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STV Scotland - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards perform at Edinburgh Castle

Add to EJ Playlist  The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards pipes and drums perform Scotland The Brave, The Black Bear and Highland Laddie on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. In typica...

Bagpipes and drums " Amazing Grace " & " Highland Cathedral " by Mac Lewis Duo

Add to EJ Playlist  Bagpipes and drums " Amazing Grace " & " Highland Cathedral " by Mac Lewis Duo http://www.eric aclewisduo.html Mac Lewis Duo Composé d'un joueu...

Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  Black Isle played on the Great Highland Bagpipes.

The Making of a Great Highland Bagpipe by Ian D Murray played by Glenn Ross

Add to EJ Playlist  The video gives insights in the excellent making of a M7 bagpipe out of blackwood and hand engraved sterling silver parts by the master craftsman Ian D Murra...

Ann Gray- Solo Great Highland Bagpipes March 24, 2007 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Add to EJ Playlist  Performed by Ann Gray on Great Highland Bagpipes -The Road to Ardfern, Patricia Kirkwood, and The Northeast Portland Celtic Big Band and Social Club (all sel...

Celtic Bagpipe Music Compilation- Part 1 of 4

Add to EJ Playlist  http://earthdes ***Songs Used*** - Gaul Theme from Last of Mohicans - Highland Bagpipes and Drums - Amazing Grace on Bagpipes Subscribe if you...

Klaus Pipe Solo

Add to EJ Playlist  Amazing Grace auf der Great Highland Bagpipe.

Great Highland Bagpipes - Amazing Grace

Add to EJ Playlist  Been playing for about 6 months, self-taught. Inspired by my Scottish heritage and the love of the pipes. http://www.davi dscarboroughbag

Bagpipes for Beginners : Drones Used in the Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn about the drones used in the great Highland bagpipes with expert music training tips in this free online instrument instruction video clip. Expert: Mik...

Pachelbel's Canon in D on the Great Highland Bagpipe

Add to EJ Playlist  This famous classical piece needs some transposing to meet the limitations of the bagpipe chanter. Busy learning this for a wedding this week.

CELTIC MUSIC - Great Highland Bagpipe - Cisalpipers

Add to EJ Playlist  Cisalpipers are available to book for your event or special occasions. Cisalpipers are based in Ferrara (Italy). Cisalpipers are an national touring Festival...

American Military Marches on Great Highland Bagpipe

Add to EJ Playlist  This is my version of an American MILITARY March Set including the US Army Song (Caisson Song), Navy Song (Anchors Away), Marine Corps Hymn (Montezuma), Air ...

Highland Cathedral Bagpipes HD

Add to EJ Playlist  Highland Cathedral is a popular melody for the great highland bagpipe. This melody was composed by German musicians Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb in 1982 fo...

Flower of Scotland - Great Highland bagpipes & tin whistle

Add to EJ Playlist  Played by me on the pipes and on the tin whistle in the 2nd part. I hope you'll enjoy.

Highland Cathedral - Gibson Great Highland Bagpipes & Organ

Add to EJ Playlist  Highland Cathedral - Gibson Great Highland Bagpipes & Organ.

Great Highland Bagpipes as played by VA State Policeman

Add to EJ Playlist  The Great Highland Bagpipes played by one of Virginia's finest State Troopers. Richmond, Virginia.

Vorstellung Dudelsack Great Highland Bagpipe Chalice Antique

Add to EJ Playlist  Es stimmt nicht, das Pakipfeiffen nicht funktionieren k ö n n e n . Man muß nur wissen was geändert werden muß. Hier ein kleiner Gegenbeweis ; )

The Gael - Great Highland bagpipes (Beautiful Scotland)

Add to EJ Playlist  Music composed by Dougie McLean, from the Last of the Mohicans and played by myself on my bagpipes. I hope you'll enjoy :) Who said that Scotland wasn't a gr...


Add to EJ Playlist  The arrangement of this song started out as a joke in 1983, at Kalisa's Restaurant on Cannery Row, Monterey, California. The Bar Crowd from The Boiler Room e...

Abide With Me - Gibson Small Pipes & Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  My rendition of Abide With Me played on Fireside pipes and Great Highland pipes. Abide with Me is a Christian hymn written by Henry Francis Lyte.

Great Highland Bagpipes- Ewen Henderson - Percussion- Wil Sifontes- Dougie Hudson

Add to EJ Playlist  Afro-Latin Percussion Scottish West Highland Pipe Jigs Set- Duncan MacNeill Esquire- A Scarce O' Tatties- 'S Iomadh Rud a Chunna' Mi.

Danny Boy on Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  Recorded on February 5, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. Heathen Highlanders performing at the "Save the Parade" concert. Piper Michael Gibbs playing Danny...

The Half-Turning - Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  A recording of Siegel and Montague's tune, the Half-Turning ( v=slWbvDTKH6M). It's a beautiful slow air (in 4/4), and I figured I...

Great Highland Bagpipes Play AMAZING GRACE Suit & Kilt

Add to EJ Playlist  Ben was scheduled to play Amazing Grace for a funeral, but was unable to attend because our road is completely un-passable, with deep snowdrifts. So he struc...

Invention No 1 in C major - transcribed for 2 Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  ARC Video #63. This is my arrangement for Johann Sebastian Bach's "Invention in C major", for a Scottish bagpipe duet. Feel free to comment as you please. (O...

Highland cathedral - Great Highland bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  There are many versions of this beautiful tune, but this is my version, played by myself on the pipes. I hope you'll enjoy.

Playing the Great Highland Bagpipes at my Grandparent's Gravesite

Add to EJ Playlist  I had the opportunity to play my Great Highland bagpipes at my grandparent's gravesite for my mom and other family members. Aside from a missed phrase in one...

Mist covered mountains & Leaving Lismore on Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  Two songs played by me on the bagpipes, I hope you'll enjoy :) . The pictures are from Sixt Fer à Cheval, in the Alps.

Erin Shore~Great Highland Bagpipes

Add to EJ Playlist  Mr.Mat,welcome! The performance of his bagpipe was very wonderful. アイリッシュバンドullaのラ イブにカナダから来日したマット 氏が来てくれました。そして大音 量の素晴らしいパイプ演奏を披露 してくださいました!感激です! またお会いできる日を楽しみにし ...

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