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Fertilizing Fruit Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn to listen to your fruit trees. Don't fertilize by guess, fertilize by what your fruit tree needs. Tricia shows you how to find out what your tree is telling you about its nutrient needs. Check out our blog for a fertilizer calculator: http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/when-and-h ow-to-fertilize -your-fruit-tre es Watch more organic garden videos: http://www.yout oworganic?featu re=mhee

Pruning 101

Add to EJ Playlist  Pruning is a basic garden skill set. Tricia gives you the basics of what tools you need in your garden and when to use them. Learn the two main types of cuts and what they are used for as well as good sanitation practices. To buy pruning tools: http://www.grow den-tools/pruni ng-cutting-tool s.html Check out our other research based garden videos: http://www.yout oworganic/featu red

Growing Walnut Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn how to grow and care for walnut trees. Walnuts are a great source of protein and are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These beautiful trees are hardy to USDA zone 4 and make a wonderful addition to your edible landscape. As a bonus in this video Tricia shows you how to prune walnuts, including how to make large pruning cuts. Buy Walnut Trees at: http://www.grow sonal-items/nut -trees.html Check out more how to videos on our channel:http:// /user/groworgan ic/featured


Add to EJ Playlist  Persimmons are a versatile fruit and an adaptable tree. Learn how to grow this treat from the orient. Persimmon Trees: http://www.grow sonal-items/fru it-trees/persim mon-trees.html

How to Grow Pomegranate

Add to EJ Playlist  Grow this ancient super food. Pomegranates are a beautiful tree or grow them as a shrub or even as a hedge. Enjoy glossy green foliage, showy orange flowers, and of course the delicious fruit. These long-lived, drought tolerant trees are a beautiful addition to an edible landscape. Browse Pomegranate Trees: http://www.grow sonal-items/fru it-trees/pomegr anate-trees.htm l

Pruning Apple Trees and Pruning Pear Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Tricia teaches you how to prune apple trees, pear trees, and Asian pear trees using the central leader training system.

Growing Olives

Add to EJ Playlist  Tricia shows you how to plant an olive tree. These beautiful, long-lived trees are an excellent addition to water-wise edible landscapes. Buy Olive Trees: http://www.grow sonal-items/fru it-trees/olive- trees.html

Pruning Cherry Trees and Pruning Apricot Trees - Summer

Add to EJ Playlist  Cherries, pluots and apricots all best pruned in summer. Their other common preference is a modified central leader training system. This is also a great pruning and training system for persimmons, walnuts, pluots, pears and apples. Buy Fruit Trees: http://www.grow sonal-items/fru it-trees.html Watch More Videos: http://www.grow anic-gardening/ videos Read Blogs: http://www.grow anic-gardening/

How to Plant a Tree

Add to EJ Playlist  Tricia shows you how to plant a bare root, mulit-grafted, tree.

Heeling in Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Tricia shows yo how to heel in bare root trees and gives you a sneak peak of the tree shipping process.

Growing Indoor Citrus

Add to EJ Playlist  Grow citrus no matter what your USDA zone is. Many citrus adapt well to growing in containers and growing indoors. More info in our blog post http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/growing-me yer-lemons-in-c ontainers We're the largest organic gardening supply company in the US. Family owned since 1976. Please visit us at http://www.grow

Fruit Trees - Selection Guide

Add to EJ Playlist  Thinking about a buying a fruit tree? Start here! Tricia helps you make an informed decision when it comes to picking a fruit tree variety. Fruit tree questions? We have so many resources for you! http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/fruit-tree s We're the largest organic gardening supply company in the US. Family owned since 1976. Please visit us at http://www.grow for top selection and deals on bare root and potted fruit trees.

Planting Fig Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn how to plant a potted fruit tree during the growing season in our video and blog post http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/planting-f ig-trees-and-ot her-potted-frui t-trees. Everything you need to grow organic at our site http://www.grow

Summer Pruning and Thinning

Add to EJ Playlist  Keep your trees to size with summer pruning. Thin the fruit crops to get high quality fruit and improve next year's harvest. Tricia shares her tips on how and when to get it done. For more pruning info, visit us at http://groworga and read our blog posts on Summer Pruning http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/reasons-fo r-summer-prunin g-fruit-trees and Alternate Bearing http://groworga -gardening/arti cles/boom-or-bu st-fruit

Codling moth -- How to keep the worms away organically

Add to EJ Playlist  Tired of worms in your apples and pears? Find out how to keep the fruit worm free in a chemical free way. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies at Peaceful Valley, http://www.grow Read our blog post "Organic control of codling moths" http://intheloo p.groworganic.c om/2011/04/orga nic-control-of- codling-moths/

Fruit Tree Spraying

Add to EJ Playlist  Learn how-to apply dormant oil & fungicide to prevent pests and disease in your fruit trees. Produced by Peaceful Valley & where we encourage natural and organic gardening solutions. http://www.grow We are not making specific pesticide recommendations . Please read all product labels carefully and follow all label instructions. More info for you in our blog post "Spraying fruit trees -- more details on dormant sprays" http://intheloo p.groworganic.c om/2011/02/spra ying-fruit-tree s-more-details- on-dormant-spra ys/.

How to Prune Fruit Trees

Add to EJ Playlist  Instructions for pruning a young fruit tree. Produced by Peaceful Valley & where we encourage natural and organic gardening solutions. http://www.grow For more info, see our blog post "Fruit tree pruning -- where to go for research-based advice" http://intheloo p.groworganic.c om/2011/02/frui t-tree-pruning- where-to-go-for -research-based -advice/

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