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Giantess Naughty School Girl City Crush NOW FOR SALE!

Add to EJ Playlist  For Sale at http://vod.size vod/videos/scho ol_girl_crush/f 7vj58P3rcw9/ At normal size, she was a naughty school girl. But when she stumbles upon cities smaller than her foot, this 6'2" beauty is positively catastrophic. Watch her cruelly, casually destroy cities with the stomp of her foot, the gentle lowering of her toe, her breasts, her ass, and watch her eyes light up as she realizes how good they taste. She takes off her shoes, then to feel them under her sweaty stockings, then she takes those off to really feel the sacrifices to the goddess.

Giantess Feet

Add to EJ Playlist  The feet of a napping giantess.

Platform Flip Flop Giantess

Add to EJ Playlist  I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( )

giantess - shrinking men - preview women's locker

Add to EJ Playlist  For this story and more visit: www.giantess-er Sinopsis: 2 men got shrunk by a shrinking virus and try to get some help from 2 giantess women

Giants and the City - Julias Nightmare Full HD

Add to EJ Playlist  Poor little big Julia has a terrible nightmare! If you like Mega you will love this! Enjoy the great Co-Production of Sebastian321 and UnseenHarbinger !

Giantess Aimee FX Test

Add to EJ Playlist  FX Test for further upcoming Giantess Aimee video content at Aimees clips4sale, I have provided the post work. GTS Aimee will be having her own personal FX films coming soon, hope you guys enjoy this. Visit her Channel on Youtube http://www.yout sAimee

Giantess Crushing City Test

Add to EJ Playlist  First raw greenscreen test, need models

Giantess Requests Done Alone

Add to EJ Playlist  Richanda did these requests alone and decided to share them.

An intro on Macrophilia

Add to EJ Playlist  Firstly I'd like to say sorry for this clip being so choppy (if you find it so) because WMM is not my friend. Nearly all the clips seemed to be corrupt in some way. There were more clips I wanted to make and add but the fact that it took so long just to make this made me realise I needed to perhaps find a better video editing y suggestions? More to the point, this video was made with one main intention and that is to make someone-even if only one person-feel comfortable. This isn't just about Macrophilia but about anyone who feels their sexuality is not the "norm". For what it's worth, I believe as long as you are not hurting yourself or others (unless that's what you want!:D) and there is consent involved, you should not feel uncomfortable about your sexuality. Unfortunately, closed minded people do exist and not only do they love their job but they do it well too. It doesn't take much to ask a couple of questions and see things from another point of view as I eventually did. Although it shouldn't be about other people's acceptance because not everyone can accept everything, the most you can ask for is a level of understanding about yourself and others and not to be ridiculed when you find yourself in a position where you feel the need to explain. Macrophilia is a somewhat underground fetish, I had no idea it even existed until Chris told me. It took time for me to understand it and question why I considered some things to be the "norm", it surprised me even more to find that some people feel quite negatively about being a Macrophile as Chris does not. There is a common stereotype surrounding anyone that has a fetish or paraphillia that they are perverted when in truth they are pretty much like everyone else and lead stable lives, they don't go perving on people. Most men for example enjoy a woman's voluptuous curves but they don't all go around groping women. People with fetishes can have a level of control. If however you find yourself being consumed by your sexual interests then there may be some addiction there, but this is not exclusive to fetishists but also to other areas in life like alcohol or drug addiction. If this is the case then an individual should seek help. Again to my point, as with addiction being a problem so can guilt become a matter of concern to an individual from fear of not being understood. If this video helps anyone to understand their partner a bit more or themselves in feeling that they are not so alone I'd be happy. My final words are, it might be that it'll take a LONG time before you find anyone willing to sit, listen, question and understand and so accepting YOURSELF is where you should start and remember....... .. if you believe you're strange because what you think about sexually is harmless unto yourself and others BUT unconventional, someone had/has to think outside of the box or we'd all still be stuck in the missionary position!! Shay Interesting articles: http://www.writ ew_item/item_id /744565-Macroph ilia-101 http://www.lava outus.html#macr ophile Interesting links: http://www.yout mNJay23#p/u/19/ 5q8ig4uIoeQ Any questions: soloshay@ymail. com Thnaks for watching....

The Deaf Giantess: Silver Planet

Add to EJ Playlist  Everyone, I made 3d animation fantasy movie. The giantess, she is deaf and know ASL. She live in silver planet. She loves little man. They're going to home, but see happen. Thanks all comments. I hope you get understand ASL. I done annotation. - The Deaf Giantess: The New World http://www.yout =S8Cu-K416KQ - The Deaf Giantess: The Red Planet v=mbQ8-d3ZbMs By Mark Lee DragonessLife

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