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WKBD Detroit: 1986 8 O'Clock Movie Promo: The Black Stallion Returns

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired in December 1986, here is a promo for the airing of the 1983 film, The Black Stallion Returns" The "Wednesday Night" referred to in this clip is for Wednesday, December 24, 1986. WKBD was a Fields Communication channel in Detroit, Michigan. This channel eventually morphed into today's CW50.

WKBD Detroit: December 22, 1986: Amyre Makupson News Promo

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired Monday evening December 22, 1986. WDIV at the time was an independent station in Detroit, Michigan under the Field Communications banner. Amyre Makupson was a longtime news anchor in Detroit, primarily at WKBD. Here are two clips, a teaser with the headlines and later a "Business Report."

WKBD Detroit: April 20, 1988 10 O'Clock News

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired on Wednesday evening, April 20, 1988. After a couple of WKBD promos, Glenn Ray and Amyre Makupson bring you the 10 O'Clock news. WKBD was a very popular independent station that by this time began to fall under the FOX umbrella. It eventually morphed into part of today's CW network of channels.

1978 Detroit Army Recruiter: Col. Ed Stokke

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired in the Detroit market in the summer of 1978.

1978 Detroit Highland Commercial: Salesman Brings Work Home

Add to EJ Playlist  Classic Highland Appliance commercial that aired for many years in the Detroit area during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Highland was a staple of local Detroit TV during this era and their commercials were always entertaining.

1978 Little Caesers Pizza Commercials: Detroit

Add to EJ Playlist  Vintage commercials for Little Ceasers Pizza chain from the summer of 1978. Who remembers when Little Ceasers was a sit-down restaurant similar to Pizza Hut? Allowed kids to learn how to make a pizza? Menus? Spaghetti? These clips brings back those memories. Fairly certain that this is Red Wings' play-by-play announcer Bruce Martyn with the voice-overs, several years before Little Ceasars founder Mike Illitch bought the team.

WXYZ Detroit: June 11, 1984: News Promos and Bumpers

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired on Monday evening, June 11, 1984. Bill Bonds and Diana Lewis preview the newscast and there are two bumpers with the station's call letters. WXYZ was and is the ABC affiliate in Detroit, Michigan

WXYZ Detroit: October 21, 2008: The Best of Kelly & Company

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired on Tuesday morning, October 21, 2008. WXYZ is an ABC affiliate in Detroit Michigan. As part of the 60th anniversary of WXYZ in 2008, the station aired a special celebrating the local talk show "Kelly & Company." It was the last of its kind in local Detroit television and it was aired during its traditional 10 AM time slot. Hosted by John Kelly and Marilyn Turner

WKBD Detroit: 1984 8 O'Clock Movie Promo "The Greek Tycoon"

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired in January of 1984, here is a promo for the airing of the 1978 film, The Greek Tycoon starring Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bissett. The "Monday Night" referred to in this clip is for Monday, January 23, 1984. WKBD was a Fields Communication channel in Detroit, Michigan. This channel eventually morphed into today's CW50.

News Anchors of 1975: Bonds. Kelly. Ackerman. Turner. - Classic WXYZ TV Detroit promo

Add to EJ Playlist  1975: Bonds. Kelly. Ackerman. Turner. - Classic WXYZ Detroit promo WXYZ Action News team anchors Bill Bonds. John Kelly, Al Ackerman, and Marilyn Turner appear in a 1975 station promotion.

CBS Young Dan'l Boone and WJBK News promo 1977

Add to EJ Playlist  A rare network promo from 1977 for the short-lived series starring Rick Moses leads into a news promo anchored by Joe Glover, as well as a WJBK station ident.

Fretter Appliance 1979 TV commercial

Add to EJ Playlist  A 1979 television ad from Detroit that dares you to try to better Fretter!

CKLW-AM ad, 1983

Add to EJ Playlist  TV spot for the Windsor, Ontario station's "Ryan Company" morning show.

WJBK Detroit 1979 Promos

Add to EJ Playlist  Two terrific promos from WJBK Detroit, first a high energy Eyewitness News promo followed by a history piece ending in the tagline 2 Together.

WKBD Channel 50 - The Nine O'Clock Movie - "Marty" (Opening, 1977)

Add to EJ Playlist  Here's another old local movie show opening - The Nine O'Clock Movie presentation of "Marty" on WKBD Channel 50 in Detroit. (voiceover by ??) Notice there are different opening graphics from the one we saw from February 1977. http://www.fuzz =2809 (also note they didn't have the animated Kaiser ID at that time) Also includes the animated Kaiser Broadcasting ID and a WKBD bumper slide promo for Liars Club at the beginning (voiceover by ??) This aired on local Detroit TV on Monday, April 25th 1977 at 9pm! (not Chicago TV, but still cool) About The Museum of Classic Chicago Television: The Museum of Classic Chicago Television's primary mission is the preservation and display of off-air, early home videotape recordings (70s and early 80s, primarily) recorded off of any and all Chicago TV channels; footage which would likely be lost if not sought out and preserved digitally. Even though (mostly) short clips are displayed here, we preserve the entire broadcasts in our archives - the complete programs with breaks (or however much is present on the tape), for historical purposes. For information on how to help in our mission, to donate or lend tapes to be converted to DVD, and to view more of the 4,000+ (and counting) video clips available for viewing in our online archive, please visit us at: http://www.fuzz dex.php?content load=donate

WXYZ Detroit: July 3, 1983: Steve Garagiola on Michigan Panthers sidelines

Add to EJ Playlist  Originally aired on Sunday afternoon, July 3, 1983. WXYZ was and is the ABC affiliate in Detroit, Michigan. Local sports anchor/reporter Steve Garagiola is working in the sidelines for ABC's broadcast of USFL football between the Arizona Wranglers and Michigan Panthers. Garagiola was working for WXYZ at the time and was presumably brought in to work this game. Steve interviews Anthony Carter, John Corker and Bobby Hebert and is also in the locker room celebration. Presently, Steve is working for WDIV, the NBC affiliate in Detroit.

WXON TV 20 Detroit 1986 End of Evening Sign off w "My Country Tis of Thee (America)"

Add to EJ Playlist  Summer 1986 "This Concludes our Broadcast" end of evening sign off for Channel 20. Includes My Country Tis of Thee (America) video made by Church of latter day Saints. This came from a Beta tape.

June 1983 WKBD-50 (Detroit) commercials

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are some commercials taken from a local rerun of the Star Trek episode Bread & Circuses from June 1983. Here's the lineup. 1. Star Trek technical difficulties bumper 2. Krazy Glue 3. Ark Surplus 4. Molson Canadian beer 5. Hardee's Fantasy Game 6. Taco Bell 7. Sony electronics 8. White Cloud tissue 9. Time magazine 10. Highland appliances 11. Alessio jeans 12. Red Lobster 13. Kleenex Softique tissue 14. Pizza Hut 15. Miller High Life beer 16. Flymo lawn mowers 17. A&P supermarkets 18. J.Roget champagne 19. Clearasil 20. Export Light beer 21. Wendy's hamburgers 22. Boblo Island Enjoy!

WWJ News promo 1977

Add to EJ Playlist  Wes Sarginson anchors this 1977 promo spot for WWJ News.

November 23, 1986 WDIV News 4 broadcast (partial)

Add to EJ Playlist  A short clip (from an overnight re-airing...joi ned in progress?) of the news from Channel 4 that night

1986 WDIV Go 4 It bumper

Add to EJ Playlist  Silent spot with the Go 4 It bumper during a technical difficulties period from November 1986.

November 23, 1986 WDIV All Night ending bumper

Add to EJ Playlist  The time for fun facts comes to an end for the night in this bumper from November 1986.

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