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cuffed in chorus

Add to EJ Playlist  vid. me and maddie made of ourselves being hand cuffed, lmao it was fun till i stood up like an idiot in plain sight of my teacher who yelled at me lol

false arrest for free speech 1

Add to EJ Playlist  these pro lifers were falsly arrested at cypress college campus for there activities that fall under the range of free speech also as of may of 2007 all charges were dropped


Add to EJ Playlist  at the relay for kids 2008 it was all for charity


Add to EJ Playlist  Hey Its Bridget Time! SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl. com/sub2LilyLul ay bridgetoneill http://www.twit oneill http://www.face toneillfans http://www.yout ay Instagram: Lilylulay I Dare You They say variety is the spice of life, so for todays Its Bridget Time were going to do a little something different: a dare. Recently I was on set filming for Ford Fiestas Prove It project, and in between shots I took a dare from Officer Joe, a local law enforcement official who said I wouldnt be able to step over my arms with handcuffs on.. The Arrested Girl Bridget ONeill Police Man Officer Joe Shot By John Will Clay Its Bridget Time Intro The Hot Left Comic Plodding Kevin MacLeod "It's Bridget Time" created by Bridget O'Neill

Woman arrested, handcuffed behind back

Add to EJ Playlist  http://handcuff clips.blogspot. com - ALL CLIPS IN BETTER QUALITY, DOWNLOADABLE. MORE CLIPS YOUTUBE WON'T ALLOW!

Girl arrested and handcuffed

Add to EJ Playlist  Girl arrested and handcuffed behind her back by a female police officer. Then she is placed in a police car.

Vista Ridge HS Shattered Dreams 2008, Part 6

Add to EJ Playlist  VRHS Shattered Dreams Drinking and Driving Prevention Program, brought to you by Rangers Against Destructive Decisions


Add to EJ Playlist  I created this video using my Logitech webcam software

handcuffed handwashing

Add to EJ Playlist  my bff pizzajello was a detective 4 halloween and i found the handcuffs in the car so i put them on and then i had 2 go 2 the bathroom so yea hahaha

getting arrested!

Add to EJ Playlist  practicing in class.. how to arrest someone! i was the opponent,, trying to resist.


Add to EJ Playlist  Tecnicas de algemacao.

Speed Cuffing

Add to EJ Playlist  Cuffing in .54 seconds

Woman molested by cop Cameraman arrested for calling cops Nazis p 1

Add to EJ Playlist  Woman molested by cop Cameraman arrested for calling cops Nazis p 1

Criminal Justice: Basic Hand Cuffing Techniques

Add to EJ Playlist  http://www.ctes Basic hand cuffing techniques during a compliant arrest.

Mujer es sometida por policía en Agua Prieta

Add to EJ Playlist  Agua Prieta, Son.- Una mujer fue sometida y puesta con la cara al piso por un comandante de la policía municipal al ser señalada como responsable del robo de un celular. Silverio Samaniego / El Diario de Sonora


Add to EJ Playlist  Girl handcuffed

Policewoman arresting girl

Add to EJ Playlist  Policewoman arresting and handcuffing a girl. (fake)


Add to EJ Playlist  this was around April of this year. For a project for school. Not really getting arrested. haha. :)

i got arrested!!

Add to EJ Playlist  i was at carlys house and the neighboorhood cop "arrested me".

Me getting stuck with handcuffs on

Add to EJ Playlist  i cant get out of them and got stuck

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