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Ask A Transsexual: Where to live in Sweden, Where I'd Move, Legal Gender

Add to EJ Playlist  In this weeks episode: - I'm moving to Sweden as soon as I get out of college because I'm sick of all the remarks about me being an Atheist here is the U.S. ...

Ask A Transsexual: Swedish Films, Thoughts Before Hormones and Tough Stuff in Transitioning

Add to EJ Playlist  The questions in this week's episode! - Let the Right One In is one of my favorite movies ever. What are some other Swedish movies you would recommend? - Wha...

Hannah Anderson Alive;?@#^Payday?@#^2?@#^Wargamer?@#^Au?@#^;Ray Sipe;Parody

Add to EJ Playlist  Kidnapper James Dimaggio shot dead;Game;Troll s;Heist;Robbery ;Warhams;Ray Sipe.funny song,comedy;par ody;instagram;f acebook;twitter ;youtube;google ;yandex;baidu.. .

Ask A Transsexual: Scary movies, why Hannah and how I got my body!

Add to EJ Playlist  The questions of this week's episode! - What's your favorite scary movie? - how'd you decide on Hannah as your name? - Did you happen to do a particular exer...

Vlog 8

Add to EJ Playlist  Skall Priden vara heterosexuell?

Ask A Transsexual: Nose shrinking, Body Hair and Giving up Hobbies

Add to EJ Playlist  The questions of this week's episode are: - can the hair on legs and forearm be made to fall? or somehow stop having it ? - can the nose shrink in size ? - d...

Before Villa Domina Fetish Party

Add to EJ Playlist  This is just a short preview of what I looked like at our home fetish party!

Ask A Transsexual: Rock Band, Sterility and Anti-Androgens

Add to EJ Playlist  The questions being answered in this episode are: - Are you in a Rock Band? ? - how do you deal with sterility and not being able to for lack of a better phr...

Ask A Transsexual: The Meaning of Life, Sexual Orientation Change by Hormones, 3 Short Questions

Add to EJ Playlist  Questions in this week's episode: - If someone asked you "What is the meaning of life", how would you respond? - When you first started going through your tr...

Ask A Transsexual - CD or TS? GID or BID? Most attractive race?

Add to EJ Playlist  In this episode I answer the following questions: - What the difference between a TS and a CD? - Where would you draw the line between gender identity issues...

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