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Juan Vásquez - Tales ollos como los vosos

Add to EJ Playlist  Intérpretes: SECRETVM Juan Vásquez (Badajoz, 1500 - Sevilla, 1560) Tales ollos como los vosos nan os ay en Portugal. Todo Portugal andey, nunca tales ollos achey. Tales ojos como los vuestros no los hay en Portugal. Todo Portugal anduve, nunca tales ojos encontré.

Esta montanya d' enfrente - Anónimo sefardí

Add to EJ Playlist  Intérpretes/Per formers: Ensemble Accentus Esta montanya d'enfrente, s'aciende y va quemando, allí pedrí al mi amor, m'asento y vo llorando. Arvolico de menekhse, yo lo ensembrí en mi huerta, yo lo crecí y lo engrandecí, otros s'están gozando. Secretos quero descuvrir, secretos de mi vida, el cielo quero por papel, la mar quero por tinta. Los árvoles por péndola, para 'scrivir mis males, no hay quen sepa mi dolor, ni ajenos ni parientes. This mountain in front is on fire and burning. There I sought my love: I sit down and sweep. Flowering tree, that I keep in my garden, that I grew and nurtured, others now enjoy it. I would discover secrets, secrets of my life. I would have the sky for paper, the sea I would have for ink. The trees for pen to write of my ills. No-one knows of my sorrow, neither strangers nor kin.

20 Awesome Folk Metal Instrumentals \m/

Add to EJ Playlist  part II (another 20) here: /HvC4J1mppQc songs: 0:00 Turisas - Katuman Kaiku 1:35 Nomans Land - Ale 2:20 Athlos - In the Vineyards of Dionysus 2:50 Weeping Twilight - ...Chadziem My Da Piakielnaj Bramy [outro] 3:55 Slechtvalk - The Falcon's Flight 4:55 Holy Blood - Meeting the Sunrise 6:50 Nachtgeschrei - Na Sdorowje! 8:20 Korpiklaani - Pellonpekko 9:50 Suidakra - Dead Man's Reel 10:45 Nomans Land - At the Odin's Feast 12:15 Литвинтролл - Лысы Верабей 13:35 Fimbulthier - Fimbulthier - Prolog 15:10 Martolea - Răsăritul Lunii 16:35 Falkenbach - Gjallar 18:15 DvärG - Инструментал 19:25 Литвинтролл - Змрочнасць 21:00 Лешак - Мельница 22:15 Celtibeerian - AnDro (folk song) 23:15 Shaman - Mu Sieiddi (Part III) 24:15 Изморозь - Славяне

FolkStone - Sgangogatt (full album)

Add to EJ Playlist  Sgangogatt (2011) - Album Instrumental de gaitas Lista de canciones: 1º La ballata del Diavolo 0:01 2º La danza della Marmaglia 3º Pantoletta 4º Mit Dans 5º Avanti! 6º Gigo 7º Oro se vie 8º Igni Gena 9º Luppulus in Fabula 10º Le bal de I'Ours 11º Sgangogatt 12º Ol Mesciòt 13º Stella Splendens

Amazing Oriental Music - HD - FARAN ENSEMBLE

Add to EJ Playlist  check out our new website :http://faran-e For more music : Stay in touch with our facebook page : https://www.fac /Faran-... Faran Ensemble is a three player group, who joined each other in a spiritual quest, expressed in music and sounds. It has been years now that these players have deeply engaged themselves in studying the musical instruments and the theory of music with the best teachers in the country and abroad. The instruments played originate from esoteric and ancient traditions of the East. KAMANTCHE is an ancient musical instrument whose origins are rooted in Azerbaijan. OUD, one of the most ancient string instruments, is found anywhere it is customary to have very strong and dark tea in a small cup. The Percussion which have been in use since the first human heartbeat. The ensemble members grew up and come from different places, backgrounds and sceneries. From the very dry desert to the luscious green through the hectic noisy city sounds. The composed works reflect all of these as they were composed together by the four ensemble members. Both the composition-wor ks and the musicians are deeply influenced by the Eastern musical system called 'Maqam' . Maqam in translation means all at once a physical place in the musical scale, the fingers' placing on the strings and the melody which expresses this. But more than that, 'Maqam' refers to a meditative place. A state that the player must be attended so the music will be played as it should be. In ancient cultures each Maqam has its own particular hour in the day, season and a specific ceremonial connection. Faran, is a dry desert wadi, which fills with water and life only in rainy winters; and in the hot season, otherwise silent. It crosses Israel on its way from Sinai, ignoring all borders. Music for us is a journey. Join us..

Finvarra - Kelpie/Cliffs of Moher

Add to EJ Playlist  Band: Finvarra Album: Finvarra Genre: Folk / Celtic / Oriental Country: Netherlands Year: 2013 Get it here: * http://www.etsy .com/nl/listing /154787301/finv arra-cd Websites: * http://www.finv * https://www.fac rramusic * http://www.yout nvarramusic * https://myspace .com/finvarramu sic * http://www.reve nvarra - Enter the world of Finvarra - a dark, dreamy field of sound that at times feels like it has no beginning or end. A sound in search of a description - Oriental Celtic best fits the bill. In this first self-titled album, Finvarra demonstrate that they bring a special element and approach to their love of Celtic music. They transform familiar tunes into new and exotic experiences. They interweave traditional music with 'progressive rock' songs from the 1970s including the Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin) and Kelpie (Jethro Tull). Their music is a journey and the listener gets carried along with them on its wave. 'We are a small band of travelling musicians trying to fit into the modern world who keep on travelling and making music whenever and wherever they can." Finvarra first began to play together in Leiden, The Netherlands, two years ago and have been playing together ever since. Members: Patrick Broekema, Dieke Elfring, Corné van Woerdekom, Gwendolyn Snowdon --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----- Kelpie/Cliffs of Moher is a strong opening number which combines Jethro Tull's song with a traditional Irish tune. Powerful guitar blended with Dieke's sonorous voice immediately captures our attention. As with so many of Finvarra's repertoire, this song has a chorus that's easy to remember and join in. --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----- Lyrics: There was a warm wind with the high tide on the south of the hill. When a young girl went a-walking and I followed with a will. "Good day to you, my fine young lady, with your lips so sweetly full. May I help you comb your long hair, sweep it from that brow so cool?" Up, ride with the kelpie. I'll steal your soul to the deep. If you don't ride with me while the devil's free I'll ride with somebody else. Well I'm a man when I'm feeling the urge to step ashore. So I may charm you not alarm you. Tell you all fine things, and more. Up, ride with the kelpie. I'll steal your soul to the deep. If you don't ride with me while the devil's free I'll ride with somebody else. Say goodbye to all your dear kin for they hate to see you go in your young prime, to this place of mine in the still loch far below. Up, ride with the kelpie. I'll steal your soul to the deep. If you don't ride with me while the devil's free I'll ride with somebody else. - - -

Shab - Emad Ameri [Official Video]

Add to EJ Playlist  "Based one three Iranian folk song from: Gilan-Khorasan- Kurdistan" Music & Arrangement: Amir Azimi Video by: Sepehrdad Yamini Mix & Mastering: Arash Pakzad Produced by: Emad Ameri - Amir Azimi www.emad-ameri. com www.amir-azimi. com m/ icial m/ icialpage Soundcloud links for Download: https://soundcl imi/shab-emad-a meri https://soundcl akzad/emad-amer i-shab

Interzone - Live At Paris

Add to EJ Playlist  L'Interzone ne figure sur aucune carte, c'est une invention du romancier William Burroughs, décrite dans son chef d'œuvre, Le Festin Nu. C'est pourtant le pays dont le guitariste Serge Teyssot-Gay et le oudiste Khaled Al Jaramani agitent le drapeau. The guitar player Serge Teyssot Gay met Khaled Al Jaramani who plays the oud in 2002. Extrait de leur concert à la Mix Box - Musiques, cinéma, BD... Mondomix est aujourd'hui le media incontournable pour suivre l'actualité des cultures du monde entier. Notre équipe réalise chaque semaine de nouvelles vidéos pour vous faire découvrir des artistes d'avenir et vous faire vibrer aux sons d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.

OMNIA - "Earth Warrior" - sneak peek bootleg live recording

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a short sketch version of "Earth Warrior" one of the new OMNIA songs currently being written (to be released in april 2014)... a 100% acoustic live recording of SteveSic and Jenny of OMNIA with backing vocals by special house-guests Errol, Flynn and Pip (three orphaned wild finches who are currently being raised by Stenny)...this clip was filmed and recorded spontaniously by Erwin and Michelle in Stenny's front room in june 2013... Be an Earth Warrior! let's fight for this planet and her Children and make a positive change! XXX Stenny ... dedicated in loving memory to "Kleinstein" our little feathered friend who didn't make it... For more info visit us at: http://www.worl or connect via Facebook: http://www.face fomnia Music Steve Sic & Jenny Evans van der Harten All music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2012

Epic Persian battle music - At the Gates of Babylon

Add to EJ Playlist  Download a high-quality version of this song Bandcamp http://anttimar tikainen.bandca iTunes https://itunes. bum/creation-of -the-world/id97 2570141 Google Play: https://play.go music/album?id= Bmxdqurc7qewl64 q57sk2viqagi&ti d=song-Tcxmehcv zucs4ugths47ejf 3434 Follow me at: Facebook https://www.fac martikainenmusi c Soundcloud http://soundclo tikainen Spotify: http://tinyurl. com/AnttiMartik ainenSpotify Subscribe: http://www.yout Martikainen Have a question about the song usage, licensing, commissions or the software I use? Check out my home page: http://www.antt m/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Song title: At the Gates of Babylon Album: Creation of the World (2013) All music composed and arranged by Antti Martikainen Artwork by Jordi Castelar (http://mighty- m) © 2013 Antti Martikainen Similar songs by me: Winds of Ithaca: http://www.yout =Eh51m6glEHo The Forbidden City: http://www.yout =bl4Sw5qJBgE Enchanted Halls: http://www.yout =LvHcV5o2CaY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - As the title indicates, this song is a desert/arabic/p ersian themed song. Persian instruments mixed with orchestrations and epic percussions and choirs. The ending is pretty massive. This song was made with FL studio 10 with several different virtual instrument libraries (EastWest/Quant um Leap, Best Service, Bela D Media etc.). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MUSIC USAGE INFO: You can use my music freely for NON-COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT videos, games, presentations etc. as long as you give me clearly visible CREDIT and LINKS to my Youtube channel ( JMartikainen) AND Bandcamp page (http://anttima rtikainen.bandc For example in Youtube videos, put the credits and links into the description. If you don't provide these links, I will treat your project as a copyright infringement. Making this kind of music is a very expensive and time-consuming business so I can't let you take commercial advantage of it for free. Kickstarter projects and other money-raising campaigns are NOT non-profit. Monetized Youtube videos are NOT non-profit. Free-to-play games with monetization mechanics are NOT non-profit. Promotional material for commercial stuff is NOT non-profit. For COMMERCIAL purposes, commissions and custom soundtracks, please contact me. The contact information is in my channel info. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tags: epic music, celtic music, symphonic music, folk music, world music, medieval music, cinematic music, video game music, film music, Antti Martikainen

Dzivia - Abudžeńnie Cmoka (Dragon's Awakening)

Add to EJ Playlist  Band: Дзівія (Dzivia) Album: Žniajar Mrojaŭ (Dream Reaper) Genre: Symphonic / Ethno / Ambient / Folk Coutry: Belarus Year: 2013 Websites: * https://www.fac a * http://www.last .fm/music/Dzivi a - "Internet-relea se of the new album "Dream Reaper". This album was made dark, ominous, epic, heroic and a little bit in the ambient style. I was trying to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient sacred forests, misty swamps and pagan temples. Times when people of our land were known as werewolves - Neuri. When the Christian God and his servants were not the owners of this land. The album is completely free for download." - Download here: * http://rusfolde - - - -

Tasnif Khooshe Chin - Mahdieh Mohammad khani - Ostad Majid Derakhshani

Add to EJ Playlist  خوشه چین با صدای مهدیه محمدخانی به سرپرستی استاد مجید درخشانی تار: استاد مجید درخشانی نی: شاهو عندلیبی تنبک: کوشان یغمایی سنتور: جمشید صفرزاده کمانچه: نسیم اربابی عود: شیوا احمدی سپهر رباب: سحر کمالوند دف: سارا مهر افشا دف: زهرا رنج پور کارگردان: طاها گل کار (TAGO)

Hearken Music with Laura Inserra, Cornelius Boots & Mark Deutsch

Add to EJ Playlist  Samavesha presents Hearken Music: hear by listening to the sound Laura Inserra - Hang, Blossom Bells, Khene Cornelius Boots - Shakuhachi Mark Deutsch - Bazantar Berkeley Rose Labyrinth Saturday, March 9, 2013 www.samavesha.o rg

Omar Bashir..Karavan.. Live Concert in Budapest 2013

Add to EJ Playlist  Omar Bashir..Karavan .. Live Concert in Budapest 2013 The Dancing Oud Tour Music Compose by Omar Bashir

Faun - Eden (Full Album) (HD)

Add to EJ Playlist  01. Faun - Lupercalia 0:00 02. Faun - Zeitgeist 3:15 03. Faun - Iduna 7:18 04. Faun - The Butterfly 10:39 05. Faun - Adam Lay Ybounden 12:13 06. Faun - Hymn To Pan 16:50 07. Faun - Pearl 23:46 08. Faun - Oyneng Yar 28:52 09. Faun - Polska Fran Anderson 34:25 10. Faun - Alba 39:03 11. Faun - Ynis Avalach 46:19 12. Faun - Arcadia 51:28 13. Faun - The Market Song 58:44 14. Faun - Golden Apples 1:04:35

Tinariwen - Abdallah AG ALHOUSSEYNI

Add to EJ Playlist  by http://offthere en/ Date: 5th of November 2012 Place: Korjaamo art gallery, Helsinki

Secret Chiefs 3 - Hurqalya

Add to EJ Playlist  A great reward awaits The One at the great end.

NIYAZ "Parishaan" (Official Music Video)

Add to EJ Playlist  The song "Parishaan" from the new Niyaz album, SUMUD. Composed by Azam Ali, Loga Ramin Torkian and Carmen Rizzo, this song is based on traditional poetry by beloved 11th century Persian poet Baba Taher. Video directed and edited by Johnny Ranger  www.mindroots.c om Hair by Marco Di Biasio Make up by Frederic Paulin Song Lyrics & translation: Mara na sar na saaman aafaridand Parishaanom parishaan aafaridand Parishaan khaateran raftaando dar khaak Mara az khaak-e eeshaan aafaridand Aazizom key miyayi key miyayi Nadarom taaghat-e yek dam jodaayi Khoshaa aanan ke sodaay-e to daaran Ke sar peyvast-e dar paay-e to daaran Be del daaram tamanaay-e kesaani Ke an dar del tamanaay-e to daaran Agar zareen kolaahi aaghebat heech Be takht-e paadeshahi aaghebat heech Garat molk-e soleymaan dar negin ast Dar aakhar khaak-e raahi aaghebat heech I came into this world with no possessions Awarded only a yearning heart All those who came before me have returned to the dust And it is from this dust which I have been created O beloved, when will you arrive I cannot bear one moment of this separation Lucky are those who are on your path Lucky are those who place their head at your feet I am even willing to surrender my heart To those whose hearts hold your love Even if you have a crown and sit at a throne In the end you will have nothing Even if you are destined for great riches In the end you will return to the dust

Laïli Djân / Orient- Occident (Jordi Savall: Hespèrion XXI)

Add to EJ Playlist  HESPÈRION XXI Jordi Savall vielle, rebab, lire d'archet Dimitris Psonis santur, saz Driss El Maloumi oud, Yair Dalal oud Pedro Estevan darbouka, bendir, tambor, pandereta, riq-gunga Khaled Arman rubâb Osman Arman tulak (flûte traversière) Seiar Hashimi tablas & zirbaghali Jordi Savall direction

Efrén López - Perdesiz Gitar Taksim (Fretless Guitar Taksim)

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.face izgitar Müzik / Music: Stelios Petrakis Perdesiz Gitar / Fretless Guitar: Efrén López Girit Kemençesi / Cretan Lyra: Stelios Petrakis Zarb, Bendir: Bijan Chemirani

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