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How to Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube - Part 1 - Centers

Add to EJ Playlist  Link for Step 2 - Edge Pairing: http://www.yout =4anBuKlhn0Q In this tutorial, I will show how to solve the 4x4 Rubik's Revenge cube. We must first place centers (no algorithm needed), then pair each individual edge (one short algorithm because of parity). After that, the cube is very similar to solving a 3x3. In this video, I first give an introduction into the 4x4 cube and explain what we will need to accomplish before we can actually start to solve the cube. I also go over the notation we will need to become familiar with when performing given algorithms and then start to show you how to position/solve the six 'centers' of the cube. (NOTE* If you do not want to watch the introduction and notation, you can fast forward to 2:55 where I begin going over the centers*) The three main things we will be doing are: 1) Making 2x1 blocks within the center regions of the cube 2) Combining two 2x1 blocks to form a 2x2 center block 3) Adding a single center component to a 3 piece L. *NOTE* to do this, I recommend having the single center piece either in the lower left or lower right region and positioning the corner of the L (see video*) in the same location as that single piece. *NOTE* A good way to pick three centers to place in a clockwise direction (If you don't want to use red/white/blue) is to look at any corner on the cube and place the three centers in the same orientation/pos ition as the colors on the corner. You do not have to worry about the corner when placing centers, you would just be using it to pick those three colors only. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK AND/OR COMMENTS ON THE TUTORIAL VIDEOS OR SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I WILL ANSWER AS SOON AS I CAN (USUALLY WITHIN A DAY OR TWO)! I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR IF IT IS HELPING PEOPLE OUT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH How to solve a 4x4 Rubik's Cube How to Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube How to Solve a Rubik's Revenge How to Solve a 4x4 4x4x4 5x5 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube Rubix Rubics Rubick Rubiks Rubik Cube Revenge Tutorial Beginners learn Centers Edges dedges tredges algorithm method step by speed speedsolve fast easy notation Erno Parity errors parody parities Fridrich cage Professor

How To Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube - Part 2 - Edge Pairing

Add to EJ Playlist  Link to Step 3 - Parity Errors and Final Solve http://www.yout =OUU22JeVROE This is a tutorial on how to pair the edges of the 4x4 to eventually convert the 4x4 into what resembles a mixed up 3x3. We will have to know how to position edges opposite from one another and with switched orientations (colors on the same face). The algorithm we will use for this step is: (Dd) R F' U R' F (Dd)' *NOTE* As mentioned in my 3x3 tutorial, whenever you are turning a face a certain direction, you must turn it (them) as if you are looking at that face(s) directly. From the perspective beneath the cube, when you perform a (Dd) move, it will be spinning in a clockwise or "right" direction and vice versa. *NOTE* In my video, I was a little ambiguous/uncle ar on how to position the last two pairs of edge pieces before performing the above algorithm. When I said we "need the same color on the same face".. I meant to say "both identical pairs of edges should have the same color on the same face as its complementary piece and be situated in the same layer as well".. I believe that the example in the cube cleared it up, but I just wanted to put it here too in case someone actually reads all this :-) This algorithm will be used to fix the remaining 2 pairs of edges. You may not have to even use this algorithm depending on how you match the last pairs of edges. IF YOU FIND THIS TUTORIAL HELPFUL PLEASE COMMENT. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF PEOPLE FOUND THE VIDEO HELPFUL.

How to Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube - Part 2b - Advanced Edge Pairing

Add to EJ Playlist  Goes over how to match up multiple edges at a time, allowing you to eventually become faster with practice. This will also allow you to understand the technique necessary for multiple edge pairing in bigger cubes as well, where it really becomes necessary in solving quickly. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CAN SOLVE THE 4X4 CUBE CONFIDENTLY AND WITHIN 5 MINUTES. Remember, this is an ADVANCED method, so please make sure you are familiar with regular edge pairing first. I explain the "Build Ring" structure, which enables you to match upto 6 edge pairs at a time. Let me know if you have any questions at all and please leave comments and rate the video if you enjoy! Hope this helps you all become faster and more efficient with edge pairing.

How to Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube - Part 3 - Parity Errors

Add to EJ Playlist  This step goes over the remaining 2 parity error cases (*There are really 3 more possible cases, but we basically SKIP the corners parity error when using my Step 6 algorithm) that you may see when solving the 4x4 and also shows how to solve the 4x4 as a 3x3 cube thus allowing you to finish solving the cube completely! Link to Step 3b - A helpful Video for the 4x4: http://www.yout =y7DoZukyJoQ **IMPORTANT** FOR MOST OF THE 3X3 ALGORITHMS, THERE ARE CERTAIN WAYS YOU MUST POSITION THE CUBE BEFORE YOU PERFORM THE ALGORITHM. I DO NOT GO INTO DETAIL ON HOW TO PERFORM THESE MOVES AND SO HAVE INCLUDED THE STEPS IN THE 3X3 TUTORIAL WHICH CORRESPOND TO THESE MOVES. PLEASE SEE MY 3X3 TUTORIAL FOR MORE DETAILS IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY USING MY ALGORITHMS. THANK YOU! *NOTE* If you do NOT use my 3x3 method to solve the 4x4, you may come across a FOURTH "parity error". This error affects the position and/or orientation of the top CORNER pieces. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is use the algorithm I have listed below and also demonstrated in THIS tutorial...the one that corresponds to STEP 6 of my 3x3 tutorial. That algorithm to FIX CORNER POSITION is R' F R' B2 R F' R' B2 R2 That will CORRECT any CORNER problem you may have. If you are UNSURE of how to use that algorithm exactly, please see my step 6 of my 3x3 tutorial. Algorithms (IN ORDER): Interchanging the two parity cases you see before finishing the top face (from step 4 of 3x3 tutorial). *If you have the 2x3 block, you want to hold it horizontally so that the 2x3 is all the way to the LEFT on the TOP face (see video*)- Orienting Last Layer (OLL) F U R U' R' F' _______________ _______________ ___________ Flipping over the top edge piece (the second PARITY case we see)*Hold the flipped edge pair on the FRONT face in the TOP middle edge pair position (see video*)- Orienting the Last Layer (OLL) - **ONLY SEEN IN 4X4 and also 5x5 cubes** (Rr)2 B2 U2 (Ll) U2 (Rr)' U2 (Rr) U2 F2 (Rr) F2 (Ll)' B2 (Rr)2 _______________ _______________ ___________ Finishing the top face (3x3 tutorial step 5)- Orienting the Last Layer (OLL) R U R' U R U2 R' _______________ _______________ ___________ Positioning Top Corners (3x3 tutorial step 6)- Permuting Last Layer (PLL)***IMPORTA NT NOTE*** THIS MOVE WILL SOLVE ANY CORNER PROBLEM YOU HAVE. If you are unsure of exactly how to use it, please see my step 6 of my 3x3 tutorial. You basically just have to find two corners which have the same color on the same face and set that face as your BACK** If you don't have two corners next to each other that have the same color, then ANY face can be the BACK**** R' F R' B2 R F' R' B2 R2 _______________ _______________ ___________ Last PARITY Case (flipping two opposite top layer edge pairs) - Permuting Last Layer (PLL)- **ONLY SEEN IN 4X4 ALSO** r2 U2 r2 (Uu)2 r2 (Uu)2 U2 _______________ _______________ ___________ Allan (Fixing the top layer edges - might not need to perform this move, 3x3 tutorial step 7)- Permuting Last Layer (PLL) L2 U' B F' L2 B' F U' L2

How to Solve a 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube - Part 3b Answer - Top Edges

Add to EJ Playlist  Shows how to switch two top layer edges in a 4x4 Rubik's Cube. This is basically the same as the last parity error I go over in the third step, however, the step 7 move in my 3x3 tutorial must be used as well. This is known as the Allan. Algorithms Used: To Switch two Opposite Top Layer Dedges: r2 U2 r2 (Uu)2 r2 (Uu)2 U2 To rotate 3 Upper Dedges/Edges Counter-CW: The Allan Move: L2 U' B F' L2 B' F U' L2 ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS LEAVE THEM IN MY INBOX OR UNDER THE VIDEO COMMENTS SECTION. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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