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Building the Chelsea Street Bridge - Sheave Lift

Add to EJ Playlist  J.F. White Contracting Co. out of Framingham, MA is the lead contractor on the $125-million Chelsea Street Bridge replacement project in East Boston, MA. The 450 feet span vertical lift bridge will have a clearance of 175 feet when complete. This video showcases the exacting communication that occurs between the crane operator and the project supervisor directing the men and women, from three separate teams to complete a common goal. This process would not be possible without their implicit trust in each other. Listen in as Joe Keaney of the Lydon Company directs Donny Caisse of Hallamore Cranes to lift and place a 132-ton sheave wheel from ground level to 22 stories above the Chelsea River and into a cradle with less than 1/100ths of an inch clearance. Safely and securely. The two 200 foot towers on opposite shores were completed in mid-summer of 2010. Production of installing the equipment and construction of the machine rooms for both towers have been with Lydon Millwright Services. Working with Hallamore's 800-ton Demag CC2800 crawler crane the second of four 18-foot diameter 265,000 pound sheaves were lifted into position atop the South tower of the Chelsea Street Bridge on December 18th, 2010. Remote Mounted Wide-Angle Cameras: GoPro 1080p HD Hero Handheld Cameras: Canon 1280p HD TimeLapse Camera: Canon 1dMark2 with 40mm TS Camera and Edit: Stephen SetteDucati Edited in CS5, QuicktimePro, iMovieHD Musical Score: brokenkites - 'As Birds to the Sky' Special Thanks to: MassDOT The City of Boston Local Operating Engineers Lydon Millwright Services Hallamore Crane Timken Bearings

Crane accident, LA gulf coast

Add to EJ Playlist  Loading crane onto barge in Gulf of mexico, barge and tug doesn't stay on bank, crane slides off rear of barge. No one hurt, amazingly

Crane Accident - Australia (NSFW - contains bad language)

Add to EJ Playlist  Aftermath photos can be found here: rEc2 Video of an accident that happened in Australia in 2008 at the Wesfarmers Curragh coal mine in central Queensland. The official report cited operator error, and rumor has it the operator was inexperienced and pulled the wrong lever and allowed the winch to go into free-fall. He tried to catch it on the drum brake but that overheated, exploded and caught fire as you can see. The dragline boom was being lowered for maintenance, and as you can see the correct radius hadn't been chosen to let the drag line boom clear the M4600-based Transilift boom. The operator suffered minor injuries.

Funny crane accident Ржака

Add to EJ Playlist  Crane rescue in Siberia. A discomfiture

John Deere Excavator Acccident, no fatality

Add to EJ Playlist  John Deere 270D Excavator accident. Slid down snowy hill. Tipped it back over wih a Cat 330 and a Deere 240D. No injuries. www.actionheavy

Hilarious crane accident!

Add to EJ Playlist  Crane workers drop their load!!! These guys are so fired!!

Crane Accident

Add to EJ Playlist  It's an accident!!!

Crane hits power line

Add to EJ Playlist  This boomtruck hit a powerline with his winch cable. I watched this video at an OSHA class. I'm not sure if anyone was hurt, I hope not.

Company Owner Indicted in Deadly Crane Collapse

Add to EJ Playlist  Prosecutors in NYC have announced manslaughter and other charges against a construction crane owner and a mechanic after a giant crane fell and killed two workers in 2008. (March 8)

Cat 992 loader Looking inside the cab

Add to EJ Playlist  Close up of the inside of a Cat 992 loader. Showing you all the lever.

Beijing worker risks his life to demolish part of a building

Add to EJ Playlist  Demolition crew in Beijing improvise to get their job done. I took this from my living room window. This demolition project is 200m away from the tallest building in Beijing in the heart of the CBD. As you will see the developer who has bought the land, Soho China, is knocking down the existing building while trying to save as much money as possible and with little regard to the safety of the workers. They need to get the job down as quick as they can with very few men and machines. The only way is to risk their lives ad as shown in this video.

Private video

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is private.

Cat 319D LN climbing onto rail car

Add to EJ Playlist  Caterpillar 319D LN climbing onto a rail car to unload crushed rock in Kansas City.


Add to EJ Playlist  It wouldn't be fun if everything went as planned!

Bad Day At Work

Add to EJ Playlist  Construction Site Accident Means A Very Bad Day For One Unfortunate Man

Crane Accident

Add to EJ Playlist  Guy dies in a freeway crane accident.

Destroyed in Seconds - Bulldozer Rampage

Add to EJ Playlist  http://go.disco n=ytdsc1&url=ht tp://dsc.discov destroyed-in-se conds-bulldozer -rampage.html An angry man bent on revenge builds a customized armored bulldozer to tear apart a small town. Check out more Destroyed In Seconds Thursdays at 9pm ET on Discovery Channel! *Offer excludes custom fan gear. Discount applied at checkout.

Waikato Crane Topple Fail accident

Add to EJ Playlist  Crane accident New Zealand, 200 tonne Terex All Terrain crane set up on a river bank lifting the second beam of the new Huruhuru Cycleway bridge into place, as the ground start to give way and the outrigger pads sink, before the crane could put the load down she goes over News Story links: http://www.vert s/story/10596/ http://www.vert s/story/10584/

Wrecking Ball vs. High Reach

Add to EJ Playlist  In August of 2009 I photographed the demolition of a pair of cold storage warehouses in Lowell, MA for Testa Corp. They were originally going to demolished with a wrecking ball swung from their 1971 HC238 Link Belt Truck Crane. When concern arose regarding the proximity of one of the buildings to neighbors on the right and powerlines to the rear they decided to bring their 2008 Komatsu 1250 PC with a Jewell High Reach and LaBounty Shear in as well. Although separate buildings, constructed two different ways, they shared the same footprint on the site. As machines and attachments arrived it became apparent that there would be a showdown of old school versus modern technology, The Wrecking Ball vs The High Reach.

Oh Crap!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  well I don't think that their boss was too happy!

Stephens Crane Accident

Add to EJ Playlist  Watch as the crane hits some power lines and eventually falls over because of the weight of what it was moving.

crane spins in the wind

Add to EJ Playlist  A crane in downtown Seattle spins freely in high wind. I'm told this is normal, but still freaky.

Crane accident

Add to EJ Playlist  last 10 sec. r thrilling

Skid Steer Demolition Gone wrong YOU have to see this one!!!!!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  BE WARNED THERE IS FOUL LANGUAGE USE IN THIS FILM SORRY!!! O.K this was the dumbest thing i ever seen men do!!!! lol They didn't see there was a crawl space of three feet under this vintage house and he was suppose to go straight through well as u can see that didn't work so well lmao!!!!

Close call for highway construction crane

Add to EJ Playlist  A New York state DOT crane nearly toppled over while handling cement barricades Wednesday morning along the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 at mile marker 17. Traffic was halted for about 20 minutes as work crews used another piece of heavy equipment to right the crane. No injuries were reported and no damage done to the tipsy crane.

Private video

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is private.

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