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Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

Add to EJ Playlist  Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

New World Order 2012 Illuminati, Fema Trains, Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law

Add to EJ Playlist  http://doomsday FREE DOWNLOAD OF ALL MY VIDEOS!!! CORRECTIONS: 5:53-6:08 IS PROBABLY SATELLITE IMAGES OF ONE OR SEVERAL NORTH KOREAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS! Fema Swine Flu Trains, Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law 2010-2012 Fema Concentration Camps Trains Built In America For Doomsday Martial Law New World Order Coffins American Nibiru Prophecy 2012 PlanetX Planet Armageddon End Times Days Jesus Christ God Messiah Bible Heaven Hell Devil Satan Lucifer Demon Demons Ghost Ghosts Spirit Spirits Prophecy 666 Antichrist Conspiracy Illuminati Freemason NWO 2009 Alien Aliens Giant Giants Ufo Ufos Barack Obama Joe Biden US USA China Russia Economy Economic Dollar Collapse Alex Jones Ron Paul

FEMA BUS - A Look Inside (Extended, clearer version)

Add to EJ Playlist  Clearer version, legible text! More pictures. An inside look at the infamous FEMA Bus - huge, expensive ambulance buses which can carry 20+ patients. Otherwise known as Mass Evacuation Buses or Medical Ambulance Buses, these so-called FEMA buses are purchased by municipalities with big grants from Homeland Security. I look at who makes them, who owns them, and question what they are used for. http://www.sart Website for MAB (Medical Ambulance Bus) manufacturer Sartin Services. There are photos, floor plans, and specifications for these buses. https://www.rkb .us/contentdeta il.cfm?content_ id=165501 FEMA website description of Mass Casualty Transport. Please note recommendation of "Provision of privacy and screening from public view." http://www.wmbf /story.asp?S=10 611961 Brunswick County bus news article http://legeros. com/ralwake/pho tos/weblog/arch ives/archive_20 09-m08.php Raleigh- Wake County North Carolina Firefighting Blog. Scroll down to Here Comes the Bus. From the blog post, Sartin buses are already in service in Charlotte and Brunswick County, with others in production for Guilford County, among other locales. Guys, have you seen any of these? http://www.flic eewilson/sets/7 215762203460819 6/detail/ Photos of Wake County's Homeland Security Bus (my designation). http://www.fmam ls/news/VitalSi gns/Vital%20Sig ns%20-%202009%2 0Summer%20med%2 0res.pdf MAB purchased with Homeland Security Grant by North Dakota Emergency Services. Bus used for flood evacuations of hospitals and nursing homes, and then repatriating the patients. http://www.ipal .asp?IDNews=133 Fort Myers medical center closed; MAB used to transport patients

FEMA Trailers... Forever! Anybody looking for a trailer?

Add to EJ Playlist  Anybody looking for a trailer? This an Aerial video clip of a FEMA trailer storage facility on the Beauregard Parish Airport, in DeRidder, Louisiana. Out of site, out of mind. So, what happens to all of these trailers once the storm has settled and people have rebuilt their lives?

FEMA Death Trains

Add to EJ Playlist  Well it's real now at least for me personally. Up to now I've only seen these on YouTube or pictures. Now they're here in my neighborhood. All I can say is DON'T let them Force vaccinate you and try not to let them take you away to the death camps in one of these. Video taken on Grand Avenue just past 111th Avenue in Sun City Arizona. God help us All.

FEMA Concentration death camp exposed

Add to EJ Playlist  Linda Thompson, who was an attorney in Indianapolis at the time was a major figure in the patriot movement for a while. She released two video tapes alleging that military tanks at Waco had flamethrowers in the barrels which started the fire at Waco. She also released video of a so called FEMA death camp.She had a shortwave radio program at the time. I took a drive around the train repair facility. This video uses audio from her show discussing this. You will notice a VERY large section of fence missing, several sections of it. You will also see a lot of broken down train cars - needing REPAIR, do you think? Sorry about the poor video quality - I was driving while filming. No black helicopters were seen as I did this.


Add to EJ Playlist  As a reporter I have a duty to report and bring to the attention to the public possible dangers which by warning them may save their lives. I have a right to distribute this video. YOUTUBE please contact me for further information. The original youtube video is here: http://www.yout =0P-hvPJPTi4 It is virtually impossible to share and impossible to download. I have found the original video on google which is here: http://video.go lay?docid=27782 6260716604258 The description as it is on google is here ( This is not my description ): This is the one in Beech Grove but It's much sharper and larger. I did some research on the "so called" furnaces and the white AGA Gas Inc. Cylinder. The "so called" furnaces are exhaust fans. AGA GAS Inc. Sells mostly asphyxiation type can verify this by doing a search via dogpile for AGA GAS Inc. and the look for web site MDS and they will list the gases. In the video it shows a gas main, you can see there are 2 or 3 connections with regulators on top. Regulators are used to regulate pressure and gas mixtures. It seems that this is indeed a death camp, for those on the red and blue list. It can process 26,000 people every 24hrs. The site has since been cleaned up to look inconspicuous. FOR A FULL LIST OF WHERE THESE FEMA CAMPS ARE PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE: http://www.apfn .org/apfn/camps .htm


Add to EJ Playlist  Campos de Concentração que comportam 1 MILHÃO DE PESSOAS Tudo está convergindo! Os famosos Campos de Concentração da FEMA (Agência Federal de Administração de Emergências) foram ativados nos Estados Unidos. No exato momento em que estamos às vésperas de um Colapso Financeiro total, que a Terceira Guerra Mundial está nos assombrando e que o Congresso Americano autorizou o uso irrestrito das forças armadas contra a população civil do país. Leia mais em http://www.bras .br/?p=912 Curta BrasiL IndomáveL no Facebook http://www.face Brasil-Indom%C3 %A1vel/11969043 4814575

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