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Ex-Romanian Dictator Ceausescu and Wife Exhumed

Add to EJ Playlist  The mystery of where former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena are buried moved a step towards closure after survivors said an exhumation of the bodies early Wednesday appeared to show the remains of the pair. (July 21)

Nicolae Ceausescu LAST SPEECH (english subtitles) 1/2

Add to EJ Playlist  Nicolae Ceauşescu (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃesku]; 26 January 1918 25 December 1989) was a Romanian politician who was the Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, President of the Council of State from 1967, and President of Romania from 1974 to 1989. His rule was marked in the first decade by an open policy towards Western Europe and the United States, which deviated from that of the other Warsaw Pact states during the Cold War. He continued a trend first established by his predecessor, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, who had tactfully coaxed the Soviet Union into withdrawing troops from Romania in 1958.[1] Ceauşescu's second decade was characterized by an increasingly erratic personality cult, nationalism and a deterioration in foreign relations with the Western powers as well as the Soviet Union. Ceauşescu's government was overthrown in a December 1989 military coup, and he and his wife were executed following a televised two-hour session by a kangaroo court.[2] http://en.wikip icolae_Ceau%C5% 9Fescu

Romania 20 years after Ceausescu - 25 Dec 09

Add to EJ Playlist  The people of Romania are marking twenty years since the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaucescus communist leadership. The nation suffered the last of all the eastern European revolutions and the only one marked by bloodshed. And it was on Christmas day in 1989 that Ceausescu was executed. Al Jazeera's Barnaby Phillips travelled to Bucharest to find out how much of Ceaucescu's legacy pervades Romanian society today.

Reviled dictator Ceausescu now Romania's tourist draw

Add to EJ Playlist  Twenty years after his execution by firing squad, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu still attracts the tourists despite lingering memories of his despotic regime. Duration: 02:07


Add to EJ Playlist  Diana Magnay visits the spot where Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed.

The Fatima Mansions - Blues For Ceausescu (480p)

Add to EJ Playlist  1991 release from the album "Viva Dead Ponies" Courtesy of Radioactive Records

Nicolae Ceauşescu

Add to EJ Playlist  One day Romania's Nicolas Ceauşescu was just another strongman tyrant who even the western media said would take years to bring down even after the rest of Eastern Europe fell. Two weeks later his was relieved of his government duties. No wonder you don't see this on TV very much - they don't want the sheeple getting any bright ideas.

Eroul Ceausescu, Iubit Conducator

Add to EJ Playlist  A great song about a Great Leader. P.S.: I do not own any of these images.

Ceauşescu Palace in Bucharest

Add to EJ Playlist  Ceauşescu Palace, officially the Palace of the Parliament of Romania, Palatul Parlamentului, is the biggest building in Europe and the second biggest in the world after Pentagon. It is also most expensive administrative building and heaviest building in the world. The Palace was designed and nearly completed by the Ceauşescu regime as the seat of political and administrative power. Nicolae Ceauşescu named it the House of the Republic (Casa Republicii), but many Romanians call it the People's House (Casa Poporului). Video: Visa Noronen & Asaf Avnon

Ceausescu's Grave...(Çavuşescu'nun mezarı)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ceausescu's Grave in Ghencea Cemetery in Bucharest

Ceausescu execution ITN 1989

Add to EJ Playlist  ITN News report from Christmas 1989 on the aftermath of the Romanian revolution and the assassination of President Chauchesku and his wife

ceausescu history

Add to EJ Playlist  History of the ex comunist president of Romania. Nicolae Ceausescu brough Romania the comunist regim. He was killed along with he's wife by execution, after a trial in witch he didnt wanted to respond to any question of the judge, pretending to be judged only by the highest cort.

Nicolae Ceausescu-President of Romania

Add to EJ Playlist  Nicolae Ceausescu becomes president of Romania

Tour of Ceauşescu's Palace in Bucharest, Romania

Add to EJ Playlist  You have to see it to believe it. A guided tour of Ceauşescu's Palace (officially "Palace of the Parliament", in Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului, formerly Casa Poporului), the world's largest civillian administrative building. It is the heaviest building on earth and one of the few that can still be identified from space. The as yet uncompleted Palace measures 270 m by 245 m, with a height of 86 m, and goes 92 m deep below the ground. It has 1,100 rooms and currently houses the Romanian parliament which, however, takes up only a fraction of the available space. The volume of the building was planned the be 2% greater than the Cheops pyramid in Egypt and is second only to the Pentagon in the United States. The building is constructed entirely of materials from Romania. It is estimated to contain one million cubic meters of marble and 3,500 tonnes of crystal. 480 chandeliers as well as 1,409 ceiling lights and mirrors were manufactured. 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze for monumental doors and windows, chandeliers and capitals were used. It contains 900,000 m³ of wood for parquet and wainscotting, including walnut, oak, sweet cherry, elm, sycamore and maple as well as 200,000 m² of woolen carpets of various dimensions, with machines having had to be moved inside the building to weave some of the larger carpets. Hundreds of architects, under the leadership of Anca Petrescu, were involved in the project of building the Palace, which began in 1983. Its total costs were estimated to have been 3 billion euros at 2006 value. Many ordinary Romanians paid a very high price for the palace's construction. It required much of Bucharest's historic district to be demolished, including 19 Orthodox churches, six synagogues and three Protestant churches. Eight churches were relocated, and 30,000 people lost their dwellings.

Ciao Ceausescu (1989) English Subtitles

Add to EJ Playlist  The Dictator's Blues The 1989 Romanian revolution sang by the ghost of Ceausescu. a.k.a. Ciao Sescu (1989) This has been 20 years! Long live the Romanian Revolution! This Version includes English Subs. Enjoy! Lyrics: Othello Khanh Music: Bertrand Beuf, Franck Benhamou Directed and Interpreted by: Othello Khanh

King of Communism - Elena Ceausescu

Add to EJ Playlist  An extract about Nicolae's wife, Elena Ceausescu

Ceausescu and the revolution

Add to EJ Playlist  The revolution in Romania...Ceaus escu's death

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