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aftermovie Gayties & Nineties VS 00'S

Add to EJ Playlist  De after movie van het feest Gayties & Nineties VS 00's van enSuite bij Club Stairway, Utrecht. Het volgende feest is op zaterdag 25 oktober HALLOWEEN!! http...

enSuite Gayties & Nineties 29 januari 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  Compilatie van de 2e enSuite Gayties & Nineties!

enSuite aftermovie gayties & nineties

Add to EJ Playlist  Op 27 september jl. gaf enSuite in Club Stairway een feestje: Gayties & Nineties. Hier vind je de aftermovie. Enjoy! .

enSuite Gayties & Nineties 27 november

Add to EJ Playlist  enSuite Gayties & Nineties 27 November! enSuite Gayties & Nineties zorgt ervoor dat we ons weer even in de jaren '80 en '90 wanen! De neon outfits, beenwarme...

Robo-act bij enSuite Gayties & Nineties!

Add to EJ Playlist  Robo-act bij enSuite Gayties & Nineties! Vanuit breakdance en electric boogie heeft deze talentvolle danser zich uiteindelijk gespecialiseerd in robot-moves!...

DJ Gay Ties Game for Overtime Play

Add to EJ Playlist  Gets fouled and makes both free throws.

enSuite Gayties & Nineties 29 januari 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  De 2e editie van enSuite Gayties & Nineties!


Add to EJ Playlist  Sitting patiently as my uncle & I wait for Iron Maiden. Feels like the 19gayties again hahahahaha.


Add to EJ Playlist  the duder goes at 'er again.

enSuite Gayties & Nineties 29 januari 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  De editie van ensuite Gayties en Nineties!

Gayties first creek

Add to EJ Playlist  More fun than you can poke a wombat at.

Robo-act bij enSuite Gayties & Nineties op Beat it!

Add to EJ Playlist  Robo-act bij ensuite Gayties & Nineties op Beat it van Michael Jackson!

enSuite Gayties & Nineties 29 januari 2011

Add to EJ Playlist  De 2e editie van ensuite Gayties & Nineties!

Bashful guy takes speedo shower

Add to EJ Playlist  I never shower wearing clothes. this guy is in his private shower wearing Speedo or swimsuit to shower. I guess he is shy and bashful. Nice body. http://www....

[ 專訪] 台北同志三溫暖 ANIKI CEO

Add to EJ Playlist  快從您的iPhone / Android 手機下載GayTie 一手掌握最新亞洲同志資訊. 最新iPhone / Android 同志旅遊地圖GayTie Map 已經推出. 同志旅遊景點不斷更新中. 有關香港同志的最新資訊, ...

[ 專訪] 雲翔導演 Voyage 《遊》

Add to EJ Playlist  官方網站http://www. 有關香港同志的最新資訊, 請瀏覽http://www.g 人氣同志討論區.眾多Gay片下 載 歡迎讚好/ LIKE FACEBOOK https://www.fa. ..

Champion Body Builder competition

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.gayt you will see hundreds of these body building competitions and try our. a lot of behind the scenes stiff too. Shows how these guys get...

United G - Gangman Style Hot White Party #1 | GayTie 香港同志網

Add to EJ Playlist  香港知名同志派對主辦單位Uni ted G 主辦之Gay Party : Gangman Style Hot White Party - 表演活動1 由GayTie | 香港同志網於2012年12月2 4日拍攝. 特別來賓: Brian Lee 有關香港同志的最新資訊, ...

Teen Budy Builders' Competition

Add to EJ Playlist  Nice male well-oiled, muscle men' bodies on http://www.gayt in this video showing the teens both in practice and in actual tryouts and competitions. ...

Club Houzz 香港旺角同志桑拿 Hong Kong Gay Sauna

Add to EJ Playlist  同志朋友快幫他https:// m/mastermindpro duction/photos/ a.4421212158911 92.1073741846.4 08429209260393/ 443760515727262 /?type=1&theate r 讚好吧! Ainfo Media 資訊...

ywo episode 11 ywo problems gaytie

Add to EJ Playlist  hey guys the next vid is today this was supposed to be yesterdays vid but it didnt upload so thi is yesterdays vid.

藝人趙勁皓出席 關懷愛滋「Angels and Devils」慈善派對

Add to EJ Playlist  有關香港/台北/新加坡/曼谷的 最新同志資訊, 請瀏覽http://www.g 人氣同志討論區.眾多Gay片下 載 歡迎讚好/ LIKE 香港同志網FACEBOOK ...

Belgian athletes lockerroom

Add to EJ Playlist  These Athletes really know how to celebrate. http://www.gayt has many more free videos like this, and it is free to join. after winning the champions...

Desert Island Swim

Add to EJ Playlist  A couple of guy go out to a desert area and swim and dive in the summer heat. It's like a lake in the desert, but it could be a beach. nice bodies. and good ...

Cliff Driving Naked

Add to EJ Playlist  2 very attractive young men on http://www.gayt engage in driving off a 20 foot cliff at a lakeshore and do it repeatedly. The first are wearing speedo...

Boxers Weigh in for the championship fight.

Add to EJ Playlist  Weight is critical, just one once over and you are out of that weight class. On http://www.gayt there are many videos about sports, boxing wrestling,...

Italian Ruby Underwear

Add to EJ Playlist  Love these nice male bodies on http://www.gayt in this video showing the Italian Rugby team in their underwear. It is, of course, an ad for the brief...

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