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Weekly Tweetly: Grocery Store Turtle

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen found some more hilarious tweets, including one that gives an excellent plan for becoming a grocery store turtle. You can follow these tweeters in the links below, and make sure you're following Ellen, because she's giving away her 12 Days of Giveaways on Twitter every day! @sucittaM http://www.twit M @LouisPeitzman http://www.twit itzman @hell_homer http://www.twit mer @NerdsnWhey http://www.twit hey @trumpetcake http://www.twit cake

Holiday Pringles

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen found some very special products for the holidays and discussed them in her monologue.holid ays and discussed them in her monologue.

Bad Holiday Photos: Christmas Balls

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen's got a great new batch of photos, including one that a viewer saw and said she "instantly thought of Ellen." You'll have to see it to believe it!

Holiday Eating

Add to EJ Playlist  The holidays are a time for family and togetherness, and lots and lots of eating. Ellen experienced it firsthand.

Weekly Tweetly Roundup: Depressed Cats

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen's Twitter fans have been up to some funny stuff! She shared some of her favorite tweets in her weekly tweetly roundup, including one about a cat who's been going through a difficult time. Follow our Weekly Tweeters here! @robinmccauley http://www.twit cauley @smethanie http://www.twit ie @jenstatsky http://www.twit sky @JohnnyMcnulty http://www.twit cnulty @thethryll http://www.twit ll @rolldiggity http://www.twit gity

Special Gifts from Fans

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen received some very interesting presents from viewers over the holidays, and wanted to share them with you. Who wouldn't enjoy a duct tape likeness of your head as a purse?

New Year's Resolutions

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen discussed her resolutions for the year, and found some of yours on Facebook! Check it out.

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Private video

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Clumsy Thumbsy: On Erection

Add to EJ Playlist  Nobody likes it when their phone autocorrects a word to something else, especially when they turn out like these! Check out this hilarious new batch of photos for Ellen's segment, Clumsy Thumbsy. Then check out all of Ellen's Clumsy Thumbsy photos here! http://www.elle he-show/583/

Weekly Tweetly Roundup: No 'I' in Anxiety

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen's tweeters are at it again! Check out these hilarious tweets from some of Ellen's favorite followers. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter! @kramediggles http://twitter. com/kramediggle s @jonaspolsky http://twitter. com/jonaspolsky @DavidKlein5 http://twitter. com/DavidKlein5 @ElizaBayne http://twitter. com/ElizaBayne @badbanana http://twitter. com/badbanana

Dress for Sale

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen saw this photo of a dress for sale on eBay... with a little something extra in the background. Oh dear!

Ellen's Got Birthday Gifts!

Add to EJ Playlist  You made them and sent them in, and Ellen received them! Here's another round of Ellen sculptures that viewers sent in for her big day. If you've got a bust of Ellen you're busting to send her, do it right here!

Weekly Tweetly: Did You Have Salad?

Add to EJ Playlist  Ellen's tweeters are at it again! Check out this week's hilarious tweets, and follow these tweeters right here! @mattwhitlockPM http://www.twit tlockPM @hudsondickches t http://www.twit ickchest @juliussharpe http://www.twit harpe @msemilymccombs http://www.twit mccombs

What's Wrong With These Photos? Man in the Mirror

Add to EJ Playlist  You sent in so many hilarious photos, it was time for another round of Ellen's favorite segment "What's Wrong with These Photos? Photos"! Check out these crazy pictures, and then see the rest of Ellen's gallery here! http://photos.e llen.warnerbros .com/galleries/ whats_wrong_wit h_these_photos   And if you have a photo like these that Ellen should see, send it to us here! http://www.elle he-show/229/

Ellen's Birthday Busts

Add to EJ Playlist  She asked you for them, and you delivered! Ellen received over 200 busts of herself for her birthday. She reviewed some of her favorites on the show.

Surprise! It's Katy Perry!

Add to EJ Playlist  One of Ellen's favorite people was here to surprise her for her birthday, and was in rare form! Check out her exciting turn as a game show host, and see who won a trip to Australia! Then, find out how you can win a trip to Australia here!

Ellen, Here's My Talent!

Add to EJ Playlist  She asked to see your talent, and viewers sent it in! Ellen showed some of the video submissions she's received for her contest "Ellen, Here's My Talent!" The winner is going to take home $10,000! If you have a talent to show Ellen, send it to her, here!

The World Wide Web of Dating

Add to EJ Playlist  There's a new study that says this is the busiest season for online dating! Ellen weighed in during her monologue.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Add to EJ Playlist  The power went out in the Superdome during the Super Bowl, and Ellen couldn't help but remember a similar experience on the show. Has she found the culprit behind the blackout?

Calvin Klein Model Matt Terry Strips Down

Add to EJ Playlist  The very handsome star of the Calvin Klein Super Bowl commercial was here to meet Ellen, and to show off the goods!

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Private video

Add to EJ Playlist  This video is private.

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