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The Gal Vihara Rock Temple - Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Add to EJ Playlist  http://davidsbe David's Been Here is touring all the top sites and main destinations of the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Here David presents a v...

2. Gal Vihara Rock Temple (Ancient Buddhist Sites in Sri Lanka)

Add to EJ Playlist  In the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, there is a large reclining Buddha statue carved into a single large granite rock face that dates back to the 12th century...

Budas de Gal Vihara Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka - HD

Add to EJ Playlist alicatra - Viajar a Sri Lanka es visitar el grupo escultórico conocido como el Gal Vihara y contemplar de cerca las estatuas de...

Pollonaruwa - Gal Vihara

Add to EJ Playlist  Ein Ort der Ruhe ist der Gal Vihara in der alten Hauptstadt Sri Lanka´s, Pollonaruwa.

Sri Lanka Telecom Pura Varuna - Polonnaruwa Gal Viharaya

Add to EJ Playlist  Daily, let us get enchanted with the beauty & character of Sri Lanka just before the 12noon and the 8pm Sinhala News on Rupavahini. Pura Varuna takes you on ...

Gal Vihara, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka, Jack Daulton videoblog

Add to EJ Playlist  Art Historian Jack Daulton and Microsoft Exec Roz Ho explore and discuss the 12th century rock-cut Buddha sculptures at Gal Vihara in the ancient city of Pol...

Gal Vihara - Polonnaruwa , Sri Lanka

Add to EJ Playlist  Einfach beindruckend sind die vier gigantischen Buddhastatuen, die in einen Granitfelsen bei Polonnaruwa hineingearbeite t wurden. Sie stammen aus dem 12. Jah...

Reclining image - Gal Vihara | සැතපෙන පිළිමය - ගල් විහාරය

Add to EJ Playlist  At 46 feet 4 inches (14.12 m) in length, the reclining image is the largest statue in Gal Vihara, and also one of the largest sculptures in Southeast Asia. I...

Gal Vihara , Sri Lanka (Music : Tisarana by Imee Ooi )

Add to EJ Playlist  Gal Vihara (Sinhala: stone temple) at Polonnaruwa (UNESCO World Heritage Site),Sri Lanka with Buddha Statues of heroic proportions,is the most perfect specim...

Budas de Gal Vihara (Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka)

Add to EJ Playlist  Los Budas de Gal Vihara, en Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) están modelados en una roca maciza de granito. Son, sin duda, los mejores ejemplos de escultura budista d...

Gal Vihara in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Add to EJ Playlist  The Gal Vihara consists of four rock cut Buddha images: 1. 15' tall Buddha in dhyana mudra 2. 5' tall Buddha statue 3. 23' tall standing Buddha 4. 46' tall r...

Foreign Buddhists ordained as monks at Gal Vihara in Polonnaruwa

Add to EJ Playlist  Foreign Buddhists ordained as monks May 30, 2011 A group of foreign Buddhists received ordination in view of the 2600th Sambuddhatva Jayanthi. A Pinkama to o...

Pollonaruwa - Gal Vihara and the monkeys

Add to EJ Playlist  Pollonaruwa - Gal Vihara and the monkeys.

Gal Vihara Buddha - Sri Lanka

Add to EJ Playlist  The majestic statue al sunset... Jul-Aug. 2006. - Polonnawura Gal Vihara

Add to EJ Playlist  Sri Lanka Polonnawura Gal Vihara Tanıtım Videosu.

Gal viharaya Polonnaruwa ポロンナルワ スリランカ世界遺産、遺跡 ②

Add to EJ Playlist  スリランカ旅行なら http://www.abcl ポロンナルワは スリランカ北中部州にある古都。 1017年から1255年までス リランカの首都であった。 Gal viharaya スリランカ世界遺産、遺跡.

Vidyhadhara Guha Image - Gal viharaya | හිඳි පිළිමය (විදයාධර ගුහාව) - ගල් විහාරය

Add to EJ Playlist  A small statue only 4 feet 7 inches (1.40 m) in height, but similar in appearance to its larger neighbour, is located inside the artificial cave named the Vi...

The upright image - Gal Viharaya | හිටි පිළිමය - ගල් විහාරය

Add to EJ Playlist  The standing image is the focus of much discussion among historians and archaeologists, since there is a general belief that it is not a statue of the Buddha...

Gal Viharaya

Add to EJ Playlist  Ancient relics in Pollannaruwa.

Ancient Kingdom of Polonnaruwa

Add to EJ Playlist  The second capital (846 AD-1302 AD) of Sri Lanka is a well-preserved city of ancient dagobas, moonstones, beautiful parks, massive buildings and stunningly b...

Sri Lanka

Add to EJ Playlist  Sri Lanka January 2013. Negombo, Dutch Canal, bee eater, Anuradhapura, Gray Langur monkeys, Twin Ponds, Aukana, Dambulla Rock, Giratale, Polonnaruwa, Gal Vih...

Chanting monks by Gal Viharaya, Polonnaruwa.

Add to EJ Playlist  A a group of monks started chanting in front of the reclining Buddha by Gal Viharaya in Polonnaruwa. Sitting down, relaxing and listening to their song blend...

斯里蘭卡朝聖之旅 ── 伽爾寺

Add to EJ Playlist  除了皇宮建築群和佛牙聖殿外,波 羅那露瓦古城另一個舉世知名的焦 點是伽爾寺(Gal Vihara)。內存有四尊佛像 ,分別是立、坐、臥姿,形相端好 ,全部由一塊龐大的花崗岩雕鑿而 成。立像交差雙手抱胸,一說此 ...

Dehiwala Masjid Under Attack Now - Part 02

Add to EJ Playlist  Sri Lanka, Dehiwala Gal Vihara Road (Adjoining Dehiwala Zoological Graden) Mosque came under attack by Buddhist Monks and their supporters on 25 May 2012 at ...

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