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Elias - PART 1 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  It's Elias' first day at new school and he runs into Lari who starts bullying him, because he's gay. (Edit: Mari and Sari are Finnish girl's names) To keep you interested, there is going to be at least one love interest. Who he is, I'm not going to say. Don't wanna spoil the fun! ;) So that you can follow the storyline, I'm going to tell something about the characters that appear in PART 1. ELIAS: He's the blond boy at the beginning. He just moved to Helsinki to live with his father, because his step father couldn't handle him being gay. He's open about his sexuality. He lives with his father, granny, step grand father and his cousin Tale and daughter of his father's wife. TALE: He's Elias' cousin, the small little guy with dark hair. He pretended to be gay because he had a crush on Ida (smart plan I have to say!) and is now trying to make everybody understand that he is actually straight. IDA: She's the blond girl and Elias' best friend. Her mother and Elias' father got married, but her mother was hit by a car and she is now in coma and never going to wake up. Ida is dating Janne. JANNE: Ida's boyfriend and ice hockey player. Also a friend with Lari and his gang. Janne is actually wonderfully funny and smart character but it's almost impossible to translate anything he says! LARI: School's bully, who has been giving Tale a hard time. He has something against gays. Janne's friend and also plays ice hockey. ABOUT TRANSLATING:It' s actually very difficult to translate slang they're talking to English. I had to simplify it a lot, but I think you can still get the story. (This project has made me wonder how much I miss when I'm watching for example Germany soaps cos I can't understand Germany, lol.) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Elias - PART 2 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Lari wants to make a fool out of Elias, but he needs Tale's help. Will Tale hurt his cousin's feelings? --------------- --------------- --------------- ------ ABOUT TRANSLATING:It' s actually very difficult to translate slang they're talking to English. I had to simplify it a lot, but I think you can still get the story. (This project has made me wonder how much I miss when I'm watching for example Germany soaps cos I can't understand Germany, lol.) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Elias - PART 3 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Tale's being a jerk and deserves a worst cousin of all time -award. --------------- ----------- ABOUT TRANSLATING:It' s actually very difficult to translate slang they're talking to English. I had to simplify it a lot, but I think you can still get the story. (This project has made me wonder how much I miss when I'm watching for example Germany soaps cos I can't understand Germany, lol.) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Elias - PART 4 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias is hurt about Tale's actions. Lari sometimes uses the name Taalasmaa which is Tale's last name. The lady in the video is the grandmother of Elias and Tale, Helena. Elias, Tale and Ida are living in her house with her husband and her son (who is Elias' father, Ida's step father and Tale's step uncle). It's very typical soap opera family tree. :D Helena is very sensible and understanding grandma and one of those characters that never do something mean or stupid. I have to say that I really liked Ida in this episode. She can be really annoying and teenagery, but she really stand up for Elias. You can never have too many friends like that. :) I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Elias - PART 5 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  So that this part makes any sense to you, here's a little bit of background information: The brunette woman in this part, Cindy, dated Elias' father, Sebastian when they were young. Cindy got pregnant and didn't wanna keep the child so she gave him to adoption. Sebastian had no idea of what Cindy had done, because they had already broken up by then. Years later, when Elias was about 5 years old, Sebastian found out what Cindy had done and went searching for his son. He found Elias, and told him he is his biological father. Cindy knew that Sebastian had found Elias, but she wasn't ready to meet the boy. Little after all of this, Elias moved to Brussels with his foster mum and her new husband. Then, years later, he moved back to Finland to live with his father. Elias has no idea that Cindy is his biological mother or that she is living in the same building with him. Dami is the coffee house where the teenagers used to hang out, but it's now closed because of drug dealing. Amanda (the place where Ida and Elias are in the beginning of the video) is a inn and Elias' grandma owns the place. There is also a gym and a spa in Amanda. Cindy works at the spa.

Elias - PART 6 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias and his dad are moving, but not very far. Otherwise this part is mostly about Cindy. I know it has nothing to do with the gay storyline, but it's kind of relevant part of Elias' story so I'm going to cover it. It helps to understand Elias more. Again I give you guys a little background information. Cindy had her baby at the same time than Isabella. Isabella is the ex-girlfriend of Elias' father, Sebastian and the baby was his. Someone switched the babies in the hospital, so that Cindy went home with Sebastian's son and they went home with Cindy's son. Sebastian's son, Aleksander, died soon because of some mystery illness. Right after that Cindy found out that the babies got switched but because she couldn't bear the thought of losing her son, she didn't tell anyone about it. So, the baby Aleksander who died, was Elias' stepbrother. And so is OJ, baby living with Cindy, though Elias doesn't know about it. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Elias - PART 7 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Cindy's asking questions that Elias isn't so keen to answer. Elias and Sebastian are now living with Katariina, who is a surgeon and a good friend of Sebastian. Cindy's boyfriend is called Ossi and he works at the gym in Amanda. I didn't include the parts from the pool party, because they have nothing to do with Elias' storyline. But if someone is interested, Ida and Janne went to the party and so did Tale. Tale started drinking because Lari made some stupid jokes about his soda.

Elias - PART 8 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ida comes home from the pool party where Tale is drinking way too much and Lari is being Lari.

Elias - PART 9 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  What is going to happen to Tale? The man with the mustache, Seppo, is Helena's husband and a grandpa of Tale and Elias.

Elias - PART 10 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias feels like his father is against his homosexuality and finds out something shocking. Important! For some reason I don't have episodes from few weeks (episodes between part 9 and 10). I'm trying really hard to get them from somewhere because there was very nice storyline for Elias there - short maybe but nice. Elias had a crush on Joonatan, who is about 20-years-old guy and works with Sebastian at the gym. Elias starts hanging out with Joonatan and tells him he's gay. Joonatan is very supportive and Elias thinks he's gay too. One night they are hanging in Elias' apartment and Elias kisses Joonatan, who backs off very fast. Of course Sebastian comes home just then. Joonatan explains to Elias that he's not gay and leaves. Sebastian freaks out and Elias blames him on being homophobic. Joonatan is actually the guy with the green towel, "the eye candy". I'm so disappointed that I don't have these episodes so if you can send them to me or know where I can get them, please inbox me. (This is mostly to the Finnish watchers) Suomalaiset katsojat hoi! Jos teiltä löytyy jaksoja väliltä 28.2 - 12.3. tai tiedätte mistä ne voisi saada, pliis, laittakaa yksityisviestiä !

Elias - PART 11 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias is mad that his parents were lying to him. Meri is Elias' foster mother.

Elias - PART 13 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ida is missing her ex-boyfriend. Matleena is a new character. She's Tale's girlfriend and Cindy's sister. And here's the background information: Ida and Janne broke up awhile ago. After that, Janne slept with Heidi, who's about 20-years-old girl. Janne didn't tell Heidi he's only 15-years-old (in Finland the age of consent is 16). Then Janne and Ida got back together and Janne didn't tell about Heidi to Ida. Ida heard about them having sex by accident and was so jealous that she posted about it to internet. Police of course found the writings and now both Heidi and Janne are on trial about it.

Elias - PART 14 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Is Lari being actually nice? (Okey, nice is too much. Let's use the word nice after he starts talking to Elias like a decent human being.) And for the record, Lari is the worst mumbler ever! It's almost impossible to understand anything he says, it takes me ages to figure out what he's saying so that I can sub it. Articulation must be an unknown word for him. :D I'm sorry that the videos are so short. One episode of Secret Lives is about 20 minutes long so there isn't much for me to cover in one episode.

Elias - PART 15 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ida has a plan that Elias doesn't like.

Elias - PART 16 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias still isn't happy about Ida dating Lari and Ida is getting some shocking news. Maria is Ida's mother and Sebastian's wife who has been in a coma for awhile now. Katariina, who is living with Sebastian and Elias, is her doctor.

Elias - PART 17 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ida has to face the death of her mother.

Elias - PART 18 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  It's Matleena's first day at school. And we get to meet Cindy again! This might be the first part we see Elias actually smiling (2:34). Oh he's so cute, I just wanna hug him! Like I told you before, Matleena is Cindy's sister who is living with her nowadays. They come from a very religious family and they have super crazy father. Cindy left home years ago and didn't talk to her family for years until now, when she saved Matleena from their father. Matleena is still religious herself, Cindy not so much. (It's very soapy storyline, since Matleena and Elias are at the same age so Cindy should've had her son at the same time her mother had Matleena. However, Matleena seems to remember Cindy and her rebel years. ;) I have to say, that I dislike Matleena's character. I mean, no one can be that naive, right? :D Oh, the blond guy dining with them is Antti, who is living with Cindy's family. It's funny how everyone has a roommate in this show even though in Finland, mostly only students are living with a roommate.

Elias - PART 19 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  The relationship of Elias and Cindy moves forward and Matleena shows the religious side of herself. Thank you for all your encouraging comments everyone! It's wonderful to hear you're enjoying this show. It was about time to get Finland into the gay soap map!

Elias - PART 20 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias reacts to Matleena's accusation. There has been a lot of conversation about how you can find clips in YT that I haven't subbed and am I actually subbing the whole storyline or is there parts missing. This storyline started last December and has been continued throughout the spring. The parts I have already subbed are from December to March. That means there are clips in YT about Elias that I haven't subbed yet, and those clips are from episodes from April to June. They are going to be subbed of course. The storyline is in chronological order and you'll find eventually all the clips about Elias here with English subtitles. Because of the fact, that my channel doesn't follow the IRL schedule but is behind it, the spoilers are a tricky thing. They aren't actually spoilers since they have already happened, but because non-Finnish speakers can't understand a thing when they are watching the clips in YT, let's count all the episodes that aren't yet in my channel as spoilers. There are people that wanna be surprised and let's give them the chance. So let's try not to talk about what's going to happen so much but what is happening here. :)

Elias - PART 21 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias struggles with Ida dating Lari. Ässät and Jokerit are Finnish ice hockey teams. Moose is a local coffee house. Plus, I'd really like to know how Lari knows what gays smell like. ;)

Elias - PART 22 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias and Janne have a plan. Personally I find it very strange that Ida had the nerve to call Janne selfish. Look yourself in the mirror, sweetheart! She's the best friend of Elias but she hasn't been acting like it lately. Who actually starts dating someone who bullies his friends? I know a lot of you guys give a hard time to Lari the homophobic jerk (and he deserves all of that!) but I really think that Ida should have a part of that. She's unbelievable, the worst friend ever! She barely even blink when Elias told her Lari messed up his stuff. And even after all of this Elias is thinking that Lari isn't good enough for Ida. Talk about unselfish!

Elias - PART 23 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Janne ruins the master plan, but Elias decides to help him again to get Ida back.

Elias - PART 24 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ida wants Lari to get along with her friends. (Tale's grandpa Seppo has stopped drinking so Helena, Tale and Ida are moving back home from the inn.)

Elias - PART 25 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias is feeling lonely so Janne decides to be a matchmaker. So lets say hello to Ville! Oh, and I'm sure that Elias/Janne shippers are gonna enjoy this episode. ;)

Elias - PART 26 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Elias thinks Cindy has problems and Tale, Elias and Matleena try to find an outfit for masquerade party. Antti is the roommate of Cindy and he is now accused of raping Ossi's niece. Some background information: I told you before that Cindy's and Sebastian's babies got switched at the hospital when they were born. Only person knowing this is Cindy. Ossi, Cindy's boyfriend, used to date Jenni, who was Cindy's co-worker. When they were on a break, Cindy and Ossi got together and Cindy got pregnant. She wanted to keep the baby and Ossi was also very excited about the pregnancy, even though he was dating Jenni again. Jenni wasn't dealing with the situation very well, and got really mad when Ossi finally left her to be with Cindy. She wanted revenge and switched the babies. Jenni felt very guilty about it and tried to told Cindy and Ossi. She even wrote a letter, but never had guts to give it to them. Then Alexander died and she couldn't bear it, knowing it was actually Cindy's baby, and told her everything. Right after that Jenni left and no one ever saw her again. Jenni used to live with Katariina and when she left, Sebastian and Elias moved in.

Elias - PART 27 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  More baby drama! And some funeral planning. Ida's letter to her mum actually rhymed in Finnish, but I just couldn't translate it that way. So it's not actually as horrible as it sounds in English. There is very little of Elias in the video, but it felt so stupid not to include Matleena and Cindy's conversation just because Elias wasn't there. Oh, and I also wanted to include the graveyard scene with Sebastian and Isabella, because I think it was a nice touch - you're kind of on Cindy's side at first, but then you get to see it the other way around and you're not so sure anymore. And because I'm sure you're wondering, yes, there is soon gonna be an episode that is about Elias and his storyline, not Ida's/Cindy's/J anne's/Matleena 's etc. :)

Elias - PART 28 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Ville is back! (Ossi finding the letter story continues on an episode that didn't include Elias at all, that's why I didn't sub it. Anyway, Cindy said that the letter was Matleena's and that she got it from some boy. End of drama.)

Elias - PART 30 (English subtitles)

Add to EJ Playlist  Lari and Janne have an important hockey game and Elias and Ville decide to teach Lari a lesson. (Bad boy, Elias!) So here we go again! I'm so so sorry for the wait. I broke my laptop and I just got it back yesterday. It's also the reason why I haven't commented any of your questions, it's been very offline few weeks for me (and since my car also broke down, it's been very expensive weeks too, lol). But I hope you enjoy the part 30, the story is getting more and more exciting. :)

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