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Lucas Dixon: "Plans, actions and dialogue using linear logic"

Add to EJ Playlist  Speaker: Lucas Dixon (University of Edinburgh) Title: Plans, actions and dialogue using linear logic Event: Flowin'Cat 2010 (October 2010, University of Oxfo...

Pedro Domingos - Unifying Logical and Statistical AI

Add to EJ Playlist  Unifying Logical and Statistical AI Intelligent agents must be able to handle the complexity and uncertainty of the real world. Logical AI has focused mainly...

Douglas Armstrong - Bioinformatics meets neuroinformatics

Add to EJ Playlist  Speaker: Douglas Armstrong The University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics, United Kingdom Recorded at the Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh,...

3 Peace Building: Research Paper Presentation by Kajit JPB, PhD (Law) Student, Uni Edinburgh

Add to EJ Playlist  The Research Paper titled 'DIFFERENCE, CONFLICT AND PEACE BUILDING IN CENTRAL NIGERIA: TOWARDS A LEGAL FRAMEWORK' argues that the constitutional and legal fr...

Bharat Book Presents: Mexico energy report

Add to EJ Playlist  For more information kindly visit on: http://www.bhar gy-market-resea rch-reports/mex ico-energy-repo rt.html HIGHLIGHTS IN MEXICO In 2012, Mexico...

Andrew Hopper - Computing for the Future of the Planet

Add to EJ Playlist  Digital technology is becoming an indispensable and crucial component of our lives, society, and environment. A framework for computing in the context of pro...

Story of A* and STRIPS by Nils Nilsson

Add to EJ Playlist  Short history of the development of A* and STRIPS by Nils Nilsson for Coursera AI Planning MOOC from the University of Edinburgh. See http://www.cour

David Sterratt presents Retistruct

Add to EJ Playlist  Computer demo at INCF Congress 2012, Munich, Germany. Presenter: David C Sterratt, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland Retistruct is a p...

KITP Public Lecture Series: The Nature of Space

Add to EJ Playlist  For more than two thousand years philosophers, mathematicians and physicists have struggled to understand the nature of space. Kant studied the role of the h...

"Most People are Visually Illiterate" - Rembrandt's J'Accuse (2008) - dir. Peter Greenaway

Add to EJ Playlist  "Most People are Visually Illiterate" From "Rembrandt's J'Accuse" (2008) Directed by Peter Greenaway Screenplay by Peter Greenaway Starring Peter Greenaway a...

Lecture 1: The Keys to Critical Thinking

Add to EJ Playlist  Uri Geller. The Geller Effect. Two students attempt to bend a key with their minds. The problem of unplanned observation. Eyewitness testimony. GIGO. "As des...

2011-10-19 CERIAS - Ontological Semantic Technology Goes Phishing

Add to EJ Playlist  Recorded: 10/19/2011 CERIAS Security Seminar at Purdue University Ontological Semantic Technology Goes Phishing Julia M. Taylor, Victor Raskin, and Eugene H....

Intrusion Detection Technique by using K means, Fuzzy -2013 PASS IEEE Project

Add to EJ Playlist  Ph: 0452 4243340; Mobile: 9840992340; http://pandians Pandian Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd 2nd Floor, No 393 Annanagar Main Road Indian Bank Complex Ma...

Peter Hines: "Types and forgetfulness in categorical linguistics and quantum mechanics"

Add to EJ Playlist  Speaker: Peter Hines (University of York) Title: Types and forgetfulness in categorical linguistics and quantum mechanics Event: Flowin'Cat 2010 (October 201...

Hal Abelson on Computer Science Education

Add to EJ Playlist  MIT Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Hal Abelson speaks with Education column editor Ann E.K. Sobel about receiving the 2012 ACM SIGCSE Award fo...

Free Will: Illusion...?

Add to EJ Playlist  Read my webcomic: http://kaniraba xter.comicgenes Visit the BionicDance store: http://www.zazz nce/ Twitter: http://twitter. com/BionicDan.. .

Tessa - Exploring in SL

Add to EJ Playlist  Found a store and then pretty little islands around it :) rode a dolphin and a movie was conceived from there lol Music belongs to Artists, i do not claim ow...

Obscene Entity @ The Unicorn - 20.6.13

Add to EJ Playlist  Obscene Entity, Cythraul, Scutum Crux, Bloodwork at The Unicorn 20.6.13.

Native Kids Ride Bikes: Exploring urban indigenous culture

Add to EJ Playlist  Dylan Miner, assistant professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, talks about his exhibit "Anishnaabensag Biimskowebshkig ewag: Native K...

Alexandra Trampoline club( 16.7.2013

Add to EJ Playlist  The Alexandra Trampoline Club (ATC) not only contributes to the physical development of children, youth and young adults but also sees to the social developm...

Autism strategy launched

Add to EJ Playlist  New support for people with autism and their families was announced today by Michael Matheson.

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