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Redskins Cheerleader & Boxer arm wrestle!

Add to EJ Playlist  Recorded on February 8, 2015 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Tang vs. Me arm wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  Mixed arm wrestling MY TWITTER: https://twitter .com/christyres endes MY FACEBOOK: http://www.face /Christy-Resend es/100002051330 539 MY GOOGLE+ https://plus.go ab=XX#100914109 710078290735/po sts//p/pub STORE: http://www.chri /store.htm WEBSITE: http://christyr

Arm wrestling beat down by a 100 pound 5 foot gir

Add to EJ Playlist  After beating another boy she takes down this weakling

Arm wrestling rematch

Add to EJ Playlist  Garret and Lacey both showing their guns.


Add to EJ Playlist  Namazon Club http://namazonc

Sarah Bäckman Takes Down Some Big Guys at FIBO 2012 Orig

Add to EJ Playlist  Beautyful Sarah Bäckman, 6 times armwrestling World Champion from Sweden, takes down some guys including bodybuilder at the FIBO 2012. She is 174cm tall and starts in the 70 kg class. A Youtube antishaked version here /uuitIwa5Mi0

Girl does 600 lb sled 650 lb Chain drag, *AMAZING*

Add to EJ Playlist  Girl does 600 lb sled 650 lb Chain drag, *AMAZING* watch jesseyck pull and push 600+ lbs. brought to you by http://proteinf /home.php

Rick Quan vs Dot Jones

Add to EJ Playlist  Be sure to check out namericansports .com/AsianAmeri canSports/Home. html Came across this Quan classic and it brought a smile to my face. You may recognize Dot Jones who went on to land a role in Glee. Enjoy.

Sarah Bäckman armwrestle as Voevoda

Add to EJ Playlist  Sarah Bäckman at a training in January 2009

Bruno's Mom wins in Arm Wresting

Add to EJ Playlist  Bruno is so weak that his own mother can beat him at arm wresting. What a loser!

MIXED Arm Wrestling! STRONG MAN put down in ARM WRESTLING by a STRONGER woman!!!

Add to EJ Playlist  Mixed arm wrestling: female beats up guy twice in mixed arm wrestling @ the Dug-Out in Kinston, NC

Kid get bet by girl in arm wrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Anthony and stacy ARM wrestling . She kicks hisass

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

The Weaker Sex? Part 4

Add to EJ Playlist  MORE video clips of strong girls and women defeating boys and men, often bigger than them, at armwrestling.

Female 100# DB Press for 4 reps!

Add to EJ Playlist  Weighs only 137 lbs putting up the bigs...

Laura Phelps-Sweatt- 100 lb. Kneeling jump

Add to EJ Playlist  Laura Phelps-Sweatt - 100 lb. Kneeling jump

Laura Phelps-Sweatt - 600lb 2 board bench press

Add to EJ Playlist  Laura Phelps-Sweatt bench pressing 600 lbs to a 2 board

Female athlete 80# Pull Ups for 4 reps

Add to EJ Playlist  Well close to 4 reps.... a tiny bit short.

Female 110# DB Bench Press 1 rep

Add to EJ Playlist  1 rep 110# DB Bench Press..and hollaring at the spotter's NOT to touch the weight! lol..

Female Athlete - 15 Hand Clap Pull Ups!

Add to EJ Playlist  Nikki doing 15 hand clap pull ups!!


Add to EJ Playlist  Created on January 5, 2010 . My name is Crystal West and I am 44 years old. In this video I am lifting 70 pounds of added weight. The first rep was awesome the second rep a little short..I trained a bootcamp class right before taping this so I was a bit tired. More info at crystalwestfitn

Alicia Weber 13 one-armed Hindu Pushups on Basketball

Add to EJ Playlist  Alicia broke the men's world record in Record Setter World Record Book and she did it holding the strictest form with rest arm behind the back (not required by the rules, but making the exercise more difficult and holding toughest standards). The previous record was 8 reps and she brought it to 13 reps in this record.

Still can't beat his mom at arm wrestling...

Add to EJ Playlist  This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Anna Mikhaylenko Apple Crush and Domination

Add to EJ Playlist  I am planing to travel to Germany and UK in August 2012, pray so i get my visa all right! Will be glad to meet my fans

Mixed Armwrestling match

Add to EJ Playlist  A strong woman manages to defeat a fat man without any effort.

Aussie Amanda Fantasy Mixed Armwrestling

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.vide anda.htm Click for Full Show

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