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Small hydro power plant in the village of Buraj, Albania

Add to EJ Playlist  Plagued by a poor electricity supply, some Albanians have turned to building their own small power plants from scrap. Organisation: BIRN Hub.

Hydroelectricity - small hydroelectric plants - part 2

Add to EJ Playlist  This movie shows a small hydroelectric power plant, used for rural electification. All movies are available in full length at m/channels/emas ....

3D Hydroelectricity Project

Add to EJ Playlist  This 3D project was created by - SVS group. Software used - 3Ds Max, Real Flow, After effects, Photoshop.

Bistrica Disaster - At the Hydroelectric office building.

Add to EJ Playlist  The river discharge increased 30-fold over a period of 12 hours. Results are obvious.

self-made small hydropower station

Add to EJ Playlist  small hydropower station in Chadud, Bartang, Tajik Pamir.

Electronic Load Controller For Micro Hydro Power Plant 25 Kw

Add to EJ Playlist  Micro Hydro Power Plant 25KW Installed by Mr.Gautam Kumar Saini Mobile No.+91-94102887 98 E-mai:- gautamkumar24u@ , M.H.P. Place Name:-Jongkey Nallah...

Jokela-Turbine Polska, Poland, Małe elektrownie wodna, Small hydropower plant

Add to EJ Playlist  Nowa Turbina pozostało niewiele lokalizacji, New Low Head Turbine.

Tajikistan: Small hydro power

Add to EJ Playlist  Features UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, who visited the small hydro power plant during her Central Asia visit in May 2011, as well as the UNDP Resident Repr...

Small hydro power plant at Himachal Pradesh.

Add to EJ Playlist  Small hydro power plant at Himachal Pradesh.

Mother Ann Lee Hydro Station - Full Episode

Add to EJ Playlist  Join host Peter Byck, of Carbon Nation fame, as he takes a trip down the Kentucky River to find out more about small scale hydro power and how three men are ...

Small hydro, China

Add to EJ Playlist  This project is a bundle of small run-off-river hydro power plants, including Lishadi where the video was shot. The entire project bundle complies with the V...

Naço: Jo ndërprerje energjie - Vizion Plus - News - Lajme

Add to EJ Playlist  Nuk do te ketë ndërprerje te furnizimit me energji elektrike. Me këtë premtim ka siguruar ministri i Ekonomisë shqiptaret, pas inspektimit te hidrocentralit ...

Technoport talks: Atle Harby, CEDREN, Hydro storage - a renewable battery

Add to EJ Playlist  Atle Harby is a Senior Scientist at SINTEF Energy Research. He has varied professional practice in environmental engineering with emphasis on environmental i...

On a wing and a prayer: a bird's eye view of dams

Add to EJ Playlist  Ahead of The International Day of Action for Rivers on March 14 that opens this year's alternative World Water Forum in Istanbul, Counter Balance presents so...

What the energy business never tells you - part 1

Add to EJ Playlist  A documentary inspection into the pumped storage plant project in the Dniester region, Ukraine, produced by Bankwatch member group National Ecological Center...

Micro hydro maintenance, Kedung sumur, Pakuniran, Probolinggo

Add to EJ Playlist  This is a prototype of micro hydro, generating 1.9 KW. It is located at Kedung Sumur village. A program supported by a Power Generation Company at Paiton. (P...

Rally Bulgaria 2011Ganchev/Iliev spin

Add to EJ Playlist  A loss of control and spin of the car of Ganchev and Iliev at the end of SS3 near Chaira 09.07.2011.

Woodman Manufacturing Company

Add to EJ Playlist  Woodman Incorporated is a manufacturing company in which employees are required to successfully complete the OSHA-mandated Hazardous Chemical and Communicati...

Georgia: Enguri dam keeps the power flowing

Add to EJ Playlist  The EBRD's 15-year mission to renovate the world's second biggest arch dam -- now the Enguri HPP again provides more than 40% of Georgia's electricity needs....

Vilangad Small Hydro Electric Project

Add to EJ Playlist  STAR VISION Communications www.starvisiont

Physical Science : Five Forms of Green Energy

Add to EJ Playlist  Five forms of green energy include geothermal energy, biomass energy, hydro energy, wind energy and solar energy. Discover how the forms of green energy are ...

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