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Funniest Game I've Ever Seen.. lmao.. xP

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Funny Arabic-English Rap

Add to EJ Playlist  Remy grew up on the rough streets of McLean, VA where, at an early age, he instinctively learned to dodge bullets. He attended Churchill Road Elementary school, where he majored in getting beaten up and minored in fingerpaints. From there, it was off to Cooper Middle School where Remy was often scolded for not practicing his trumpet and made a horrible CO2 car. Remy's middle school days were much like his elementary school days, but without the fingerpaints. Remy then attended Langley High School, where he wrote for the Saxon Scope newspaper and played on the tennis team. However, unlike the rest of the country, tennis was super cool at Langley, and Remy was in no way a loser. After high school, Remy moved to Wheeling, WV and attended Wheeling Jesuit University. During this time, he would perform at comedy clubs around the region where his jokes would be heard by hundreds and laughed at by dozens. While at WJU, Remy was a member of the Stephen J. Laut program. Somehow. Unable to aim ping pong balls, Remy served as [adult beverage] pong referee until friends confiscated his whistle. Remy bought a camera in the Fall of 2006, and has been making videos ever since. His first video on the Virginia Senate race was discussed in the Washington Times and the National Journal. He has continued creating substantive geopolitical works with videos such as "Two Percent Milk," "Eggs Over Easy," "It's Been Declined,"and "Warcraft: The Rap." Remy currently resides in Fairfax County, Virginia and Wheeling, West Virginia.

Funny Arab Slaps

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Funny Arabs

Add to EJ Playlist  Funny pranks by Arabs

Funny arab guy

Add to EJ Playlist  Live interview of arab guy goes wrong

funny arab and pakistani people's moment

Add to EJ Playlist  crazy people displaying extreme stupidity, it's very interesting and funny to watch.

Arab Fitness Training (too funny)

Add to EJ Playlist  Arab fitness training by Abu batata the personal trainer gives ADAMwontLOSE a fitness session. Funny comedy video made for everyone. Don't take this video serious it's just for laughs if its your type of humor. You may remember abu batata from arab driving school, he also does personal fitness training too. Make sure to follow both Abu batata and ADAMwontLOSE http://www.twit tLOSE http://www.face ntLOSE.fanpage http://www.iwon Arab funny GET YOUR ARABFUNNYS SHIRTS AT HABIBTEES.COM ALSO MAKE SURE TO GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE PAGE MORE VIDEOS WILL BE UP... Abu Batatas Links: bfunnys ssamaljundi erealbbs realbbs DISTRICTLINES.C OM/ARABFUNNYS http://www.yout nys music by: http://www.yout ArObeAtZ

Funniest Video EVER !! Arab Battle Shout !

Add to EJ Playlist  Funny as hell !!! watch all the video, it gets better :p

Hilarious Arab People

Add to EJ Playlist  All in 1 stupid guy in gym on tredmill funny arab praying man gets slapped Ali baba

Funny Dance Fail

Add to EJ Playlist  Several guys in a club doing some bizarre and funny dancing.

Liquor Store Diary #300

Add to EJ Playlist  300th video anniversary of LSD!!!!


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iraqi dance

Add to EJ Playlist  funny iraq dance rap music

CRIBS-Arab American Style (FUNNY SPOOF) --Full Version--

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a second upload of the same video. We took down the first one because it had the real MTV logo. The first had a total of 600,000 hits. http://www.Edan CRIBS visits the house of an Arab American named Mohamad, who lives with his mother in Dearborn, Michigan. This episode was never aired. Subscribe to our newest show "The Ed and Moe Show" @ http://www.Edan For a list of songs in this video follow this link... http://mikeesha ibs-arab-americ an-style/ Eshaq Films Arab Money

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