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The Ottoman--Portuguese conflicts Of 1538--57.

Add to EJ Playlist  The second Ottoman-Portugu ese War (1538--1557) was an armed military conflict between the Portuguese Empire and Ethiopian Empire against the Ottoman Empire, ...

Adama Sport Club - Stadium on the way

Add to EJ Playlist  http://diretube .com Ethiopian Latest Videos only on find and download any MP3 and Videos from http://diretube .com/mp3.

Mertulemariam monastery

Add to EJ Playlist  The second oldest church, mertulemariam gedam in Ethiopia.

Adama, Grade 9, St. Therese's Basic Cycle School, Fula Bantang, CRR, The Gambia

Add to EJ Playlist  Adama is in 9th grade at St. Therese's; she would not be there without the support of a GambiaRising sponsor. 9th grade is the stage at which most upcountry ...

Ethiopia: Kokebe Tsibah High School celebrates 80th founding anniversary

Add to EJ Playlist  Ethiopia: Kokebe Tsibah High School celebrates 80th founding anniversary.

Nazareth Nafyad school Students trip to Langano.wmv

Add to EJ Playlist  Nafyad school Millennium batch Trip to Langano.

SAFARI LODGE Nazret Ethiopia

Add to EJ Playlist  Safari Lodge - Nazareth - Ethiopia (Adama in the local Oromo language) an altitude of 1.800m palm trees,mango,cof fee...

Ethiopia LeaMcD Deaf High School and Middle School

Add to EJ Playlist  LeaMcD's first year of regular Deaf high school and middle school 2009/2010.

New Ethiopian Movie bale taxiew- Part 1of 8

Add to EJ Playlist  Bale Taxiw - Ethiopian Romantic Comedy Movie - Part 1of 8.

Ethiopia Nazareth Awasa

Add to EJ Playlist  Ethiopia Nazareth Awasa. Images of Ethiopia ( Nazareth and lake Awasa) during my stay in Ethiopia as a volunteer teacher in English Alive Academy school, Naz...

Nazareth School Graduation GS 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Uhhhmmm.. Made By Adolf Ends another chapter of our lives..

English Alive Academy Ethiopia : coffee ritual

Add to EJ Playlist  English Alive Academy Ethiopia : coffee ritual. The teachers of English ALive Academy ( Nazareth, Ethiopia) are making coffee on the traditional way. Afterwa...


Add to EJ Playlist  The Children of Ethiopia Education Fund and the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business class of 2008 present a granite marker for the donation th...

English Alive Academy Ethiopia. Kindergarden

Add to EJ Playlist  English Alive Academy, Nazareth, Ethiopia. Kinder Garden. The little children of KG school, are learning to read and the use of new English words...

Galaw Galaw Sa Tag-araw

Add to EJ Playlist  Galaw Galaw Sa Tag-araw.

Helina and monkeys.MPG

Add to EJ Playlist  Nazareth, Ethiopia Helina.

Global NGO Centres

Add to EJ Playlist  Fundraiser June 12th 2011 Shelbourne Park, Dublin, Ireland.

Mojo Secondary School - Library

Add to EJ Playlist  A visit to some classrooms and the library at Mojo Secondary School in Ethiopia.

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