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Tammy and Jon go in the barn the day Sandy wants to propose

Add to EJ Playlist  Sandy sees them together and goes to help Josh at work and its distracted by thinking about them and gets hurt. October 3 and 4, 2005

Tammy tries to convice Sandy shes sorry

Add to EJ Playlist  After the accident that Sandy get hurt in Tammy vows to stay away from Jonathan, but Sandy doesnt want her around. October 10, 2005

Sandy and Tammy trying to keep their secrets from each other

Add to EJ Playlist  Hope is home and Cassie is so proud. Tammy is still having trouble dealing with her feelings of Jon but trying to stay loyal to Sandy, while Ava is still keeping the secret marriage. Tammy tells Jon that her and Sandy are engaged. October 24, 2005

"It was my first time... And I slept with my cousin!"

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy October 25, 2004 (10-25-04) Part 1 of 2. Tammy slaps Sandy. She asks how he could let this happen. How he could lie about being Reva's son to wiggle his way into their family. That everything that happened is his fault. Jon has his hands around Reva's throat. He's dreamed about killing her. She doesn't believe he wants to hurt her. He lets go. He keeps taunting her, trying to make her afraid of him. He wants her to understand what his life was like. Living with an abusive drunk. How could she leave him with Alfred, his adopted father. He beat him everyday for not being his son. Reva said that when she brought him to visit when he was young, he was happy. He said he was a very good actor, and it wasn't as bad then. She swears if she'd know she never would have left him there. He wraps his hands around her throat again saying she abandoned him and never looked back. Tammy is really upset. Sandy tries to explain that he just wanted a family to love, that he didn't even know that Jon was still alive. He thought he died in a hiking accident. He tried to warn them when he found out, but he was hit by the car. Tammy says it's his fault. He touched her because of Sandy. It was her first time and he was her cousin. Tammy asks Sandy how he would feel in her place. Sandy apologizes again as Josh comes through the door and says he'll make sure Sandy never hurts his family again. Tammy runs to him and he holds her while she cries. Sandy tries to apologize to Josh and he says it's to late for that. Josh and Tammy walk outside the hospital room. And Josh promises her that over time it won't hurt so bad and she'll be able to deal with the pain. She tells Josh that he thinks she's pathetic and that that is almost as bad as what Jon did to her. Jon throws Reva down on the couch. She says she trusted Alfred to take care of him. Jon tries to mock her and she yells not to do that. She's sorry he was raised to believe he was second rate because he was adopted. She says Tammy was an innocent victim, just like him. And he's got to stop hurting innocent people. She takes his hands and puts them around her neck. She says if you want to make me pay, then go ahead. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

Jonathan and Tammy Sept 29 2004 GL

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan as JB. scenes with Tammy/Reva.

"Your aunts going to save the son that she loves."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy October 7,2004 (10-07-04) Jonathan pissed that Reva has decided to give Sandy part of her liver when she knows that he lied about being her son. He throws a trash can against the wall as Tammy walks in. Doctor explaining what's going to happen and the risks of the surgery to Reva. Doc leaves and Reva explains to STILL unconscious Sandy that she wants to be the type of person that does anything to save someone even a stranger. And even though he's not her son she came to know and love him and she can't let him die. Tammy asks Jon what's wrong with him. He just says this all reminds him of his family and what he went through as a child and that he wants to make someone pay when he starts thinking about it. First time Tammy sees the DARK SIDE of Jonathan. Cassie and Reva talking about how Reva doesn't have to do this. She explains she does. Reva says just incase tell my kids I love them and I had to do this. Tell Josh the same and not to feel guilty that he wasn't there through this. Jonathan giving Tammy Vodka in a coffee cup to calm her nerves while her aunt saves the son she loves. Sandy being taken for surgery. Cassie and Reva talking again. Reva's high on drugs. They find out that the surgery was a success and Reva is ok and Sandy has a long road ahead. Reva telling Sandy she loves him. He starts to wake up. Jonathan is watching them. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

"I'm ready."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy October 11, 2004 (10-11-04) Reva asking Sleeping Sandy if he killed her son. Jon watching. Tammy and Jon kissing out side Company when Billie comes up to get food for Reva. Tammy introduces them. Uncle Billie sends Tammy in to get Reva's food. Billie explains to Jon that he knows what type of guy he is and he better not hurt Tammy or he will be sorry. Tammy over hears. Billie leaves and Tammy apologizes for the way her family treats him. He says they just don't give her enough credit to make her own decision. She decides she wants him. She's ready to be with him. Jon says those are the magic words. He'll make her first time so special and a night she'll never forget. Sandy wakes up and starts writing Jonathan on a pad of paper, but he falls asleep and awakes to Jon standing over him. Jon says he survived just like Jon did when Sandy dropped him off a mountain. He helps Sandy 'rest' by pushing his morphine button several times. Reva comes in and Jon hides while Reva says she believes in him and she's going to prove he didn't kill her son. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

"The best son a mother could ask for."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy October 5,2004 (10-05-04) Reva is sitting with Sandy. Asking him to open his eyes. Reva knows he's not her son. She needs Josh but he still can't be reached. Tammy calls JB, they agree to spend time away from the hospital. Reva starts hearing the doctor telling her Sandy isn't her son over and over along with Sandy saying I'm your son. She runs out side where Jonathan watches her from a dark corner for a minute, then leaves. She starts praying asking god why he brought Sandy into her life if he's not her son. Phillip approaches Tammy about the accident saying he's been there and asked if she needed to talk and what she can remember. Tammy asks who could be so horrible. JB (Jonathan) Calls her and asks her to meet him at the Beacon so he knows she's ok. He's late showing up so they agree to go to the hospital together. Jonathan tells her once Sandy is better they can go away just the two of them, She likes the idea and agrees. Lizzie comes to the hospital to check on Sandy but is scared to see him. She's really shaken up. She runs off. Reva is sitting with Sandy asking him if he knows the truth and where Jonathan is. But he's still unconcious and is unable to answer. Reva is a partial match for the liver transplant shes trying to decide if she should be his donor. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

"Yeah, little cousin. I can wait."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy September 27, 2004 (9-27-04) Jonathan and Tammy back at the farm. Tammy is lighting candles and playing music while Jonathan looks at a photo of Reva and Sandy. They start kissing and Jonathan opens Tammy's shirt and she looks nerves and he asks if everything is ok and she explains that it's her first time. She convinces him she's ready and they start making out on the couch. Reva knocks on the door and Jonathan hides while, Reva and Sandy grill Tammy on how she's doing with her break up and Dinah. She convinces them she's going to stay at the farm instead of going to Reva's for the night. Jonathan comes back after they leave and they start kissing again but Tammy pulls away and says she's not ready. Jonathan stays with her at the farm anyway telling her he can wait till she's ready. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

Jammy pt 5 "I don't know how to say, what I wanna say to you."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy September 24, 2004 (9-24-04) Pt 1. Tammy and Joey talking about his affair with Lizzie, Edmond calls looking for Cassie inturrupting them. Sandy (then pretending to be Jonathan) talking to Reva about work and trying to convince her to back off and not worry about him so much. No Jonathan in this one. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

"Kissing Cousins Consummate."

Add to EJ Playlist  Jammy October 22, 2004 (10-22-04) Part 1. Cassie and Tammy talking about how she loves JB. Cassie is telling her they can't be together ever again. Tammy keeps asking why. And Cassie blurts out that he's your cousin. Jonathan is waiting at Reva's when she arrives. He calls her mom. He's looking through a family album making note of all the good times she'd had with her other kids. She takes it, and he brags about what he did to Tammy. Reva is shocked to hear him speaking about how he hurt Tammy with such pride. Jon asks when she's going to start acting like his mother with love. Reva calls him sick. He talks about all the bad things she's done with he life. He lives guilt free. And he's always wanted to hurt her more than she hurt him. Tammy calls Jon JB and Cassie corrects her. Cassie explains that JB is Jonathan. Reva's son. Cassie explains that JB was just someone Jon made up to get close to her. Tammy is trying to deny it. Saying it's a crazy twisted lie. They end up on the floor with Cassie holding Tammy rocking her back and forth. Tammy accuses her of trying to keep her and JB apart since she's no longer a virgin. Tammy says even if they are cousins, what she feels for him is so strong it makes her want to fight for them, and what they have. She doesn't understand how he could hurt her this way. She thinks he doesn't know that they are cousin. Cassie explains that he came to town to make Reva pay for abandoning him as a child and believing Sandy when he told Reva that HE was her son. Cassie tells her that she'a a sweet angel. Tammy says not anymore. Reva says she's filled with pain. She wants to smack him down for what he did. She says you win your worse than me, your the monster now. He's asking why she believed Sandy's lies. She finally figures out why he's so upset. Cause he's jealous that she loves Sandy, that he wants her love and attention. (Clips from WindAmongTheRee which has almost every Jammy clip ever aired.)

Jonathan/Tammy Oct. 15/2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan taunts Sandy about Tammy.

Jonathan and Tammy - October 18 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy October 18 2004

Jonathan and Tammy- October 22, 2004 pt1

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy- October 22, 2004 part one

Jonathan and Tammy- October 22 Pt 2

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy- October 22 Pt 2 guiding light

Jonathan and Tammy October 26 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy October 26 2004 Tammy confronts JB about his deception.

Jonathan and Tammy November 4 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy November 4 2004 -tammy only

Jonathan and Tammy December 29 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy December 29 2004

Jonathan and Tammy December 30 2004

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy December 30 2004

Jonathan and Tammy-January 6 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy-January 6 2005

Jonathan and Tammy January 10 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy January 10 2005

Jonathan and Tammy- January 21 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy- January 21 2005

Jonathan and Tammy -March 1 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy -March 1 2005

Jonathan and Tammy- March 15 2006 Pt 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy- March 15 2006 Pt 1 Tammy episode dealing with Sandy's death. Pt 1

Jonathan and Tammy March 23 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan saves Tammy from the fire in her room.

Jonathan and Tammy May 3, 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Guiding Light's Jonathan Randall is at Company and finds out someone is looking for him.

Jonathan and Tammy May 10, 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Guilding Light's Jonathan and Tammy interact at Company. Tammy helps Jonathan get ready for his new job at Lewis Construction.

Jonathan/Tammy May. 12 - Part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  "Wanna help me collate?" - part 2

Jonathan and Tammy May 31 2005

Add to EJ Playlist  Jonathan and Tammy May 31 2005 Jammy GL

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