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Andrea Tantaros 09:12:14 (1080p leg zoom) The Five FNC

Add to EJ Playlist  Andrea Tantaros is a co-host of The Five on FNC. On every week day afternoon at 2PM PT. Support the show and keep Andrea on forever by: 1. watching the show (duh) 2. frequent their sponsors 3. leave Andrea feedback on her facebook page https://www.fac aTantaros?ref=b r_tf super tight pink

Molly Line 8/16/14

Add to EJ Playlist  Molly Line; 'Good Golly Miss Molly'

Outnumbered - 8-27-14

Add to EJ Playlist  Sandra Smith,Andrea Tantaros,Kenned y & Stacey Dash

Outnumbered - Kennedy's Thick Thighs 8-19-14

Add to EJ Playlist  Sandra Smith,Harris Faulkner,Kenned y and Kimberly Guilfoyle

Teresa Priolo - Ice Bucket Challenge (8-15-14)

Add to EJ Playlist  Teresa Priolo - Ice Bucket Challenge (8-15-14)

Molly Line 8/5/14

Add to EJ Playlist  Molly Line; long legs; gorgeous gams

Molly Line 8/6/14

Add to EJ Playlist  Molly Line; Killer long legs

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