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Christmas Special! - Swedish Celebration of Jul

Add to EJ Playlist  I made a Christmas special, talking about how we swedes celebrate it. I hope you enjoy!

Latex lectures with Dementhia - Stupid Swedish Phrases

Add to EJ Playlist  Helloo! Me and sid had a photoshoot and after the shoot I wanted to make a new vid, however the battery on the camera was superlow so I was stressed and we only had one shot haha! So this...

Ask A Transsexual - Horny on Estrogen, Dressing male and Attracted to Transsexuals?

Add to EJ Playlist  Please consider supporting my videos by becoming a patreon! https://www.pat on?hid=1516143& u=35453&alert=3 These are the questions answered in this episode of Ask A ...

Ask A Transsexual: Hormones, Meshuggah and Long Distance Relationships!

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions answered in this episode of Ask A Transsexual: - How old were you when you started on hormones and how did that assist you with your body shape and other secondary sexual.

Vlog 8

Add to EJ Playlist  Skall Priden vara heterosexuell?

Ask A Transsexual: Nose shrinking, Body Hair and Giving up Hobbies

Add to EJ Playlist  The questions of this week's episode are: - can the hair on legs and forearm be made to fall? or somehow stop having it ? - can the nose shrink in size ? - did u have to give up some hobbies...

Ask A Transsexual - Reduce Body Hair, Why Are There Transsexuals, Would You Tell A Guy You're TS?

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions in this week's episode of Ask A Transsexual! - What's it called the pill for less/no facial and body hair? - Why do you think you become the way you are? When someone...

Ask A Transsexual: My balls, Aging as a TS, Acceptance from Family and Friends

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions answered in this week's episode of Ask A Transsexual: - Do you fear age as a transsexual, Do you think you will reach a normal age in good health and can stay a good...

Transsexual Transition Makeup Guide!

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a video for transition-guid A website focusing on helping transgendered people to a successful transition.

TranSexual Tales- End of Volume One

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm progressing in my own way... slowly, but it will happen. Lol, it will happen or i'll make it happen! Anyways, hope that everyone struggling with the same awkwardness in their life can overcome...

Ask A Transsexual - Effect on Hormones, Throat Surgery and Sex Reassignment Surgery for Circumcised?

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions answered in this episode of Ask A Transsexual! - Have you had throat surgery to remove your Adam's apple or did you just have a small one to begin with? - Would MTFs...

Ask A Transsexual - Hair Loss and Estrogen and Feeling Guilt for Dressing as a Female

Add to EJ Playlist  Questions in this episode! - Does estrogen/proges trone make the hair on your head grow in thicker if it has started to thin? - What were your testosterone levels before you started using...

We're doing some kantarell (mushroom) cleaning!

Add to EJ Playlist  Jag rensar lite svamp som vi plockat i skogen. Vi tror det är kantareller. :D.

Ask A Transsexual: Telling Guys You're a TS, 1st Exp. With Fem. Clothes and Favorite Games!

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions answered in this week's episode of Ask a Transsexual: - How would you tell a guy who hit on you? - What were your first experiences with female clothing underwear...

Ask A Transsexual - Social Acceptance and Surgery, Results from Hormones & Guys or GIrls?

Add to EJ Playlist  I'm Back! :D Here's the questions answered in this episode of Ask A Transsexual: - Do you think that if society (hypothetically !) was a more open, accepting, tolerant, non stereotypical environme...

Ask A Transsexual: Passing in Public, Vegan HRT and Getting a Job

Add to EJ Playlist  Questions answered in this week's episode: - How do you get close to females without detection yet remain male in womens clothes and in women change rooms per say? - How do u know, if the...

Ask A Transsexual: The Meaning of Life, Sexual Orientation Change by Hormones, 3 Short Questions

Add to EJ Playlist  Questions in this week's episode: - If someone asked you "What is the meaning of life", how would you respond? - When you first started going through your transition, did you ever feel that...

See me live on Twitch - Let me know when!

Add to EJ Playlist  I decided to do a poll and let you guys tell me when you want me to play live streams on Twitch! So, if you're interested, please comment below and let me know WHEN you want me to play (local...

Ask A Transsexual: BMI on Hormones, Throw Away Clothes and Favorite Pokemon!

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are questions answered in this weeks episode of Ask a Transsexual: - wen you are on hormones is there a verry big deffince in your bmi? - What's your favorite pokemon? DON'T LIE AND...

Ask A Transsexual: Breast sense, Hair products & Goal in life

Add to EJ Playlist  Here are the questions of today's episode of Ask A Transsexual: - What is your goal in life? - Also, your skin and hair look AMAZING!! What hygiene products do you normally tend to use?...

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