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Add to EJ Playlist  自作作品の1部です。 The balloon is broken by the bloomers figure on the hips.

January Love - Sexy Easter Bunny Balloon Pop Fail

Add to EJ Playlist  My first ever attempt at popping a balloon by sitting on it. Happy Easter everybody! Hope you get a good laugh :) For the rest of the pics and videos from this series (where I actually pop the balloons), find me on Niteflirt here: l873TJ SUBSCRIBE: iP2YTy -- About January Love: Just a single girl that loves to dance and play! I will post more videos the more people like my videos. So what the heck are you waiting for go watch and like my vids. ;) Follow me out on INSTAGRAM: nstajan Follow me on TWITTER: oddesstweet -- For my private NAUGHTY stuff: l873TJ

The pirate and his balloon

Add to EJ Playlist  Taking advantage and playing with her black balloon

2-Girl Balloon Challenge! Best Girlfriends Club

Add to EJ Playlist  Oh golly! Daphne and Brandie have a Balloon Blowing Up Contest! Who will win? Best Girlfriends Club

Beautiful Looners - Full house part 1 trailer

Add to EJ Playlist  Jessy Looners FULL HOUSE=). This is a Customer Clip for a good friend. A Bed full with balloons von 11 " till 26" and a giant zeppelin=) The balloons was sponsered from my Customer. This clip is 1 Hour long and have 5 parts. It was very funny to pop all balloons with my fingernails.


Add to EJ Playlist  A teacher in the art of seduction and sitting on balloons ...

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