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Park Bench

Add to EJ Playlist  A timid young man yearning to connect and express his true attractions finds an opportunity to do so when a handsome stranger unexpectedly sits next to him on a park bench. starring Clayton Froning & Brian Neufang written & directed by Jim Le & Eli Benavidez music by Hamdija Ajanovic as seen on OutTV's program "Hot Pink Gay Shorts" * Arizona International Film Festival (2007) * * Peoria Film Festival (2007) * * Sedona International Film Festival (2007) * * Toronto Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2007) * * Paris Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (2007) *


Add to EJ Playlist  Cortometraggio di Darianna Tedesco in concorso al CortoConiglio del Bellaria Film Festival 2012. Con Marco Federico Bombi e Roberto Sabìa.

Where The Bears Are - Season 1: Episode 1 BEAR DOWN

Add to EJ Playlist  THE ENTIRE "WHERE THE BEARS ARE" SEASON 1 IS ONLY AVAILABLE BY DOWNLOADING IT AT https://itunes. vie/where-the-b ears-are/id6448 40148 OR http://www.amaz e-Bears-are/dp/ B00D4M87P6/ref= sr_1_22?ie=UTF8 &qid=1370410012 &sr=8-22&keywor ds=where+the+be ars+are OR BY PURCHASING THE DVD AT http://wherethe bearsare.acmepr WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is "The Golden Girls" meets "Murder She Wrote" with big, hairy, gay men. Season 2 premieres June 10th, 2013. THIS SERIES IS INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Follow us at https://www.fac TheBearsAre and https://twitter .com/WhereTheBe arsR Watch the series at http://wherethe Please support our show by buying MERCHANDISE at http://wherethe bearsare.acmepr or DONATE at http://wherethe nations In the opener, roommates Nelson Dorkoff, Reggie Hatch and Wood Burns (Ben Zook, Rick Copp, Joe Dietl) wake up the morning after a blow out party at their house to find a hot young bear cub in bed with Nelson and a very dead body in their bathtub. Hot Toddy: Ian Parks. J Cub: Julio Tello.

Corny Affair

Add to EJ Playlist  An award winning comedy short film about the breakup of a gay relationship.

Home Early

Add to EJ Playlist  You are such a whiner!


Add to EJ Playlist  Un cortometraje de actualidad, dirigido por Andrés Bueno


Add to EJ Playlist  Short film. A lighthearted romp about four gay friends and thier Zombie.

Perfect Filtration

Add to EJ Playlist  Perfect Filtration gay short clip

80 Proof Cotton and a Pigskin "The Movie"

Add to EJ Playlist  READ!!! This movie has been censored, very compressed (making this version very dark), and edited down to fit youtube standards, so it might feel a little rushed at points, especially in the beginning. To see it the way it was intended, uncensored, with full resolution (big enough for a movie screen), and in it's original complete length, please visit www.quietaisle. com or http://www.veoh .com/channels/q uietaislefilms Please know we're just nobody filmmakers trying to get some Hollywood doors opened for us. Thanks for watching - John - James. Starring James Lemire & James Avallone. Produced by John Crisman and Marvin Cheng. A Quiet/Zoo release.

80 Proof Cotton and a Pigskin part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  STOP!!! Watch 80 Proof Cotton and a Pigskin "The Movie" first. I really do hope you enjoy the film. We put everything together out of our own pockets and favors. Please visit www.quietaisle. com. Two best friends, one loves the other, the other is "in" love. Can these two college boys stay friends? Starring James Lemire & James Avallone. Produced by John Crisman and Marvin Cheng. A Quiet/Zoo release.

80 Proof Cotton and a Pigskin part 3

Add to EJ Playlist  WAIT!!! There is a part 1 for this film under, 80 Proof Cotton and a Pigskin "The Movie". Please leave some feedback for us letting us know thumbs up or thumbs down and visit our new website www.quietaisle. com. Starring James Lemire & James Avallone. Produced by John Crisman and Marvin Cheng. A Quiet/Zoo release. Thanks for reading - John and James

Wilby Wonderful: In the Motel Room

Add to EJ Playlist  Duck tries to reach out to Dan one last time.

Temptation - Gay Themed Short Film

Add to EJ Playlist  A young, horny individual becomes tempted by all those he sees around him, both men and women. This leads him down a path of self discovery where he discovers that the best thing he can be is true to himself....... by being truthful to a few people along the way.

Freunde (2001) -1of 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Short Film Freunde (2001)-The Whiz Kids .com/title/tt02 97125/

Freunde (2001) -2 of 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Short Film Freunde (2001)-The Whiz Kids .com/title/tt02 97125/

Men of Men

Add to EJ Playlist  A father, worried about his son's future, suggests signing up in the army.


Add to EJ Playlist  A friendship between two teenage boys is challenged when one of them crosses a line.

Blue (2007)

Add to EJ Playlist  A short fictional film about a boy struggling with his feelings. Created for a fiction assignment in Audiovisual Media. Assignment guidelines included that the film had to relate to the theme ''emotion'', had to contain no dialogue and be approximately 10 minutes of length. Thanks to everybody who assisted us in shooting the project in October 2007. And thank you YouTubers for the massive view count! ^^ Usually these films dont get this kind of attention, we're all pleasantly suprised! There's certainly gonna be more like this to come :) Blue has been nominated for the Woeste Weduwe Film festival 2008, won third prise in the Outrate Online Film Festival and has also been one of the selected participants in the Dutch Online Film Festival 2008. (NOFF: Nederlands Online Film Festival) Blue on IMDb: .com/title/tt19 64562/ Lucas | Maik Noevers (Lead) David | Menno de Wolf (Brother) Martin | Kris van de Geer (Lover) Written & Directed by: Remy Schepers Camera: Karlijn Milder Sound: Chantal Mensinga Production: Karlijn Milder Set Assist: Chantal Mensinga Editing: Remy Schepers Soundtrack Listing: I Muvrini Strada - Anu Lasciatu Light the Skies (Retrobyte's Mix) The Notwist - Pick up the Phone Cex - Od'd on First Base The Notwist - Formiga Blackmore's Night - Diamonds and Rust Tech Specs: Filmed on: Sony VX1000 Sound: Sennheiser MKE300 Budget: Ca. 700 Euro's

that thing we do 1 of 2

Add to EJ Playlist  A young man struggling with his sexuality learns a valuable life lesson from his young cousin. More at www.andrewhull. ca .

that thing we do 2 of 2

Add to EJ Playlist  A young man struggling with his sexuality learns a valuable life lesson from his young cousin. More at www.andrewhull. ca .

The Left Hand of Peter

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a scene from my screenplay "The Left Hand of Peter" which got into the top 50 for Project Greenlight Australia 2006. Kingaroy, 1916 as the conscription referendum looms two boys fall in love and take their lives in their own hands.


Add to EJ Playlist  Sinopsis: Como una mecha encendida, el deseo recorre las calles de la ciudad dormida y en sus destellos, hace brillar los ojos de los amantes ocasionales. Un cruce de miradas en un autobús y el resto es sólo animarse. Un corto que retrata esa extraña sintonía entre extraños, las charlas después del sexo, cuando se está libre de la calentura y sólo queda empezar a conocerse. Dirigido por Thiago Carlan y Martín Deus Música de Manuel Santos Idioma: portugués con subtítulos en castellano.

The Alternative

Add to EJ Playlist  THE TEXT: FundyBoy: Find me a wife. LogMaster12: K. FundyBoy: I'm serious. LogMaster12: I know.


Add to EJ Playlist  "When the flame can find no place else to burn...the flame will die." - Lester Stupidtard

Daddy's Boy a short film by Tristan Hamilton

Add to EJ Playlist  WIN STAFFORD is in for a shock when his attempts to hide his sexuality from his father result in a hilarious outcome. After initially having a 'promised' budget of $53,000 with a professional cast & crew I had a falling out with my executive producer over artistic clashes. Making films is an art of compromise BUT a filmmaker can only bend over so far, and I'm a top! So not being a quitter, I got my close friends together with false promises of fame & fortune and made this little film on $300! There are only 2 professional actors involved (thnx Murton & Ally!) and the 2 leads, Blaise Macdonald who plays Justin and Iain Abbott who plays Win had never acted before but delivered performances I couldn't have bought. Ok, it doesn't look that flash but it had great success in the Gay & Lesbian film festival circuit on the fact that the script has heart and all involved gave 100% to the project! (thanks everyone!) As my best friend Jamie (he plays Andrew with his before its time cutting edge haircut!) Slocombe (you're my other best friend Jumbo!) always tells me -- "Now do your thing!" So to any other budding film makers I can only pass that tip bit of wisdom onto you! Late. Tristan. RIP Baby-Dad.

On the Bus

Add to EJ Playlist  A short film directed by Tracy D Smith, written by Aaron Chan, starring Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman and Giles Panton.

Short Gay Movie: Silver Raod

Add to EJ Playlist  Two childhood friends say goodbye in this ode to growing up and letting go.

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