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Effective system to grow catfish (clarias batrichus)

Add to EJ Playlist  the system is design by a company in malaysia. Wonderful.

Giant African Catfish In Land Close UP Video In HD Clarias Gariepinus Fast Growing Catfish

Add to EJ Playlist  The African sharptooth catfish (Clarias Gariepinus) is a large, eel-like fish, usually of dark gray or black coloration on the back, fading to a white belly. In Africa ...

Vecinos afirman criar clarias en sótano de edificio inundado por más de 20 años en la Habana, Cuba

Add to EJ Playlist  Vecinos afirman criar clarias en sótano de edificio inundado por más de 20 años en la Habana, Cuba.

Сомы аквариумные Clarias batrachus albino.

Add to EJ Playlist  Сомы аквариумные Clarias batrachus albino.

Clarias criadas en casas cubanas - América TeVé

Add to EJ Playlist  Arrebatados, América TeVé 4pm. Más por .

Clarias batrachus

Add to EJ Playlist  Tudományos név : Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus; 1758) Szinonímák: Clarias assamensis, Clarias punctatus, Macropteronotus magur, Silurus batrachus Magyar ...

Walking Catfish ( Clarias Batrachus)

Add to EJ Playlist  My walking catfish has been trained to eat blood worms from a feeding tray. Catfish is about 15 to 18 inches.

Locating and extracting the pituitary gland of African catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Add to EJ Playlist  Source: The pituitary gland extract is used in inducing the reproduction of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus). In order for the pituitary ...

[oЯBi FILMS] Coś o sumie Clarias

Add to EJ Playlist  Dziś coś innego... FACEBOOK: http://www.face oЯBi-FILMS/

Clarias - "WINOK" music video

Add to EJ Playlist  Download this song (WINOK) for free at: http://www.mysp The first single from "The Days of the Getaway" has been produced, engineered and ...

Big Catfish Albino Clarias Batrachus aquarium tank

Add to EJ Playlist  You can also watch my other Aqua Movies on my channel.

Pemijahan buatan ikan lele (clarias sp)

Add to EJ Playlist  ini adalah praktek anak2 fakultas perikanan diuniversitas swasta banda aceh pada akhir tahun 2013 :) semoga bermanfaat ^_^

Clarias Catfish Farm in Northern Thailand. (1080HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  25'000 fishes each ponds, total 100'000 fishes in 4 ponds for this batch. Age 2 months and 12 days, harvesting after another 10 days time. Starter fingerlings ...

Astronotus Ocellatus, Nigrofasciatum, Red Parrot, Clarias Batrachus

Add to EJ Playlist  Astronotus Ocellatus ,nigrofasciatum , red parrot, clarias batrachus.

Clarias performance on WFXT - FOX25 Morning News

Add to EJ Playlist  Clarias performs the song "Shine" on Boston's WFXT FOX25 Morning News July 2006.

Sum Clarias Batrachus

Add to EJ Playlist  Długowąs – Clarias Batrachus.

BIG CATFISH-walking catfish-clarias batrachus

Add to EJ Playlist  female 43cm/17inch and male 41cm/16inch.Its 2007.february fish-full 22month/bought 2007.june like 7cm catfishkids.

Fish in Thailand - Batrachian Walking Catfish - Clarias Batrachus

Add to EJ Playlist  Batrachian Walking Catfish - Clarias Batrachus - Fish in Thailand - see m for more details about fish and fishing in Thailand.

Catfish farm in Thailand - Clarias - Chiang Rai - HD1080

Add to EJ Playlist  31/03/2015 batch. harvest date set on 21/06/2015 Summer. 55'000 fishes.

A table!!!osteoglossum oscar Astronotus ocellatus silure grenouille Clarias batrachus arwana.AVI

Add to EJ Playlist  A table! ( osteoglossum oscar Astronotus ocellatus silure grenouille Clarias batrachus)

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