash system with black and red Sensotex brushes at a Texaco petrol station

IMO Car Wash.mpg

Add to EJ Playlist  IMO Car wash 2003 Finchley road

Ceccato Legend car wash at Esso

Add to EJ Playlist  Ceccato Legend car wash system with black and yellow polyethylene brushes at an Esso petrol station.

Wash Matic Car srl 10.m4v

Add to EJ Playlist  carwash autolavaggio mega tunnel TOTAL WASH spazzole filo Ok lcar wash

Christ Avus car wash at BP

Add to EJ Playlist  Christ Avus car wash system with green Sensofil+ brushes at a BP petrol station.

Washtec SoftCare Juno car wash at Total

Add to EJ Playlist  Washtec SoftCare Juno car wash system with red SofTecs brushes at a Total petrol station.

Automechanika September 16, 2010 - English

Add to EJ Playlist  WashTec at the Automechanika September 16, 2010 - English

Ceccato Vantage at Esso

Add to EJ Playlist  Ceccato Vantage car wash machine with red and yellow polyethylene brushes at Esso petrol staion

WashTec SoftCare2 Pro with SofTecs at Total Cove

Add to EJ Playlist  This WashTec SoftCare2 Pro with red and orange SofTecs brushes was recorded at the Total service station on the outskirts of Cove. We went for wash cycle number 4 which included a high pressure blast for starters followed by brush wash with more high pressure blast including the wheels with high pressure jets installed in the wheel brushes. So this is my first WashTec video and I plan to make more, a WashTec SoftCare Evo at a Shell in Reading, a WashTec SoftCare Pro at a BP on the outskirts of Farnborough and a WashTec SoftCare Juno at a Total in Virginia Water.

Waschanlage Christ Centus im HEM-Design

Add to EJ Playlist  Brandneue Christ Centus C 164 im Desing der Tankstellenkett e HEM. Sensotex, aber kein Dachhochdruck, Seitenhochdruck während der Wäsche!

California Waschstraße

Add to EJ Playlist  Hier sieht man eine California Waschstraße mit Textil und ein Trockenportal einer CK-45. Das ganze wird unterstützt von dem TTE-Tuchtrockne r.

California Kleindienst CK45 Waschanlage

Add to EJ Playlist  Standort Hamburg, ist vor wenigen Tagen demontiert worden.

California-ROHÉ C38 Doppelportal

Add to EJ Playlist  sehr selten,Californ ia-ROHÉ C38 doppelportal mit derben sound. da ich die anlage nur zufällig gefunden habe und ich meine cam nicht richtig eingestellt habe, ist die videoqualität leider nicht so gut geworden.

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