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Gillian - Brazen Martial Arts - 8/31/13 East Coast King of Catch, Philadelphia PA

Add to EJ Playlist  NACWA - East Coast King of Catch No opponents in the sub-140 category, no other females Weight: 139, Opponent: 181 Best of 3 falls, 12 minutes per fall, win by sub or pin

13 Year Old Girl Winning Boys Division with Arm Bar! Jungle MMA and Fitness Orlando

Add to EJ Playlist  JungleOrlando.c om A future super star from our Kids Program at The Jungle MMA Orlando, Casey, takes home her first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament win!

Petjeeja Or Meekhun - The Girl Who Fights The Boys

Add to EJ Playlist  Petjeeja Or Meekhun (red) shows why shes the most badass little girl on the planet vs a boy named Kaoponglek Sitmahesak (blue). From Aswindam Stadium, Bangkok on the 31st March 2013. http://twitter. com/LiveMuayTha iGuy http://www.face aythai.guy https://plus.go 496729058781617


Add to EJ Playlist  เพชรจีจ้า อ.มีคุณ นักมวยหญิงรุ่นจ ิ๋ว มุมแดงอาศัยการอ อกอาวุธ เข้าเป้ามากกว่า เป็นฝ่านเอาชนะค ะแนน โรเบิร์ต เทิดถนอมศักดิ์ ในการขึ้นชกพิกั ดไม่เกิน 27.5กก. ในศึกอัศวินดำ ที่เวทีมวยชั่วค ราว บิ๊กซีลาดพร้าว / Photographer กิตตินันท์ รอดสุพรรณ (Kititnun Rodsupan)

Ryan Luplow female wrestler

Add to EJ Playlist  Ryan Luplow wrestling Billy Eddy from Livonia. more wrestling matches: http://girlsvsg

Fight gone crazy (boy&girl)

Add to EJ Playlist  My friend and me fought but at the end I was dying gut hurted an about to give up but didn't ..

defending champ belt in kansas city mo, Malai Zamora

Add to EJ Playlist  malai 2 time world champ in ansas defending her tittle

Kenza, une jeune fille très combative !

Add to EJ Playlist  Sous ce sourire angélique, il y a une jeune fille très combative qui n'a peur que d'une chose, perdre un combat.Pas très bavarde, elle préfère l'action. La boxe, déjà une longue histoire pour Kenza. Il a fallu convaincre ses parents. Un premier combat qu'elle a remporté avec succès. Pour kenza la boxe est avant tout un échange, un partage. Les coups ne font pas mal à l'âme, bien au contraire. Pourtant, la plupart de ses combats sont durs car c'est souvent contre des garçons. Sa famille a de quoi être fier. Déjà Championne de France, elle devrait être promise à une belle carrière.

Rocky Steel vs Ashley "Lil Foot" Matan in Pankration at Arnolds Sports Festival March 2 2013

Add to EJ Playlist  Rocky Steel vs Ashley "Lil Foot" Matan in Pankration at Arnolds Sports Festival March 2 2013. This was match 1, best two out of 3. This match ends in an Armbar submission.

"Slim Jim" at the JCC London - no-gi action

Add to EJ Playlist  Although James ends up on the short end of these two matches, I wanted to show them. First up is Matt. These two have had some epic battles as was this one. Some day, Matt. Some day. Next is an amazing 14 year old girl who always beats the boys. I think she started training in the womb.

Aerial's last home match

Add to EJ Playlist  Idaho 4A 106#-Senior year (2013) regular season closing match. On to the qualifier's! Way to go GIRL. Keep the momentum rolling

Ruby @ Ponce 2013 .MOV

Add to EJ Playlist  Ruby Pupo 105lbs wrestling for Hammocks Middle School VS Ponce de Leon Middle

10 year old Muay Thai Girl fights in Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand

Add to EJ Playlist  Found this ca 10 year old girl demonstrating her kickboxing skill in Pattaya, Thailand. Glory should pick her up NOW!

Girl youth wrestler pins 3 boys in average of 42 seconds in one tournament for 1st place victory.

Add to EJ Playlist  Check out the training program at http://www.Mave ricksWrestlingB South Saint Paul youth wrestling tournament. This girl had a good day, pinning all three of her opponents in the first period. They lasted an average of 42 seconds before getting pinned. Each of them were better wrestlers than they looked here. She just had a good day that day.

01-21-13 Autumn Potkay Renegade Open Tournament

Add to EJ Playlist  Girl vs. Boy Wrestling (106lb weight class)

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